December 20, 2015  Puget Sound, Washington

Yes, we have said it before but this past few weeks have seemed to make it even more relevant than ever; Puget Sound is one of the greatest fisheries WA has to offer, is always open and almost always able to be fished when all else isn’t.  Sound Searcher has been working quite well despite slightly murkier water than usual and even in the excessive wind we have been experiencing.  We are a mere couple months from the chum fry migration in the Sound which is an epic event, akin to a blanket caddis hatch as the SRC’s go berzerk for these small baitfish.  Truly and experience to behold.  Book now as space will be scarce soon.

photo Alex Collier

October 8, 2014  Puget Sound, WA

As fall approaches the PNW, decisions must be made on which of the gazillion watersheds to spend your valuable angling time.  Luckily for us we have enough guides we can spread out all over but the Sound this time of year is always on our minds.  Charlie from Durangler’s Fly Shop admires his first SRC before it swims off to freedom.  No matter where it is, steelhead, small streams, trout rivers and lakes or the salt, get out there and wet a line.

photo Dave McCoy


Finding the Sound

A film by Bobby Foster. Puget Sound in Washington state is a dynamic, prolific and challenging fishery, and fishing in the Sound during the winter can be challenging at times but also immensely rewarding. Puget Sound is one of very few fisheries in Washington state that’s managed as a strict catch-and-release only fishery for sea-run cutthroat.

original content Bobby Foster


Fly Fish Guanaja

Where is it? Just a 30-minute flight from Roatan in Honduras, really an easy quick hop from the U.S. Come take a short look and meet some of my closest friends in the Caribbean, our guides at FFG: Rankin, Edwin, Darren and owner Steve Brown.

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