The raven red, on ruby pinions winging
its way between the worlds, hears dead men singing.
It scarce knows its strength, the price it scarce knows,
but its power will arise and the Circle will close.

The lion-as proud as the diamond bright,
Though the spell may be clouding that radiant light-
In the death of the sun what’s amiss will then mend,
While the raven, in dying, discloses the end. 

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🌿Hedgehog Medallion🌿
Acrylic washes on cotton paper.

I have fallen in love with the hedgie message…
The hedgehog is associated with the earth, intuition, sensitivity and resourcefulness. The curious hedgehog loves to explore and has the tools to defend itself along the journey. The hedgehog lesson tells us that we need to balance protection with openness. We all need a little space here and there, but don’t forget to share your unique gifts with the world - there is no one else like you.