emerald way

  • Mercury: I just kicked a kid down a flight of stairs.
  • Emerald: What the fuck is wrong with you?
  • Mercury: A lot of things, my most recent line of questioning had to do with how durable a small child is.
  • Emerald: And?
  • Mercury: Tests prove inaccurate, more experimentation required.
  • Emerald: You're just an appalling human being you know that?
  • Mercury: Thanks I try.

So Dorothy x Lucas, huh. He’s her home, she helps him find himself, they take care of each other, she does magic with a side of gun-wielding and he does sword-fighting with a side of flirty remarks and you probably do not want to go up against them.

And their meeting… he’s the sole survivor (or maybe perpetrator but shhh) of a terrible thing and she helps him and together they embark on a quest to get her home.

It’s like someone took all the things that people love about Captain Swan and mixed it together and… that’s it. That’s the ship. Bam, new magical ship of dreams right here, come get it.

  • Emerald: By the way, he's Roman.
  • Roman: Yes. Thank you Emerald. She knows.
  • Emerald: He is the mean one.
  • Roman: Thank you Emerald!
  • Emerald: See? He is mad. Now he will stare at me until I stop talking. Then, when he thinks I am done talking, then he will start talking again.
  • Roman: -long pause- OK, I was talking to Ad-
  • Emerald: -interrupting him- Told you so.
  • Roman: GOD DAMN IT!
I wanted to write a novel about him. I wanted to write about his eyes, the way they were so interesting not because they were bright blue or emerald green, but the way it had something unexplainable that leaves me breathless.
I wanted to write about his laugh, the way his eyes wrinkles and nose crunches. It was so beautiful. I wanted to write about his hands the way it was always so warm, that he never cared to wear gloves even in winter. I wanted to write about the faded blue denim jacket he always wore, how sexy it looked against his skin. I wanted to write about his messy hair and his strong jaw which was shadowed with the stubbles. God, he is so beautiful. I don’t want to stop looking at him.

SS Fic - Sasuke Uchiha & Sakura Haruno.
A race against time for the one he loves most.
Rating: M (language, soon to be sexual content).

Chapter Three
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- my sincerest apologies for posting this late, guys. ahh, please forgive me! anyways here you go :) ending the year with a new chapter. i’m aiming to update this story every thursday! thanks for being patient and awesome!

He can’t hear, but he can feel.

He can feel the way her emerald eyes look over his face, shimmering with confusion. Her lips  pursed now, and Sasuke had to fight back the temptation to press his own again hers. Sakura soon looked away from him, towards the voice that was talking, breaking the silence.

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