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Essays in Existentialism: Royalty

Two princesses who can’t be together but secretly love each other.

Inside the palace, the evening roared. The ballroom filled and ebbed as the doors were thrust open and the inhabitants flowed out into the garden. Like a chamber of the heart, it pulsated, keeping beat with the band that played while the platelet-like people in gowns and tuxedos all swirled about, dizzy on wine and champagne and the evening. 

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You know it’s a good story when it pulls at your heart and makes you feel emotions.

The Ro'meave brothers are going to be the death of me. They seriously are. It feels like I can connect that relationship with my own sister a bit. Which now that I think about it might be bad.

THAT FIGHT ANIMATION THOUGH. AND AARON’S EARS AND TAIL AND AHHH. Okay. So the Ultima can apparently reverse the Werewolf Curse as well. And I was right. Ein was going to get torn limb from limb. It just wasn’t by Aaron.

Speaking of Aaron OH BOY. He saved her! He made her smile! LOVE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY. Hopefully something finds a way to help Aaron back from near death or death. Is he dead? I know there’s another episode (thank you Jason’s twitter) so I hope that Aaron is not dead. Because after all the shit they just went through, Aphmau and Aaron just need a break.

This was a test of their love. And in the end, it proved to be stronger than some of the most powerful magic in the world. It proved to be stronger than death once. Let’s hope love can prevail again.

The Best Night Ever (and Other Cliched Titles)

So @vodka-aunt-coran wrote this post and I had to write it (I changed it just a little, I hope that’s okay)

Not really any shipping, but if you want to read it that way you could. Under a cut for length. 

“Who decided that holding a prom at the Garrison was a good idea?” Keith wondered, nodding to the flyer on the wall behind their table. “Like…a bunch of military teenagers trying to dance? Who came up with that?”

“And where did we get the funding?” Hunk demanded. “They can’t even give us air conditioning half the year, but they can somehow manage to afford one of the fanciest events that most schools ever have?”

Lance snorted, poking at what might have been Jell-O and watching it jiggle under his spoon. “Bet they won’t even get a DJ. It’ll just be Iverson in shades.”

Keith and Hunk snorted and resumed their eating, leaving Lance to glance over at Pidge, who was being suspiciously quiet. “Pidge? What’s up? This seems like the exact thing you’d be making fun of with us.”

Pidge glanced up from her sandwich (at least, it resembled a sandwich). “Hmm? Oh. Sorry. Must have zoned out. Yeah, a prom does seem…really stupid.”

Hunk and Keith instantly looked up at her, both of them with silverware halfway to their mouths. Ever since returning from space, the group had been very in sync with one another, often being praised as the best functioning team at the academy, so they could tell when something was going on with each other. “What’s wrong?” Hunk asked.

Pidge hesitated, poking at her Jell-O with her finger and frowning. “I mean…it’s your guys’ last year here. I’d think you would want to go to something like this.”

Lance rolled his eyes. “No way. We’ve already been to space. I don’t think anything titled “Greatest Night Ever” could top that.”

Hunk and Keith murmured their agreement, still watching Pidge, and the girl managed a smile. “You’re probably not wrong,” she admitted with a chuckle.

There was a long pause, and then Pidge stood up so quickly that she knocked her elbow into Lance. “I forgot to finish the homework for Peterson’s class. I’ll see you guys later.”

She picked up her tray and bolted, saluting the guard on the way out and leaving the three sitting with their jaws dropped. “What was that about?” Keith wondered.

“We didn’t have homework for Peterson last night,” Hunk noted.

Lance, rubbing his arm with a frown, glanced to the prom flyer and then back to where Pidge had left. “Something’s wrong,” he murmured. “Hunk?”

“I’m on it.”


“Okay, so I read Pidge’s diary-”

“You have got to stop doing that.”

“-AND she really wants to go to this prom. Fancy dress, shoes, hair, and everything.”

Lance and Keith glanced at one another and then leaned forwards on Lance’s bed in matching poses, legs criss crossed and elbows on their knees. “She huh?” they chorused.

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Are All Humans [a future!Barry Allen imagine]


Star Labs…you made it! The buildings kinda…out of order…but you know what they say! It’s better on the inside. At least, you think it’s what they say…eh. You trudge up the steps, groaning when you feel your leg start to give. No, not now! You can’t change now! There’s no water…

Leaning on the wall for support, you head deeper inside. This building sure is messy. Maybe that’s how humans live? “Hello?! Anyone?! Please!” you call out. If you were in any other situation, you’d test the echo in here more. But you’re cold, wet and naked. You need warmth or you’ll change.

With a blister of wind, a tall man appears in front of you. You look at him, totally amazed at the way his emerald eyes sparkle under his dark bangs. They could be the color of shells on the ocean floor. “Who are you and why are you here?” he growls, shrugging off his jacket and wrapping it around you.

Oh thank goodness! Shivering, you hold the jacket close to your breasts, fluttering your eyelashes at him. Are all humans this handsome? “I’m Y/N, I need…” you trail off, feeling both of your legs tingle. Oh not- before you know it, your two very human legs form a tail; pink, purple, orange and blue scales scattered on your bottom.

The man’s eyes widen and he catches you before you fall. His long auburn locks flutter around his thin face, barely touching the scruff above his lip; holding you to his chest. “Okay then…” he huffs out in a slightly annoyed voice, peering around. Panting, you feel his hands grip your biceps, dragging you down the curved hallway. “Just what you needed today, Barry. A mermaid…” he grunts to himself.

When Barry stops, opening a dusty door to what looks like a bathroom, your sunset colored tail flops against the floor. You gaze up at him in a daze, seeing him grit his teeth together. “There’s a sign in front for a reason….” he grumbles under his breath, gripping your arms tighter as he heads to the bathtub. It has stuff inside.

“Ow.” you whimper quietly, head tilting back limply. “Don’t gotta be so rough…” you mumble, trying to look at him.

The man disappears and so does everything in the bathtub. Wow! Can all humans do that? His black t-shirt rides up his stomach, showing a patch of pale skin, when he scoops you in his arms, placing your bottom on the silver edge. “Okay, tail first, then…” he calculates, frowning and picking up your tail.

You watch him huff as he moves your tail into the tub. “Are all humans this grumpy?” you ask innocently.

Barry flicks his hair out of his eyes, resting his exposed forearms on the edge as the tub fills with water. “I’m not grumpy.” he defends in a rough voice.

“Oh.” you blink, flopping your tail while you push your upper body in the tub. Ah, much better… “So all humans talk to themselves then?” you tilt your head.

The speedster sucks in a deep breath; dark jeans scrunching when he shifts on his knees. “No.” he bites, turning his head to gaze at you. “Are all mermaids this curious?” he questions in a mocking way.

“Yes.” you grin, moving your face closer to his excitedly. “Are you the only human? Are there more?”

A scoff escapes him and he backs up a little. “There’s more than me, don’t worry.” Barry mutters in a hoarse tone. You furrow your eyebrows. “Look… you can’t stay here, okay?” he says softly, curling his fingers around the edge. “I live alone, I like being alone, so it’s not happening.” he ducks his chin, hair in his eyes again.

Frowning, you cock your head to the side and brush some of his hair behind his ear. “You’re sad…” you whisper, batting your eyelashes. “Maybe I can help you-”

“You can’t.” he cuts you off, grunting as he stands to his feet.

Oh, he is so grumpy. You peek up at the tall speedster, pouting slightly. “I can’t go back home.” you admit in a soft breath.

Barry raises one of his bushy eyebrows, crossing his arms over his black t-shirt. Hmm…he certainly has muscles… “Why not?” he coughs, plump lips set firmly in a thin line.  

Sighing, you watch your tail flop around, slowly beginning to split into your two legs. “I am cursed.” you say nonchalantly, adding in a shrug for good measure. “I can go a day with my legs, then they become a tail again until I’m in water. I can’t be in water forever either, because after awhile, I get legs. It’s really inconvenient.” you explain, scrunching your nose.

Barry cradles his face in his hands. “Alright. You can stay.” he mutters, rubbing his scruff; you grin widely. “But I’m not staying.” he adds quietly, turning to walk into the cortex.

“Would you please?” you call out, breasts pressed to the side of the tub. Huh, you made him stop. “It’d make me happy.” you smile shyly.

His shoulders tense and he slowly spins around, hair in his eyes. Yay! He’s walking back to you. “Tell me something.” you hum, folding your arms on the edge of the tub, knees becoming exposed. “Tell me about you!” you beam, climbing onto your knees.

Barry scoffs, bending down. “There’s not much to tell.” he lies, nibbling on his bottom lip. “God, I’m having a conversation with a half naked woman!” he mutters under his breath, holding his forehead, dirty locks swaying. “What has my life come to…”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you’re about to speak before you notice your legs. You have legs again! “My tail’s gone!” you grin, standing up on wobbly legs.

Before the speedster can respond, you lose your balance and tumble forward, latching onto his thin torso. Shocked, Barry holds just below your boobs, blushing like mad behind his hair. “Yeah…I’ve noticed.” he grunts, steadying you. Letting a breath out, he squints at you.

Crap. There’s that tingling again. Before you blink, the sunset themed tail is back, making you sigh. You flutter your eyelashes up at the tall man. “My tail’s back.” you cringe, hearing him gasp a little, trying to get a good hold of you.

Gritting his teeth, Barry spins around, positioning your arms around his neck. “Come on.” he all but growls, taking a step forward.

Your tail flops out of the bathtub when he moves, dragging behind you. “Where are we going?” you ask innocently, pouting slightly.

Barry pants, hunching over so your front is pressed against his back; collar of his black t-shirt hanging. “To…the pool…” he growls, taking another step, “In the basement…”

You furrow your eyebrows. “Why?”

A huff escapes him and he blows some hair out of his eyes. “So I can run some tests…” he bites, “Stop asking questions.”

“Sorry.” you cringe, pausing for a second as he walks. “Are you sure you’re not grumpy? You sound grumpy.” you frown, resting your head on the back of his neck.

Barry sighs aggressively. “I am not grumpy.”


I decided to spend my last night in Lake Tahoe by hiking down to the shore by myself to photograph the stars. There were no cars, and certainly no people. Watching the heavens reflect off the still water was so surreal, and something I’ll certainly never forget.

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA. February 2015.

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