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Every other Aphmau villain vs Ein
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Michi:</b> *is in a thief guild and sold the gang to the werewolves just so she didn't have to marry someone, *<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Ivy:</b> *she legit betrayed her own region, bullied Aphmau, tried to kill some peeps, etc.*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Zane:</b> *killed an entire village, is the main reason Aaron is dead, killed who knows how many other people, is a salty salty edgelord in highschool*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Zenix:</b> *destroyed village, tried to kill Garroth*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Gene:</b> *tried to kill everyone how many times now? Made people forget his brother permanently, and even stole his wife. Blackmailed Aphmau, made her commit vandalism, keeps pictures of her for some creepy reason*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Demon warlock:</b> *terrorizes entire village, probably killed a lot people, tried to murder his own son, tried to kill Aphmau, worst dad ever*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Shadow lord:</b> *reanimated Aaron's corpse to have a physical form*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....<p/><b>Shadow knights:</b> *not only a group of people trying to look cool by being jerks, but a full on cult of armored soldiers in the diaries version of hell who want to raise the shadow lord so that he may take over the world. Many of which have killed their closest family members and friends/lords to gain immortality.*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> ....where can i sign up?<p/><b>Ein:</b> *orders aph to kill aaron*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> wait what.<p/><b>Ein:</b> *slaps aphmau*<p/><b>Fandom:</b> OH SHIT LEMME HIT THIS GUY LEMME KILL HIM OHHHH LETS MCFREAKING MURDER THIS GUY FOR WHAT HE DIDD OHHH!!!1!!!!1 DEATH TO EIN AHHHHJJJHHHH ANGST HATRED AND BLOOD! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG NEEDS DEATH! SCREAMS INTO THE ABYSS!!<p/></p><p/></p>

Once again people, you have disappointed them. And you’ve embarrassed our community once more.

Now, I don’t need the full story to understand what’s going on. People are hating on the VAs. I’m not surprised, all forms of entertainment do get hate. But hate on the VAs is just too far and plain stupid.
These people make the stories come to life. They give them personality, individuality. They make them rememberable. But hating on the VA for what a character they voice did is stupid.

First off, the VAs just do the voicing of the character. They don’t actually do said thing irl.
Second off, neither the writer nor the actor/voice actor in any story agree with the evil things some of the characters do. For example if a person voiced a rapists in a TV show, that does not mean the person condones it. They did their job. It’s also not the writers fault for those characters. They’re just trying to make their story more real.
Third off. Do not hate them for something they didn’t do. It’s like people hating on the actor who played the villain in a story. None of the VAs did anything wrong, they were doing their job. NEVER think the VAs and the characters are one and the same. Never pin the wrong doing of the character on the actor.

Lastly, if I hear about any more hate on any of the VAs or anyone on this. I swear to Irene that I will make you suffer a death that not even Shad himself would want.

Side note: Although I don’t like what certain characters are doing in certain series (I.e MCD!Zane kidnapping Emmy, MCD!Gene trying to make everyone forget about Dante, etc.). I personally hate them for what they’ve done. But I have never pinned it on the VAs. They did nothing wrong, they only brought those characters closer to life and I’m thankful for that. They make these amazing stories Jess tells more real. Thank you, I can’t say it enough. But thank you to the amazing VAs, editors, and just everyone who helps makes theses series a reality.


Guess what hole I’ve been hiding my art in forever 😂

So I made this just now, based off of the famous Mystreet x Heathers AU whose idea originated from… wait… actually idk.

Well the point is, my choice for Duke was Laurance bc idk

I really dont know

Also these are really crappy rough drafts, I only made them like this bc its just a sketch of what I would like my future drawings of the three to be.

Liochant - Mcnamara
Garroth - Chandler
Laurance - Duke


Thats all

Hope you like :D

Aphmau Fandom

Aphmau’s content is pretty much the only minecraft-based thing I watch religiously on YouTube. The worst thing I ever do while watching any of her videos is look down at the comment section. It’s filled with people who type in all caps and either ship a whole bunch or hate canon ships.

I get it. There’s always going to be critics. But you guys have crossed the line and y'all don’t even know where the line is!

First of all, there are REAL people working on these videos. R-E-A-L PEOPLE. They build sets, write scripts, characters, make animation and graphic design and many, man more. The voice actors, to me, now have the toughest job of all, and it’s because the fandom is getting out of hand. Ship any fictional characters you want, but why do you have to bring in real, live people into this? If you ship the characters Garroth and Aphmau, don’t tell Jess to have a divorce with Jason and don’t tell Andy to break up with Amy. What is wrong with you people?

And now there are those who send death threats. There are others who make a group of people with the same mindset and try to tear this entire thing down ALL BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE THE CANON SHIP. This is child’s play. So you hate the channel because it isn’t showing your favourite ship, and? What do you want them to do about it? It is THEIR story. It’s JESS’ story. She works her ass off for you people and we appreciate her for that because her stories are well written, funny and emotional. It’s NOT YOUR story. Oh look! There’s that line I was talking about! You also cross the line when you bring a group of people and plan to spread hate into this community. They’ve said it before so I’ll say it again:


I’m in many a fandom. From Steven Universe to Undertale to Aphmau. All three have toxic people in them that just want to cause a ruckus. Undertale probably has it worse than any of them, but this fandom is a damn close second. Don’t let us become the toxic fandom all because you didn’t approve of the ship. Kids these days want to prove so badly that they’re mature, well then don’t act like this. This isn’t being mature. Don’t be like those groups of people. If you don’t like their content, then unsubscribe, leave, find something else to enjoy. Why spend so much time trying to tear such a nice thing down? Are you that bored with your life? Are you that immature?

Please, do us all a favour. If you’re one of these people, go. BlueJay Studios is doing a phenomenal job at keeping us on our toes with all the series they’ve been working on. They deserve only good things and the credit for dealing with this fandom in a calm, mature way.

I Will Always Love You|Mystreet Emerald Secret [Ep 13]

…… I’m absolutely heartbroken that Ein is evil… From how he talks and acts… compaired to PDH… He’s the Han’s of Mystreet…. and here I am….. already have fallen for his character…..
All I can say is this… the Lycan family being descendants of the very first werewolf… is interesting….

It honestly explains why Aaron was in werewolf class. Also explains why his dad was so strict with him, he didn’t want his son to accidentally turn her into a werewolf. It also explains something Mr. Gavin said when Aaron came back.
“We don’t need anyone else getting turned into a werewolf.” -Mr. Gavin in An Alpha Is Chosen.
It also kinda explains the thing Aaron and his dad have for not wearing a shirt or going shirtless XP
But, what is Aaron going to do now? He may have fallen off a cliff, but he’ll survive. From what I can tell from werewolves, they’ve got pretty thick skin. He’ll manage. Maybe Derek’s wolf senses acted up, hopefully it did.
It’s understandable why a family that was turned is cursed to be ashamed of what they became, especially if they never got the choice…
All I have to add on this is…. Can Ein really beat a descendant of the Ultima? Can he beat the Alpha that made him leader? After all, he is just an Omega.

Aphmau Theory

Is Travis’ dad the man with the snake eyes?

See, we all know that in MCD, Travis’ dad is the Demon Warlock. However, in MyStreet he showed nothing of the sort.

But, if you remember in the show, anyone who’s been affected by one of the potions, their eyes turn green.

Yeah, one theory could be that he tested one of the potions on Travis, but we all know that Travis’ eyes have always been green.

My theory is that he used the potion on him mom and she got pregnant under the spell and that’s why his eyes came out green.

Reason why I’m thinking that he used the potion on her is because, if you remember in MCD, there was no mention of how Travis’ parents even fell in love. All that was mentioned is that he was conceived by them. What if the same thing happens in MyStreet?

What if, a few years into the future, the spell does wear off on Travis’ mom and sees what his dad had done and kicks him out. After that, he goes back in search of more emeralds to make stronger potions?

What if that was the whole reason why he wanted the place so badly and why he kept asking if everyone was sure they wanted to share the place?

Proof to support my theory is by looking at the camera movement. A lot of it was focused on Travis’ dad’s face, with the center of attention being his eyes. Also, look at when the camera is pointed at Travis. The center of that shot is also on the eyes.

Yeah, it could’ve also said, “Hey look, it’s not him. He doesn’t have snake eyes”. But, if that was the case, then why did they make sure to look at Travis’ eyes too?

You Should (Never) Be Alone

…….. This episode made me actually cry….. Unlikes the last one, for some reason, it made me cry…..
….. Aaron talking to Irene…. Her reviving Aaron…… Some may ask why she did…. In a sense, she wanted Aphmau and Aaron to be happy… At least in one realm….. But it could also be a payment of some sort… for Aaron’s MCD counterpart sacrifice….. Thank Irene, literally.
…. The flashbacks hurt me…. I’m really sad for Aaron…. But I totally understand Derek’s worry over him…… I’m assuming all the evens in the flashbacks (before the one w/ Aph) were after the Ein Alpha incident that Ein mentioned…. Which makes sense……..
The flashback with Aphmau and Aaron obviously took place during the Neighborhood Play Arc. They gave us an explanation as to why Aaron suddenly stops wearing the mask…… It was for her…… He took more control over his powers… for her…..
….. But him putting on a mask over his eyes once more…. this time we know why the whole time……….. hmpheh…. Well~ let’s just say… thing are about to get interesting

Side note: Irene’s advice to Aaron is probably from her own experience, or advice she gave to Shad. 
I.e “Aaron, you have yo accept who you are.”

But a very interesting line she said after that was. “It’s a shame, you aren’t the man I remember.”
Let that line sink in for a moment.