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Kanto Dexholders to Sinnoh Dexholders

Scanned from the “Colorful Collection” artbook doujinshi that was sold at COLORS 2016 Event. Please credit/source to this page if posted elsewhere.

Contact me if you want a higher resolution~

Stevonnie is absolutely Mary Sue. Confirmed. They’re the one that defeats Jasper, they can drive a car perfectly well despite her components being pre-pubescent children, and speaking of components, Connie is a Miss Know It All. She had the perfect reassurance for Baby Steven in Steven’s Birthday, she knows all about survival in Gem Hunt, she and no one else is allowed access to the gem world and allowed to be best warrior… hmm, am I missing anything?

- anonymous

anonymous asked:

Why do you think people who want Sonic Adventure 3 have stockholm syndrome?

Did I say stockholm syndrome? Maybe I did, I don’t know. The thing I’ve always leaned on is more nostalgia. People who want Sonic Adventure 3 are just pining for their youth.

Because to me, Sonic Adventure means:

  • Self-serious, melodramatic storylines
  • Rarely playing as Sonic
  • Spending most of your time playing as a dumb gimmick character, like being really slow or having tedious game mechanics
  • A lot of dumb, throw-away junk like kart racing
  • Artificially gating the player from progression until you meet some other obtuse requirement first
  • An extreme lack of polish and/or repetitive content

You want Sonic Adventure 3? Here. Here’s your Sonic Adventure 3.

One of the most disappointing Sonic games ever made, and one of the biggest failures of the last generation. It’s Sonic Adventure in all but the name.

You will never be a naive kid again, on the edge of your seat, wondering what the mysterious Shadow the Hedgehog’s motives are (spoiler: the game itself never really told you, because it is poorly written). You probably don’t have the time or the patience to hunt for emerald shards again.

Sonic Adventure had its place, and its place was 15 years ago. The world was different. You were different. Let go.

Emeralds and Androids

It was quiet, very too quiet for the half breed, as she ventured through what seemed like ruins of a long since dead human civilization. Sonic, in his tiny spherical ‘prison’ for lack of a better term, was insisting there was a chaos emerald near by. One of their’s from their own zone. with the last one they found, they were sure that they would find the soul of another of their lost friends inside of the emerald, so determination was a key factor here.

It wasn’t too terribly long, although with the silence between the two it felt like forever to Vick, before she came across what seemed like a shack with an entrance to some sort of underground bunker. “It must be down there some where… Hope it’s empty as it is up here.” she muttered, tying a cable to a solid object.

“Hope you’re right about this for that matter blue boy…” she never did like to leave Raven alone with her time traveling companions, especially when she was doing the fun stuff with out them. But she shook the thought as she began to propel downward. “otherwise i am so gonna have to make it up to Master and Doc.”

After what seemed like hours, she reached the bottom of the elevator shaft, and safely touched down on the smooth white surface. it was definitely an interesting sight, it almost seemed like a complicated city down here. “Whoa….”

Starer for @dieselscarletandfriends

Ruby wanders through the emerald forest after hunting down Beowolves. After her hunt, she started making her way back to the academy again to meet up with the rest of her teammates. It was until she comes to a stop where she sees someone up ahead. 

Looking as if the person was lost. Ruby tilts her head a bit, wondering who this person was, and wonders if she could be of any help. 

“Excuse me! Are you lost?”