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Sirius x Slytherin!Reader: Loner Girl

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol

Requested: Yes

A/N: I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to write an imagine! I’ve been so busy with school but I should be basically back now (Tbf i had 1 day off) x I hope you enjoy reading and remember to send me requests!! 

Let’s get this clear: Y/N Y/L/N detested Sirius Black, the Slytherin was amongst the very few that didn’t fall for the Gryffindor’s charms and it was what made him notice her. 

You were sat underneath a large tree in the grounds, a blanket wrapped around your legs, contently reading when Sirius approached you for the first time that day (it was 5pm, a record). “Have you been hiding from me?” 

You didn’t respond. 

“Because that would hurt my feelings.” 

You smiled down at your book. 

“Ooh ouch. I know you like me really.” He said confidently. 

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were holding a mirror.” You retorted, looking up. 

“Haha. See you tomorrow love.” He called, before jogging back over to his group. 

Once he and his group were out of eyesight, you folded your blanket up and made your way back to the castle, leaves crunching underfoot and your mind swarming with sarcastic remarks for Sirius. You were more of the lonely kind and so didn’t like being in the common room during weekends therefore spent a lot of time in the East Wing Tower with your owl. Today, however, you’d decided to spend a long time outside and so had just enough time to drop your blanket off before dinner. 

You sat down near the end of the table, next to your friend Bisla. “I haven’t seen you today.” She commented. 

“I was outside reading, sorry.” 

“It’s fine- potions essay Monday then?” 

“Um, sure.” Internally, you groaned, you liked being alone and didn’t understand people who constantly felt the need to do work together- Sirius and his friends do that, you thought to yourself. 

You ate dinner reasonably quietly with only a few people asking you what’d you got for a homework or how your parents were doing (purebloods were friends with purebloods). That was until Bisla dropped the bombshell question: “Y/N are you coming to the party tomorrow, after the quidditch match?” 

Before you could even think of an excuse she whispered, “I know you’re not doing anything. You’re coming.” 

You gave her a half-hearted glare and nodded your head, maybe that’s what Sirius was talking about. 

After dinner, you wandered to the East Wing Tower and stayed there until lights out, only getting the feeling that someone was by the door once. 

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Cowboy Courting

Pairing: AU!Cowboy Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,849

Warnings: None, just fluff

AN: Okay so Cowboy Dean makes me a wordy bitch apparently and it honestly wouldn’t take much convincing to make another part or two to this because it was really fun to write. All of this was inspired by a dream and the below picture. I hope you all enjoy reading some 1840′s Cowboy Dean! Thanks to my wifey @jalove-wecallhimdean for reading this one over for me and making sure it came across okay!

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You loved your job as a teacher. Your group of kids ranged in the ages of 4-13, and they were all wonderful kids in their own ways. Yes, the boys were a little rowdier and the girls a little more giggly, but they always respected you and regarded you with a, “Yes, Miss Y/N.”

One aspect of your life that you were not so thrilled with, was being 20 years old and having no male prospects asking your Pa if they could court you. You had recently started wondering if maybe you needed to take your Ma’s advice and put more effort into your appearance to attract a suitor.

“Alright boys and girls, please open your penmanship books and begin where you left off yesterday.” A chorus of groans met your ears before you had even finished speaking. “Is there a problem?”

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But Why is the Rum Gone? A CS/Sparrabeth Crossover

A/N: Bless you @thegladelf for giving me these headcanons. Also, I know @optomisticgirl & @amorecolorfulmoniker were looking forward to this as well. <3

If you don’t like Sparrabeth, feel free to ignore if I tag you 

It had been ages since Killian and Emma were able to spend time alone, and to be honest, they felt quite bored. After spending most of their time together chasing down an ice queen and whole gaggle of evil witches, both becoming Dark Ones, and then spending time in the Underworld, the idea of a quiet moment seemed to be a novelty that they would never be rewarded. So weeks and weeks went by with no crises to speak of, and when they finally get a chance to see what was on Netflix and cuddle on the couch in their home for long stretches of time, it just never felt right; they felt restless.

           “Are we truly incapable of enjoying the quiet moments?” Emma lamented, as she buried her face into his shoulder and sighed.

           Killian wrapped his right arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer into his body. He rubbed his hand over her arms, attempting to ease her anxiety. “Now Swan, I don’t think we are incapable of enjoying them. We just don’t know what to do with them, since we get so little of them.”

           “I just…ugh…I don’t know why I can just relax!”

Hearing the frustration in her voice made him upset, and he wanted to try his best to cheer her up. “Well, how about we get out of the house? On a vacation of sorts?”

This cause Emma to jump out of her nook she created in between his arm and torso. “A vacation?”

“Yes, love. Just you and I.”

A smile appeared on her face, and her green eyes shone brighter than a few minutes before. “I think that is just what the doctor ordered.”

A confused look fell across Killian’s face. “Well, I’m no doctor, but I’m glad you agree. Now, where would you like to go?”

She started to answer, but if she were being completely honest, she had no idea. “Well, I mean, I know New York is out; we’ve been there a few times. And I don’t really have a desire to go back to Boston…”

“That’s not what I meant, love. I meant what land would you like to go to?”

Emma was shocked by his question. “What are you talking about? We can’t visit another land? To do that, we would have to have a magic…” Emma’s thought died as Killian sat up from his spot on the couch to dig something out of his pocket. He revealed to Emma its contents: two small, transparent beans. Emma sat with her mouth agape looking at it sitting in his palm, while he stood there, smirking at her reaction.


“Let’s just saw Belle saw fit to have The Dark One thank me for treating his wife well while she was delivering little Francis.”

“You really are a natural with children.”

“Care to see how I am when they are my own?” he said wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Emma snorted as she walked up to him and tugged on the collar of his shirt. “Easy, tiger, we have plenty of time to discuss that later. Right now, you promised me a getaway.”

“Indeed I did. Now, where can I escort you, milady?” he asked as he bowed like a gentleman of the royal court.

It didn’t take her long to ask, considering she had been dying to know if a certain port of call actually existed. “How about Tortuga?”

His head lifted from staring at the ground to look right at her eyes. He knew that look: Emma really wanted an adventure. “Are you certain? The inhabitants and visitors alike on the port of Tortuga are a surly bunch. You might need someone to look after you at all times.”

“Who better to be my escort than Captain Hook?” she whispered in his ear.

“True that, lass. But I fear these modern garments might be cause for some confusion. Remember what I said about your red leather jacket on our first voyage to the Enchanted Forest?”

“Of course I do. You kept eyeing me in my corset,” she winked.

“I can appreciate a work of art when I see one, love,” he winked back.

Smiling, she said, “Ok so, wardrobe change?” With a flick of her finger, Killian was once again adorned in his leather duster and red vest, while Emma appeared in an emerald green corset and skirt with an ivory shirt that covered only her upper arms. Killian had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep the moan from escaping at the sight of her.

“I am beginning to wonder why you don’t wear corsets more often.”

“Because, as I said before, the hurt. But, I needed to play the part of the captain’s wench.”

“You will never be just a wench, Swan. You are my everything,” he said in a deep timbre. Killian walked briskly over to Emma, pressing his lips to hers in a demanding kiss. He wanted to to keep the kiss going, but she gently pushed him away, earning a sad whine from him. “Killian, if you keep that up, we won’t make it out of the house.”

Rolling his eyes, he conceded. “As the lady insists…”

He escorted her to their backyard, only a few feet from the shed. He tossed one of the beans into the air, pocketing the other one. Within seconds, the bean-created portal swirled in front of them. Emma grasped onto his hook as they both jumped through the magical gateway. Moments later, they landed with a thud on the wooden walkways of the pier.

Killian pushed himself from the wooden planks, and then lifted Emma up after, allowing her to grab onto his arm to ease herself upright. They were welcomed to port by almost getting shoved into the ocean by a pair of bickering lovers and by another man attempting to grab Emma’s ass. Killian stopped the man quickly, placing his hook right in the man’s face. “Don’t touch what isn’t yours, mate,” he gritted through his teeth. At the sight of the hook, the man shrunk. “My apologies, Captain. I didn’t know she was with you.”

“Doesn’t matter. Now where are you needing a new scar? Your left cheek or your right?”

From behind him, he heard Emma call out, “Killian, come on! He’s not worth it. Let’s just go and find that tavern you were telling me about.”

Killian forced himself to drop his hook. “You’re lucky she gave you mercy. No be gone with you.” Neither of them had ever seen a man run for his like quicker than he had. Emma came up from behind him, rubbing his shoulders. “While I appreciate you defending your lady’s honor, need I remind you that I am perfectly capable of handling guys like himself?”

“Aye, lass. But I just can’t help it. Nobody touches my love and lives to tell the tale…unless she sends them running away like a stuck pig,” he joked.

“Damn right. Now, let’s go get a drink, shall we?” She took the elbow he offered to her, and they made their way to one of his favorite watering holes: The Gilded Lady. The name was derived by the fact the the lights that surrounded shone so brightly throughout the place that it gave off the  illusion that the walls were made of gold. As the entered the establishment, all eyes turned to its new occupants, and everyone went silent. It had been years since Captain Hook had visited Tortuga, so it came as quite a surprise to see him not only without his crew, but accompanied by a stunning blonde.

The barkeep, a svelte blonde man by the name of Barney, broke the silence, “Well, if it isn’t Killian Jones. Been ages, it has.”

“It sure has, Barn. Still fat I see.”

“And you’re still ugly.”

Both men erupted into a fit of laughter. Barney then said, “Get your mangy arse up here and have a drink with me!”

“Gladly.” The commotion of the tavern turned back to normal as they walked over the bar. He made sure Emma had a seat before he sat next to her.

“So, who is the lass?” Barney asked.

“Barney, this is Emma Swan. My true love.”

Barney’s eyes went wide. “You’re fucking with me.”

Killian shook his head. “It’s true. We found out a few weeks ago,” he admitted as he took her wrist and placed a kiss on her glowing skin.

Emma stuck out her hand for Barney to take. “Nice to meet you.” Barney grabbed it, shocked that a woman would greet him in such a way, but shook her hand nonetheless.

“Likewise. I’ve known this man here for many year. Had a lot of ups and downs, this one. I just hope that you can see him for who he is beyond all of that.”

Emma placed her hand on Killian’s legs and squeezed. “Of course I do. That’s what made him into the man I love.”

“Indeed,” Barney said, smiling at the two of them. “I think this calls for a celebration. One round on the house. I know the Captain’s poison, what’s yours, milady?”

“I’ll take rum as well.”

“I like this lass already,” Barney said while flashing Killian a smile. Barney poured both Killian and Emma three fingers of Killian’s favorite Tortugan rum. It was spicy with a note of local oranges. Emma commented on how delicious it was, and Killian was ecstatic that he could share another one of his favorite things with her. They chatted for a about ten minutes when they heard rumbling of a fight just outside the tavern.

“Just another night in Tortuga, eh, Barn?” Killian asked as he took another sip of his rum.

“You can say that again…”

All of a sudden, a voice Killian recognized was singled out amongst the voices. It was a distinctly slurred voice, one that Killian had become accustomed to hearing many times over the course of his travels. “You will always remember this as the day that you lost your money to…” The man didn’t get to finish as his body flew through the door of the tavern, landing on two tables with customers, splashing drinks and breaking wood. The man groaned as he lie atop the broken tables, but he still managed to finish his sentence. “Captain Jack Sparrow.”

Emma couldn’t breathe. Not only was Tortuga real, and that it was infested with pirates, but HE was real. “Is that who I think it is?” she whispered to Barney.

“Aye, Captain Jack Sparrow. Worst captain to sail the seven seas.”

“Some might say he’s the best,” she giggled. She looked over to Killian as he went to get up from his stool. “Killian? Are you okay?”

“I am, love. I just need to say hello to an old friend.” With that he hopped off of his stool, and walked over to the mess on the ground a few feet away. Killian grasped the back of Jack’s shirt and jerked up so he could attempt to stand. Jack’s eyes were somewhat glazed over, but his face lit up when he saw who was in front of him. “Killy! How are you, mate?!” Jack slurred “It’s been ages! Did you end up skinning that crocodile you kept mumbling about?”



“Jack, you’re looking as…drunk as ever.”

“What can I say? I do love the rum.”

Their conversation was cut short by the shrill voice of a woman calling from the entrance. “Where is my good for nothing husband?” The woman in question was equal part regal and fierce. Killian could tell she had come from a posh upbringing, but her attire suggested that she left such comforts to pursue a life of piracy and adventure. Her eyes glanced around the room, searching for the man in question, until the landed on Killian and Jack. Jack looked right at Killian and said, “Oh, bugger.”

“Care to tell me something, old bean?” Killian asked.

“Yes, well, I may or may not have…gotten married since last we saw one another,” Jack said, nervously waving his arms in the air.

The fiery woman approached them. “Jack, why in the world to do you think it’s okay to leave me on the Pearl while you are off gallivanting about?”

He pointed a finger at Killian, as if to ask for a moment, and then turned around to address his wife. “Elizabeth. Liz. Lizzie, darling…”

“Don’t you ‘Lizzie, darling’ me, Jack. Why did you leave without me?”

“You were just so beautiful sleeping, darling. I didn’t want to wake you,” he said, flashing his awful teeth at her. “You don’t trust me?”

“I trust you. It’s all of these slags I don’t trust…”

He placed his dirty hands on her creamy white cheeks. “No one could hold a candle you, Lizzie. You are the the first mate of the Black Pearl.”


Rolling his eyes, he amended his statement. “Yes, yes, you’re the captain. But you’re my first mate.”

This got her to smile. “That’s a little better.”

“Now, what do you say to meeting an old friend of mine, savvy?” Jack turned back around to face Killian, and Killian’s eyes went wide. “Captain Elizabeth Swann, meet Captain Killian Jones, aka the infamous Captain Hook.”

“Wait a second, you married Elizabeth?!” Killian screeched.

Elizabeth looked toward Killian then to Jack again. “You know Killian?”

Killian looked back to Emma and then to Barney. “Hey Barn, hide the rum. This lass can’t hold her liquor for shit!”

Jack mumbled behind her, “Don’t I know it.” This earned a swat on the chest from Elizabeth. “But how do you to know each other?”

“When Killian was in the Royal Navy, he would come to Port Royal a lot. We became friends,” Elizabeth answered.

“But then after my excursion to Neverland, we never saw one another after that. But it looks like you’ve done well, in a matter of speaking. Captain of the Black Pearl, eh? A fine vessel indeed. One could even say it rivals even my Jolly.”

“Care to put a wager on it?” Elizabeth asked.

“Sorry, lass, not today. I’m actually here with my lady love. Come, say hello.” Killian waved both Jack and Elizabeth to follow him over to where Emma sat, still in shock over the fact that Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan were not only real, but coming over her. She adjusted herself quickly, and then Killian came to stand behind. “Captains, this is Emma Swan. My true love.”

           Just as Barney had, both of them looked at Killian in surprise. “Is she really, Killian?” Elizabeth asked with tears in her eyes. When he nodded, Elizabeth closed the distance between them to embrace Emma. “I’m so happy for you and Killian. He deserves all the love in the world. Also, love the name,” she added as she winked.

           It was Jack’s turn to make his acquaintance, taking Emma’s hand and placing a kiss on her knuckle. “Pleasure to meet you, lass. I knew this scurvy sea dog in the worst of times. Be the light he needs.”

           Nervously, she replied, “I shall endeavor to do so!”

           “Blimey, you even have her talking like you! Next thing you know, she’ll be stealing your rum!”

           “Speaking of which, order us another round, Killian,” Elizabeth ordered.

           “Nice try, Liz, but the only Swan I take orders from is Emma,” he winked.

           “Oh, fine! Please order us another round?” she asked.

           “Much better.” Killian turned to Emma and asked, “What say you, love? Care for another round with these two?”

           “I would love that very much!” Emma squealed.

           “Alright, then! Barn, another round!”

           Barney had to break the bad news. “Sorry, Killian. We ran out of rum for the night.”

           This didn’t sit well with Jack. “But why is the rum gone?!?”

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Let’s save us the embarrassment.

Author: Ariadne Silver-rose
Word Count: 1019
Original request:  A one shot where the girl is a slytherin and George asks her to the Yule ball outside of the great hall. (Specific I know, sorry). And then this is optional, but maybe a little section at the end of what happens at the Yule ball. 

Let’s save us the embarrassment.

You sit at the Slytherin table and pick at your breakfast feebly, if you had to listen to that cow Pansy go on about how Draco was taking her to the Yule ball and how romantic it had been you swore you’d catapult the eggs at her smug face. It was rubbish of course Draco didn’t have a romantic bone in his body then again being two years older you couldn’t help but look down at her immaturity. Of course you weren’t going with anyone, nobody good enough to go with. You’d go alone, show them all what they’re missing. You sighed and pushed the eggs again with your fork.

“Hey Y/N!” You jumped from your seat and turned to see the Weasley twins had managed to sneak up on you yet again.

“Hey boys, what’s up?” You’d been friends with them for years they’d constantly tease you about being a Slytherin but were never complaining when you managed to sneak them ingredients for ‘secret projects’ from Snape’s store room, it came with being a well trusted prefect. You didn’t mind though, they were nice guys, very nice at times, over the years they’d got you out of one or two hot spots. Sadly, your fellow house mates didn’t find the twins presence in your life a good thing which was a shame this school could do with some more house unity.

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Date Gone Wrong

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Paring: Liam x reader

REQUEST: Cma you do an imagine where the reader and Liam are out on a date and the pack thinks there’s something “suspicious” about (so they never really liked her) and so they sabotage it. The reader gets fed up with it & leaves, Liam gets mad and tries to get her back. Sorry if it’s confusing! But thanks! 🙂

Word Count: 4090

Warnings: swearing (not much), and rudeness

Part 2

Y/N’s point of view

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!”

“You won’t believe what we found out!!!”

“Someone liiikes you!!”

“What who?!” I asked in a hushed tone. My friends ambushed me right as i walked into school. No warnings, no hello, but instead screaming teenage girls about a boy…

They all chimed in singing “Liam!”

“WHAT?!” I screamed and had to awkwardly play it off as everyone in the hallway looked my way before going back to their original conversations.

“Since when did this happen? I didn’t even think he knew I existed!” I was overwhelmed with joy.

“Does it matter??? He likes you, you like him. Bam! It’s gonna be a think now heehee!!” All my friends giggled at the though of Liam and I dating. How nice that would be if that actually happened.

“NO WAY! No wayyyy!”

“Look he’s right over there!!”

“And he is looking over here!”

“At you Y/N!!”

“Oh god” I peeked over in Liam’s direction and looked away immediately as my cheeks flushed

“AWE! He’s blushing!!”

“Oh. My. God.”

“What?! What!?” I was using a shushed tone again.

“He’s coming over here!!”

“WHAT?!” I didn’t have time to react because as soon as those words left my mouth, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around slowly and saw the amazing smile Liam possessed.

“Hi” that boyish charm of his was so cute, all my friends were as giggly as well school girls and my faced was so flushed. This all made his smile grow. 

“Hi” Thats all I could manage to say.

“Your cute when your speechless, you know that?” He chuckled at how his own words affected me.

“SO I was wondering if you would like to go out with me this Friday? I know its short notice but I think your cute and really smart, and it would be an honor to get to know you more. What do you say?”

“I- Ah- Y-Yes!” My friend had to punch me in the back to get the words out of my mouth. But Liam just laughed. His amazing laugh…

“HA HA! How about I pick you up at 7 o’clock? I know this cute old time diner its about walking distance, I’d love to take you there if you don’t mind walking?”

“That sounds perfect! Ill just wear sensible shoes haha” It made him laugh more, he was so cute!

“Then it’s settled, see you then” Before we walked off he grabbed my hand raising it up to his lips, giving my hand a gentle kiss, followed by a flirtatious wink.

Once Liam was far enough away my friends and I squealed with excitement from what just happened. I pinched myself as if I could be remotely dreaming all of this up. But no it was real, now I couldn’t wait for Friday night to come any sooner!

Liam’s point of view

I walked down the school hallways proudly, so thrilled that

“Hey guys guess what?!” Excitement filled Liam’s voice.

“What’s up, Liam?” Lydia questioned Liam’s proud look he wore on his face.

“Dude who made you a perky pup?” Laughter filled the air with Scotts loud chuckles.

“I just asked out Y/N! And she said yes! Are first date is this Friday after school!” Liam was over the moon with joy.

The pack made awkward eye contact except with Liam they all looked away.

You can’t go out with her!” Malia had discuss all over her face.

“Why not?” Liam was confused.

“Something is up with her, we have been noticing her act weirdly around people lately…” Scott felt bad saying what he did, everyone noticed Liam didn’t understand.

“Look Liam, we think she has potential to be the next threat!” Stiles was blunt very blunt.

“We just don’t think its the best idea to go out with her, maybe after we find more information about her.. Just to be safe…” It hurt Kira to say it to, she wasn’t one to start conflicts.

“You know what! I’m going out with her and you can’t do anything about it!” Liam started to walk away while Lydia tried to stop him. “Liam sweetie wait.”

“Just leave me alone! Don’t talk to me!” As Liam left the pack didn’t know what to do but look at their mad friend walk away.

Pack’s point of view

“We have to stop this date!” 

The whole pack was out of the lacrosse field to talk about Liam’s big date with this so called mystery girl Y/N.

“I don’t know guys, maybe if any red flags come up with her, then we could help Liam?” Kira’s voice was small but heard amongst that pack.

“No, its too late to stop this date Liam, is already pissed off as it is.” Stiles whipped his mouth in frustration as he tried to think of what to do.

“Don’t ignore what Kira just said, listen. Why can’t you be happy for Liam?” Lydia was agreeing with Kira one hundred percent, she didn’t want Liam to get hurt but stopping this date was stupid.

“Because the little runt is being carless and stupid, he has never even talked about this girl before, and now all of a sudden he is madly in love with her?? It doesn’t add up, something is fishy!”

Lydia rolled her eyes at Stiles’ little outburst towards Liam asking out Y/N. “Stiles it doesn’t matter how it happened, he doesn’t have to tell the pack everything!” Lydia was getting upset now.

“Look I agree that it’s too late to stop this date because its Friday, but maybe we could ruin it?” As soon as it left Malia’s lips everyone looked at her.

“Malia!” Scott hissed.

“What it’s not like I was the only one thinking it!” She snapped back in defense.

“Maybe she has a point?”

“STILES!” Lydia barked.

“You aren’t serious right? Sabotage the date? Thats insane!” Kira did not like the sound of this.

“Maybe Malia and Stiles are right… Liam already got hurt from Hayden, he shouldn’t have to go through anymore pain with this Y/N girl.” Scott’s voice was stern and serious, he cared for Liam but did’t know what else he could do.

“Scott…” Kira seemed hurt, but Stiles flew into a plan right away.

“Okat so it’s settled, we sabotage his date. Lets start with a plan!” Stiles almost seemed excited. 

Lydia rolled her eyes at Stiles immaturity, and by the look of Kira’s face she didn’t want anything to do with it either. Malia though looked at if this was going to be fun. Great.

“We need to figure out where they’re going for the date. Maybe we could tip off the waiter or waitress. Lets hope for a waiter so Lydia can distract him-”, 

“WHAT?!” Lydia was furious at Stiles now.

“Yeah, if the tipping off doesn’t work, maybe we could have Malia and me dress as waiters and waitresses to ruin the date on a more up front level. Especially because that Y/N girl doesn’t know any of us.

“Stiles you know I don’t really seduce men anymore since, since Jackson….or Aiden….” Lydia shook off the sad and put more annoyance in her tone “Im not going to be a part of this! Any of this!” Lydia motion in the circle the pack had created.

“I agree with Lydia, this is wrong!” Kira spoke up again clearly angry with what her friends were trying to accomplish. 

“And if Liam and her make it through this night…. i don’t think she ever will want to…” Lydia spoke in a hushed tone, no one heard but Scott. A pang of guilt shot through him, he did’t like this idea but he didn’t know what else to do.

“Maybe so things don’t go out of hand Kira and I can go one a date at the same place. I don’t want to have this end horribly on Liam’s part,” Scott was trying to figure some way that everyone could get what they wanted for the best for the pack of course.

“SCOTT! That’s a great idea! You and Kira go on a date and could try to ruin it as in joining them. Oh and to really have shit hit the fan we could have Hayden be brought up into conversation!”

“Good grief Stiles….” Lydia almsot had enough with all of this stupid scheme.

“Lydia come on! We need all the help we can get, but we won’t go over board, but make that Y/N girl angry and never talk to him again. It won’t hurt his self esteem that much. Please Lydia!!” Malia wasn’t pleading but she really wanted everyone apart. And knowing Kira Scott would convince her just fine, plus she gets a free date out of all of this.

“Fine,” Lydia hissed clearly annoyed.

“YES!” Stiles pumped his fist in the air like he won something worth fighting for.

“Alright that settles it then, I’ll get the information from Liam and get it back to you guys. Keep in touch.” Scott grabbed Kira’s hand and started to walk off to class.

Y/N’s point of view

It was Friday finally, and I had one class left of the day before I would run home to get ready for this incredible date with Liam! Even though this was my east favorite class nothing could ruin my day! The rest of the hour I kept day dreaming and planning my outfit and makeup look for the night instead of playing attention in class, it didn’t matter much because today was a work day.

When the bell rang I was the first one to race out of the door I waited at my friends and I normal spot by our lockers and then went straight to my car. We didn’t waste much time to get home, we were all excited to get me all dolled up for my big night.

Once we got to my house we ran up to my room setting up for the big night. Music filled my speakers, and clothes and makeup where sporadically everywhere in my room. It was time to get ready. My friends pushed me into the bathroom to shower. After my shower one of my friends, blowdried my hair, and started to curl the bottom ends. While this was going on I was sitting looking towards my room in my bath robe. The rest of my girlies were trying to come up with outfits for the weather an for walking condition. It took an hour or so to finally find the perfect outfit, I choice a black slouchy sweater with a white lace halter bralette styled bra, then a emerald green flare skirt. accompanied by some shear tights and over the knee high black boots. It was slightly cold this night so it would keep me warm and still super cute for a first date.

But before I could get dress it was time for my makeup, here and there my friends helped. But we were mostly talking about the upcoming date ,and how excited they were for me and Liam. They were jealous in the best way. My makeup look consisted of a light golden smokey eye with winged eyeliner, and pale pinky pouty lipstick mac teddy bear read the lipstick bottle. I puffed my lips out then found myself smiling at how much I loved my ootd for the date.

All my friends were in love with the other all look, they wished me a great time before leaving. It was around 6:45 when they all left. Now all I needed was to pack my bag. It was a simple black bag that held my phone, lipstick, keys, and my wallet (just in case haha). I made some final touches to me look at at 6:55 my door bell rang. LIAM!

Liam’s point of view

As soon as she opened the door I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she looked so beautiful, stunning, and I was speechless.


“Oh sorry, you just look…. perfect.” Liam’s voice was velvet to Y/N’s ears.

“Thank you!”

“Are you ready to go?” Liam was being polite and didn’t want to rush her.

 “Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be!”

We bantered and talked about everything and nothing, it was amazing to see how we could connect without knowing each other for very long. Soon we reacted the cute old time diner.

“Gosh this place is really cute, I can’t believe I haven’t noticed this place before.” She looked starstruck and beautiful gazing on the old time diner, it was a look that I could stare at forever.

“Haha, it’s fairly new so I’m not surprised.”

We walked into the diner and chose a nice booth. We soon got talking again, I focused more on her family so I could get to know her better.

“I mean theres not much to tell. I have an older sister who’s currently way at college, but she is coming to visit soon. I’m super excited about it too, I haven’t seen her in a while. Maybe you could meet her when she comes in town?” Her voice was filled with excitement about her sister, I found it adorable.

“That would be really cool! What about your parents?” It accorded to me that she didn’t mention them.

“Oh, uh their not really in the picture, they kinda became workaholics… But anyways enough about me rambling on about my life!” She was so adorable when feeling embarrassed.

“No I like hearing you talk and finding out more about you.” 

“Oh haha” She was blushing hard core.

“Haha, you look really cute while blushing you know, and I’m glad I’m the reason for it!” That earned me a giggle in response!

Y/N and I started talking up a storm, like we were in our own world. But that soon ended when the door to the diner opened up. A couple walked in and stopped at our booth causing me to see who was intruding my conversation with Y/N.

“Scott, Kira?! What are you doing here?!”

“It’s date night!” Scott seemed proud with a smile lacing his lips, Kira? She looked uncomfortable.

“Right and out of any other restaurant, you picked this one?” I was getting a little frustrated but I didn’t want to loose my cool. Especially around Y/N.

“I forgot you were going to this one, besides we have been meaning to check this one out.” Scott was rushing his answers like they were excuses rather than the truth.

“We won’t bother you guys, we just wanted to stop and say hi.” Kira stilled acted uncomfortable, but that was the least of my worries.

Scott and Kira sat down a little ways away from them, but still in a good seeing distance. It was very awkward for Liam, he didn’t want anything to ruin his date with Y/N.

“Hi, are you guys ready to order?” It was a familiar voice, too familiar… As I looked up I saw Malia’s smiling face in a diner outfit along with some skates…

“Malia! What are you doing here?!” I was slowly loosing more of my temper.

“I work here, can I take your guys order?” She seemed almost sincere, almost. Malia was up to something, she had a wicked smile on her face.

“Actually could we get someone else to wait on us tonight?” I used a stern voice trying to hide my annoyance.

“Liam, it’s fine if you know her. Lets just have her do her job so she doesn’t get in trouble…” Y/N looked uncomfortable like Kira earlier, I could tell she didn’t want an argument tonight.

“No it’s fine. I’ll go get the other waiter on duty tonight for you.” Her smile was smug but she turned around nicely to get someone else for us.

As I looked around I saw Lydia was also here, at least she didn’t interrupt Y/N’s and I date, instead she was flirting up a storm with someone that worked here. But Lydia’s actions seem out of place considered she hasn’t been into anyone much after Jackson moved away nor Aiden after his death. My thoughts were interrupted by our new waiter-

“Hi, I will be taking over for Malia. Are you ready to order or need a few more minutes to look over our menu?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. STILES!” And thats when I lost all of my control.

“Yes?” Stiles acted uninterested and uncaring of my new form anger.

“You do not work here!”

“Liam it’s okay. Lets just order, I’m pretty starved actually…” She kept her voice quiet that wasn’t a good sign.

“NO! I wanted this to be the perfect date but my idiot friends keep popping up…” I was starting to calm down, becoming more frustrated than angry.

“Look I work here and I’d rather not get fired, so what would you guys like to order?” Stiles wore his usual grin, he was definitely up to something but Y/N stopped me.

“I’ll have a mac and cheese hamburger, with a side of fries and a chocolate milk shake please.” Her voice was like sweet honey, it was beautiful and I knew I had to set aside my feelings towards my friend and make this date grand for her.

“Alright, and for you Liam?” Stiles scribbled something on a note pad but I doubt it was Y/N’s order, but I decided to play along for now.

“I will have your burger special with a side of fries, and a strawberry shake.” I hadn’t realized I was so hungry until I looked at the menu.

“Sounds good, Ill be right back with your food. I can also take your menus.” We handed Stiles the menus. “Thank you” Stiles left us alone after than. 

I focussed my attention back on Y/N, “Hey I’m sorry. I didn’t plan for any of my friends being here.” He looked over at Scott and Kira who looked suspiciously at their menus, and towards Malia and Stiles attempting to skate through the diner, then at Lydia being overly flirtatious. “I wanted to focus on us.”

“You want there to be an us?” Y/N sounded shocked.

“Oh course I want there to be an us, its the reason I asked you out. HAHA!”

“Your smile and laugh is amazing…” Her voice was in a timid tone again. Gosh she was so cute.

“HAH thank you. I like yours too, its genuine and real.”

“Thank y-AHHH”

“MALIA! What the hell are you doing!? Here Y/N I’ll go grab some napkins!” I was so frantic, and beyond pissed now, Malia had thrown Y/N’s shake on her for no reason.

“Oh. Whoops. My. Bad. I’m. Still. Getting. Used. To. The. Skates.” Malia had the worst fake bullshit apology ever! If it was rehearsed, it was in a bitchy uncaring gosh my bad tone. It was a bunch of crap, now I knew something was up.

“Malia don’t feed her some bullshit! That was uncalled f-” And thats when Stiles joined with fries, throwing them at Y/N.

“Ahhh!” Y/N screamed from being pelted with fries…

“Stiles!” This time it was Scott who said something. “This is not part of the plan.” His voice was low but stern, giving off his alpha look. Kira stood up behind him holding his arm and shoulder, as an attempt to have him sit again. She shook her head at Scott when he look back at her from the force she was putting on his arm. Scott looked back at me worried and with alarm. The secret was out now.

“You planed this?” It was Y/N’s voice quiet, filled with hurt and disappointment.

“Scott how did you let it get this far!” Lydia was now by the booth that everyone had gathered by to ruin my date with Y/N, I didn’t know how long she had been standing there or when she stopped flirting with the random guy. But not she was very present in the conversation. “You were here to keep a eye out for them! I only agreed to do this because, you said you would stop it if it gets out of hand!”

“You fucking planned this?!” I was not so angry I was laughing it off, “What the hell were you guys thinking?! I was yelling at them now so upset at how they treated Y/N.

“We can’t trust her Liam!” Stiles spat at me in a hard hushed tone.

“Stop with insane bullshit! You don’t even know her! That’s why I went on a date with her to find out more about h-” I was so angry but a small voice stopped me.

“You know what Liam, forget it.” Her voice wasn’t hard, nor was her tone angry. Instead it was sad and held disappointment, she barely even spoke rather it came out in a whisper like she was trying to hide back tears. Y/N turned away from Liam and his friends and left not slowing down or looking back.

“WHAT DID YOU GUSY JUST DO?!” I couldn’t contact myself any longer.

“We were just trying to help you…” Kira’s voice was small but sincere, not that it changed much from what they did, even being apart of it was horrible in my mind.

“Look runt, just calm down we don’t want you to go all wolf on us. We tried to help you, this girl can’t be trusted!” Stiles held back his rathe but he keep more of his cool unlike Liam.

“Can’t be trusted?! You guys don’t even know her!!” I barked back at Stiles

“Geez stop Liam! Stiles’ is right! She can’t be trusted-”

I interrupted Malia with a snappy remark. “Oh because you were welcomed into the pack with open arms Malia!!! Everyone rejected you because of your dangerous nature, only Stiles trusted you, of course you would back him up!” 

Malia’s eyes glowed their blue, and she bared her teeth, “Watch it,” she spat out through her teeth. 

“STOP!” Scott growled in a low tone with his red eyes becoming visible.

“You know what? No. Im out of here. And don’t you dare wait up.” With Liam’s last snarky remark he ran off to find Y/N.

“Enough guys! This is not the time nor the place!” Lydia signed annoyed at the mess they’d caused. “Lets just clean up then go home, Liam already ran off to go get her, the damage is done lets not cause more.”

Everyone seemed to agree, though no one looked happy at what they had done.. Slowly everyone started to clean up the messed they had caused and dispersed home afterwards. Surprised that the management hadn’t yelled at them.

No one’s point of view

“Y/N! Wait Y/N!” She didn’t slow down. And it didn’t look like she would anytime soon. Liam ran faster to catch up with her.

“Y/N, slow down please!”


Liam soon caught up, and pulled Y/N by the arm so she would face him. “Y/N, stop please”, concern laced his words all his anger was gone that was towards the pack.

“What Liam?!” Y/N snarled angrily. Liam looked hurt Y/N spoke so harshly at him, it was a side he had never seen on her, a smile soon emerged on his lips.

“Liam, what?!” She spoke again.

“I’m sorry that that happened to you. My friends, I don’t know what has gotten into them.”

Y/N didn’t say anything, she just had tears about to stain her eyes.

“No no please don’t cry, please don’t cry…”

“Liam, why were they do diligent to ruin our date??” Y/N no longer held back the hurt she left and it showed in her voice.

“I don’t know, they were nervous and didn’t want me to get hurt. Please give me another chance!”


“Y/N please?”

Liam didn’t give Y/N time to answer because he kissed her, he kissed her with a yearn to be with her not full of lush or desire but with love. He truly wanted it to work out between them. And with just that kiss Y/N knew, and responded back into the kiss.



“Lets redo our first date!”

“Can we also redo our first kiss?” A smile laced his lips.

“Yes” As her smile grew bigger and towards his to redo their first kiss.

This was first request and I am so sorry it took me forever to finish it, I was battling finishing my school year and graduating along with a lot of personal tragedies. BUT besides the point I hope I didn’t butcher this as much I think I did! HA! Either way I hope you guys like this imagine type of story with Liam. I also might want to make a part 2 because of the ‘fishy situation’ with Stiles, haha my inbox is open, tell me if you want a part 2!!! Please request more if you like! Thank you for reading!!

I fell in love with a Ghost boy Seventeen AU!

Chapter 2- Unloved is as good as dead

Hiya there lovelies! Here’s is chapter 2 cx for my newly made series I am writing. Idk how long it is going to be, I guess we’ll see where it goes from here?

Chapter links- {1} {2}

Originally posted by minqyew

Standing in front of you were two boys; one was slightly taller than the other and had a grin that made you weak in your knees, you’ve had this feeling before but you didn’t know why. You didn’t know these boys. His canines showed when he grinned at you; the other boy was maybe a centimeter or two shorter, his eyes sharp giving him a cold look as he looked at you through his rounded glasses. The taller boy was dressed in a formal attire; black tail coat, white shirt with a butterfly collar, dark trousers and a pair of dress shoes; the other boy was dressed in a similar fashion except his coat wasn’t a tail coat and he was wearing white gloves.
“I wouldn’t go into that room if I were you,” the shorter one said, his voice deep and husky sending shivers up your spine. You gave him a weird look before the taller one disappeared into thin air.
“What the-“ you were about to say until you were pushed against the wall next to the door. The taller boy was standing in front of you; his hands were placed by your head that was now pressed against the wall.
“Who are you and why are you here?” He demanded, and your whole body felt like it was being drenched in ice. The courage you had earlier had vanished as quickly as it had come. You were too scared to say anything, your voice hidden behind the lump in your throat.
“I-I’m sorry for intruding I was just looking around,” you whimpered, not daring to look at the boy.
“Mingyu, let’s be rational. We can’t even hurt if we tried,” the other boy with glasses pleaded to his friend, “dead people can’t touch the living,”
“Almost dead. We aren’t completely dead yet, you always forget that Wonwoo. Which means I can touch her if I want to.” Mingyu snapped.
“There’s no one to break the curse on us, we as good as dead. And don’t forget Mingyu, you’re the reason why we are where are,” Wonwoo said calmly before disappearing, just like Mingyu had. The boy, Mingyu, clenched his fist and looked you in the eyes. There was something familiar about his eyes, you thought, and you could swear you would’ve gotten lost in them if not all of a sudden you were swept from realty and your found yourself in a ballroom, wearing a dress that was dark emerald green, the skirts falling to the floor, the back train being held up by the band around your wrist. You were laughing with what looked to be Joshua? But no you had called him something else.  The music suddenly stopped and everyone looked up to the grand staircase where four boys stood. You saw Mingyu and Wonwoo, the other two boys you didn’t recognize. They walked down the carpeted staircase confidence radiating off them, MIngyu’s eyes were on you the whole time and you couldn’t help but smile shyly as he made his way over to you. He took your gloved hand is his and you laughed.
“Forgot your gloves again, Mr. Kim?” You teased him as he pulled you onto the dance floor. He gave you that toothy grin and pulled you against him.  Mingyu leaned down, his lips brushing against your ear and he whispered softly, “I chose not to wear them,” and he kissed your jaw.
MIngyu broke eye contact snapping you back into reality. You were panting and, and you could feel the blush coming on.
“What was that?” You blurted out before you could stop yourself. Mingyu backed away from you and ran his fingers through his hair.
“I can’t believe it. It’s you, but you’re just a teenager,” he huffed.  You were about to ask him what he was talking about when a huge spider crawled down your arm and you screamed, slapping the hairy little creature off you and jumped behind Mingyu gripping his arm. He looked at you, trying to hold in his laugh.
“The girl who is supposed to break our curse is scared of a tiny spider!” He bellowed over in laughter and gripped his middle.
“Y/N! Where are you! Are you ok?” You heard Joshua yelling for you.
“I’m fine! I’m down here!” You flashed the flashlight down the hallway, signaling him where you were at. Joshua came running down the hall way, his features contorted in worry. And you saw from the corner of your Mingyu vanish. Before you could say anything his arms were around you, hugging you to his body. When you went to move away he tightened his grip, squeezing you almost to death.  He finally let go, but kept you an arm’s length away.
“You’re not hurt are you? I heard glass breaking and just thought it was someone outside but then I heard you scream and I panicked.” He had sweat running down his brow, and when you shook your head no he automatically relaxed.
“Did you find any ghosts?”
“No, just a spider,” you smiled a little. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell him about Mingyu or Wonwoo for some reason.
“Good, let’s head back then, Lydia and them must be worried,” Joshua muttered and took your hand in his. You two went back down the hall and back down the creaking stairs. As you left out the front door you couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that you were leaving and you found yourself looking  as you left the old Victorian Mansion behind you in the darkness.
Mingyu watched you from the widows peak in the tower and couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealously at the boy holding your hand.
“We need her Mingyu,” Wonwoo said, looking over his shoulder at the girl, “I know you can’t bring yourself to truly love her like before, and I know it brings back pain to see her alive and well, but Mingyu you can’t get her back if we’re stuck like this.” Mingyu ignored his friend for a few moments, just watching until he felt the wetness roll down his cheek. Two other boys appeared behind him, all dressed the same way. The one with the lighter eyes and hair spoke first.
“Wonwoo is right, we need her,” he spoke to everyone in the room.
“I know Vernon, but why does it have to be me? Why not you or Wonwoo, or Seungcheol?” Mingyu whispered, knowing they heard him.
“Because we aren’t the ones who broke her the first time, that was you and you’re the one who got us into this mess. You need to fix it,” Seungcheol said coolly fixing his cuff link. Mingyu felt another tear roll down his face and hit the window pane. I guess ghost can cry after all, he thought before vanishing from the other boy’s sight.

Hope you like it, lovelies! CX Chapter 3 coming soon~
Tell me how you like this chapter,I feel like it’s not that good lol. 
Sorry this one isn’t as long lol cx chapter 3 is going to be pretty long

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blaxicanbby  asked:

Okay I have a prompt for you! Ichabbie gets invited by Cranes reenactment group to do Dickens' esque caroling. Of course, Ichabod gets all hot and bothered after seeing Abbie in a corset but Abbie is just as taken back by a regal looking Ichabod!

12 Days of Ichabbie Christmas - Day 2: Caroling Imaginings

This had been a terrible idea. In fact, this had been one of the worst ideas that he or anyone else he knew had had since he’d awoken in the 21st Century. He was surely a doomed man. Ichabod would have to remember to give Master Corbin the tongue lashing of a lifetime for ever suggesting to bring the Lieutenant along with him to the reenactment groups Christmas caroling night. He’d make sure Joe Corbin would forever regret the suggestion.

He’d managed to only stutter a little when he saw Abbie walk down the street to meet him in full Dickensian garb. She looked positively breathtaking in her tight-fitting velvet corset in a stunning emerald green; matching skirts with gold leafing woven throughout and her hair drawn up away from her face in full ringlet curls completed the vision that had appeared before him. He attributed the rapidity of her breathing to being unused to the confines of the costume.

A situation I would most enjoy remedying by removing it.

Yes. It was official. He was a doomed man. From the moment he’d met Abbie, he found her beautiful but would never express such sentiment aloud as he was still a married man. Now however, free of the treacherous relationship he had been bound to, Ichabod could barely contain his feelings or desire for his fellow Witness. He might as well be a prepubescent youth again the way his cock strained mightily against his trousers as he sang about the baby Jesus all the while thinking of what the bare skin beneath Abbie’s dress tasted like.

I am not only doomed; I am damned.

* * * *

Abbie had seen this Crane before. She’d gotten glimpses of him during some of their battles with evil, but she’d seen him fully back in his time. This was Captain Crane; complete with impeccable period dress - even if it wasn’t century compliant. This Ichabod Crane made her blood run like molten lava. Abbie very much liked this Crane.

Jenny had pushed her to join Ichabod for his caroling outing. She said that they needed to strengthen and deepen their bond in a way they hadn’t before. Abbie wasn’t sure what Jenny meant by that. She’d have to make sure to remind her sister to stay the hell out of her personal life. Over the course of their time as Witnesses, they’d be pulled apart and pushed together. They’d been tested and tried. Their bond was rock solid. Though at that very moment, the only rock solid thing she wanted to try and deepen was the feeling of Crane buried inside of her.

What the hell, Mills? Get it together!

Ichabod stood with his back straight and his disposition composed. His baritone slithered its way into her ears and made her heart race. It was bad enough she could barely breathe in that damn corset, but the sight and sound of him didn’t help the matter either. She tried desperately not to look at him straight on but out of the corner of her eyes. She faltered as she sang about Christ the Savior being born when she caught a glance at the sizable bulge that seemed to still be growing in his pants.

* * * *

When caroling had finished, Abbie pulled Ichabod aside into one of the smaller rooms off of the historical society’s main floor. Closing the door behind her as she whipped him into the room, Abbie leaned against it heavily, trying to catch her breath.

“Lieutenant, are you quite alright?”

“I’ll be fine as soon as you help me out of this dress. Then I think we can both have ourselves a Merry Little Christmas.”

It took Ichabod less than three strides and a few tugs before he had Abbie out of her costume. And they most certainly did have themselves a Merry little Christmas night - revenge against both Jenny and Joe entirely forgotten.


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