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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.16.17

DAY THREE: all things bridesmaid + bachelorette
featuring: colorful tulle bridesmaid + flower girl dresses by blushfashion

I Wonder (T’Challa)

word count: 7, 098 (hOLY FUCKING SHIT)

request: T'Challa x Queen!Reader one shot T'Challa defends the reader and her people after CW, even her dark/light energy manipulation and dark/light magic powers, T'Challa does this because he loves her and wishes to propose, and the reader loves T'Challa with all her heart and will stop at nothing to help him through difficult times, and she immediately says yes when T'Challa proposes to her.

requested by: anon

a/n: So, I just thought this was going to be a short fic (1k-2k) but, turns out I wrote an entire backstory to the reader and her kingdom, an AI best friend, and added her nearly into the entire movie of CACW just for T’Challa. It’s a long one but…interesting…I hope. Also, the reader hates Wanda at first but…read the until the end. Don’t sleep on this pls. Nobody died and it’s got a fluffy ending :)

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Sneaky pleasures (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Warnings: smut, sex, oral (female receiving), fingering

Summary: Draco takes you to a nice dinner at Malfoy Manor but when dinner gets a little boring he knows just the way to spice it up!

Author’s Note: I know I haven’t been able to write for this account, or my other one for that matter, very much at all recently. I am very sorry about that but hopefully with it being summer I will get many more writings in. And also, very sorry if my writing is a little rusty!

“Relax babe! It will al be fine! They’re going to love you,” Draco said in his most assuring voice as he began to fix his tie.

“I really hope your right. Here let me help you.” You set the book you were reading aside and stood up from your spot on the couch within the Slytherin common room. You walked up to your struggling boyfriend and helped him straighten his tie.

“Thanks. And may I say, that you look ravishing my darling! Mum is going to love you.”

You blushed slightly at his comment and smiled down at your dress. You had put on your best attire for this evening, which consisted of a sleek emerald green cocktail dress with a sheer fabric at the top, that led to a back filled with the same sheer material and sparkles. You twisted the front pieces of your hair and pinned them at the back of your head upon the flowing curls. Emerald earrings, the ring Draco had given you that Christmas which was silver with a large emerald in the middle, and black heels finished off your look. Draco had on a black suit with a green tie to match your dress.

“Shall we get going my love?” Draco asked with a smile as he outstretched his hand to grab yours.

“It’s now or never.” You smiled and took his hand. In a split second the two of you had apparated to Malfoy Manor.

Upon your arrival you were greeting by a beautiful woman with a mix of both dark hair and just the right amount of the same platinum blonde as Draco, which helped you to the presumption that this was his mother.

“Oh! Draco darling, how are you? Ah, and you must be (y/n). So nice to finally meet you! Please come in.” She greeted you kindly with a smile.

“It’s very nice to meet you as well. Draco had told me such great things about you. Thank you for inviting me this evening, Mrs. Malfoy.”

“Please, call me Narcissa.” After giving his mother a kiss on the cheek Draco took your hand and led you to their dining room.

As you walked in another tall figure stood staring out of a large window with a glass of red wine held firmly in his right hand. He took a sip as he turned around to see us. The figures long blonde hair flipped behind his shoulder. This could be none other than Lucius Malfoy himself.

“Draco, would you mind introducing me to our guest?” Draco’s father spoke in an oddly cold tone.

“Father, this is (y/n), my girlfriend. The one who I hope one day will be much more.”

“Ahh, so nice to meet you, Ms…,” he stopped and turned his statement into a question.

“Uh, (y/l/n), sir.” You replied nervously.

“Ah! So you must be Armand’s little girl. You know your father and I worked together for many years.” Lucius spoke again trying to taunt me.

My father and him had worked for the dark lord together for years. They were actually very close friends, or so we thought. One night a mission went terribly wrong on Lucius’ part, but he decided to blame it on my father. This nearly got him killed by the dark lord, but instead just got us on Voldemort’s lowest rank death eater list. It was a hell of a time working ourselves back up to the place that we hold today. In conclusion, your were not Lucius’ biggest fan.

“So I’ve heard.” You said through gritted teeth.

Narcissa had walked in during the middle of the tension and quickly broke it up. “Dinner is ready.”

Everyone took their places at the table. Lucius and Narcissa on one side, you and Draco on the other.

“So, (y/n). Tell us more about your family.” Narcissa was the first to break the ice.

“I’m from the (y/l/n) family. Pureblood as I’m sure you already know. Armand is my father and as you heard he and Lucius work together.”

“Oh yes dear. We know well of your family.” She said with a smile. “I’m very happy that Draco has fallen for such a wonderful girl who belongs to such a remarkable family.”

Everyone continued to make small talk, asking each other questions. Draco had his free hand rested on your thigh. It felt that with each question his hand moving farther and farther up your leg. Soon he began to brush over your inner thigh gently with his finger tips. He fingers were getting dangerously close to your entrance, making you very nervous. You tried smacking his hand away but he just kept coming back.

His parents were right across the table from you, would he really do something like this? He is Draco, of course he would. You just prepared yourself to not freak out.

As Draco’s parents were in a small argument over a simple detail from a story Draco leaned over to you and whispered in your ear, as his other hand still roamed over your body,“ Take off your panties.”

You looked at him wide eyed and whispered back,“ Draco! No! Are you crazy?”

He smiled and winked. “Just a little bit. Do it now or you will regret it later.”

You sighed and nervously barely lifted off of the seat as you slid them off your hips, down your thighs, off your calves and around your heels. You took them in your hand and dropped them in Draco’s lap. He smiled and you could see a bulge starting to form in his pants.

His hand moved back to its original state and continued to move up until he made contact with your vagina. Two of his fingers spread your folds and one began to rub circles on your clit. You jumped a little which brought back Lucius and Narcissa’s attention.

“Is everything alright?” Narcissa spoke softly.

You glanced at Draco who was trying his best to not laugh. “Yes everything is perfectly fine thank you.” Right as you finished your sentence Draco inserted a finger into you. He moved slow and then fast. Alternating between the two speeds, and then circling hard in your clot you were getting close. You were getting ready to loose it right when Draco pulled away. You sighed and couldn’t think straight.

Only seconds later Narcissa spoke,“ Well now that everyone is finished, who is up for desert?”

“Actually, mum. I’m very full and I think that we are going to go talk for a while before we get any. Thank you though.” Draco smiled and stood up. You took his hand and he led you out of the dining room.

As soon as you were out of his parents sight he turned and pushed you against the nearest wall. He kissed you eagerly. “I really had to control myself in there.” He spoke before continuing your kiss and grabbing your ass. You jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you up the stairs, down the corridor and finally into his bedroom.

He threw you down on the large California king’s silk sheets. He unzipped your dress in the back and slid it above your head. You pulled him in by his tie and kissed him passionately. He then slid off his dress coat, followed by the tie and shirt. He smiled down at his tie for a second and you soon knew what he was thinking. He grabbed the tie in his hand and wrapped it around your head to where it was covering your eyes, then tied it in the back. You couldn’t see, but you knew he had gotten off the bed. You heard him walking and then finally he was back next to you.

“Put your arms up,” he spoke. You complied and he took your wrists and tied them together and then to the head of his bed. You were now completely under his control.

His cold hands roamed over your body. He squeezed your breasts and left hickeys on your throat.

His fingertips slid down your unclothed body and began to draw circles on your clit. You moaned as he increased the pressure. He was building you up and he suddenly moved away. You sighed, but couldn’t even complete your breathe before his mouth was attached to the place his fingers had just lingered. He sucked hard and kitten licked your clit. Meanwhile his fingers found their way back and to began to pump in and out of you at an accelerated pace. He wasn’t stopping, on the contrary, he began to sped up and add more pressure. You were sent of the edge as you moaned and came on his hand and mouth. He licked you lean and with on more kiss on your lips you heard the sounds of his belt hitting the ground.

Only moments later were you filled with him. His began to pump his dick in and out of you. He would change up his pace. Slow and steady then fast and vicious. Continuing with his second option was what brought you to a second climax.

He came back up and kissed your lips. He untied your hands first and then the one around your head. You leaned up to kiss him.

“That was incredible Draco.” You smiled.

“Same for me love. Now we ought to get dressed they may become a bit suspicious if we are gone too long.”

He smiled kissed your cheek and gave you your clothes back.

Once you were both presentable again he grabbed you by your waist and pulled your close. “I love you so much, (y/f/n),” Draco spoke softly.

“I love you too.”

Reign II (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1774

Summary:Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader.

Warnings: None

A/N: Part two! I hope you all enjoy this. If you missed part one, the masterlist will be linked below. message me or comment if you want to be added to the tag list!


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I Still...

[Summary]: At what point you thought that Tony didn’t deserve you, you couldn’t recall. You just somehow always felt that he deserved someone better. The only problem was, was that Tony still cared about you even after you left him.

[Pairing]: Tony x reader (mentions of others)

[Warning]: angst, drinking

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! Yep, another fic using the Backstreet Boys as inspiration… [x] It has some flashbacks that will be italicized and indented. This hurt to write just because I hate mixing Tony with angst (he deserves to be happy!) but this song just seemed to scream his name. Sorry for all the Tony feels! I will understand if you need a hug after this… 

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Tony poured another shot of vodka in his glass. It was yet another sleepless night. He glanced at his phone when it lit up, thinking it was a response from you but it wasn’t. Just another notification from his lab computer, updating him on his project progress. He noticed the time as the phone dimmed to black; 3:15 am. 

These last six months have thrown Tony into a mess of restlessness, nightmares and non-stop work. He still couldn’t believe that after five months of dating, you just… left. It wasn’t like you didn’t love Tony, you certainly did, but you felt as though you could never love him the way he loved you and he deserved someone better.

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All My Friends

Bucky x Reader

Summary: you come home after a long night of partying and drinking with your girls and find yourself crawling into Bucky’s bed.

Words: 952

Warnings: smut? (just making out)

A/N: Based on the song All My Friends by Snakehips. Thought it would be cute :) (this is in Bucky’s POV)

A/N 2: this is not only my first published fanfic, but also my first—sorta—smut. If it’s terrible, please please please give me feedback on what I should change. Thx 💛

Wanda’s laugh echoes through the halls, a clear sign that the girls were home from their night out. It’s nearly four in the morning, but I expect nothing less. Nat told me about it before they left. Yesterday’s mission was hard on all of us. More people died than we intended, and Y/N blamed herself for not being there in time. It hit her roughly and she had been depressed about it for two days straight. So Nat opted for a night out. Evidently, it went well, because I hear Y/N’s scream-like laughter not far away from my door. A smile plays onto my lips from the sound, my eyes staring up at the dark ceiling. I’d never get tired of it. I shake my head, shifting in my oversized bed, sighing at my own thoughts. Stop torturing yourself.

“Holy shit, you’re so loud.” Nat chuckles from the hall. She was always the least impacted by alcohol.

They quiet down as they say their good nights to each other, doors opening and closing softly. I place my hands behind my head and close my eyes, trying to will myself to sleep. It never comes easy. After a few minutes, when my eyes feel droopy, I hear a soft noise. Peaking through my closed lids, light makes me recoil as a figure comes forward. I furrow my eyebrows as the door closes.

“Bucky?” Y/N whispers. My eyes widen. What the hell?

“Y/N?” I murmur. “What’s wrong?” I say, sitting up from my resting position. She squeals quietly and her weight hits the bed suddenly, her face at my knees. I reach over and turn on my lamp from my bedside table. The soft glow illuminates the curve of her hip, gloved tightly by an emerald green dress. She sits up, her eyes soft and careless, unlike her usually determined, strong demeanour. It catches me off guard for a moment. She looks so peaceful, her eyes finding my face and smiling angelically. I can’t help but smile back at her smudged lips. “Are you ok?” I say softly. She pulls here legs on the bed and sits on her knees in front of me.

“I missed you.” she smiles. “That’s all.” She leans down, the side of her head laying on my right thigh. I hesitantly brush a hair off her face, letting her eyes lock with mine. Her smile fades slowly. “I killed those people, Buck.” she whispers. My heart pierces at the tone of her voice. I lift her off my knee and grip her shoulders, forcing her to look at me.

“No.” I say. “You did everything in your power to keep everyone safe. You saved so many people. They’re alive because of you.” I say. She looks at me, her eyes drooping low. She looks all over my face, leaning in quickly. Before I’ve realized it, our lips collide. I don’t move, just process what’s happening. I inhale sharply, the smell of her shampoo entering my nose. Once it’s sunk into my mind, I close my eyes and push back against her, cupping her cheeks with my hands. Her small arms snake around my neck and she shifts into my lap. Her body presses against mine so hard, I’m pushed into the headboard. Our lips break to catch our breath. Her face shifts into the crook of my neck, nipping at the skin of my throat. “Y/N…” I choke. She moans against me. “You’re… You’re drunk.” I breathe. She leaves my neck and returns to my lips.

“So?” she mumbles on my mouth, her eyes vacant.

“Y/N… Stop.” I say, trying to push her shoulders back. She whines as my lips leave hers.

“What’s wrong?” she whispers. Her hands tug at the end of my shirt. I breathe out, my face in the direction of the ceiling. “C'mon, Buck. Show me what you can do.” she says into my ear. I look into her clouded eyes, my breathing getting choppier as she grinds on my lap, making me harden.

“For fuck’s sake.” I whisper, smashing my face onto hers, her lips puckering on mine. I clasp her face, running my tongue along her teeth. She begins to yank at my sweatpants, and as she does, I pull my face from hers.

“You’re drunk. You’re not thinking straight.” I breathe heavily. I gently push her off my lap and climb out of the bed. Going around to the other side, I stand overtop of her. She reaches her hands out to me and I reach down and place them around my neck. My metal hand snakes around the back of her knees, my flesh hand on the small of her back. I pull her up in the bridal position and carry her to the door. She places her nose in my neck and snuggles into my chest. I struggle to grab the doorknob and swing it open. Y/N whines at the bright light of the hallway, pushing her face further between my arms. I look down at her face as I walk, repeating the words, this will pay off, this will pay off , in my head. I reach her door and push it open. Turning on the lights with my pinky, I walk to the bed and lay her down as gently as I can. She’s got a blissful smile on her face as she grasps the pillow in her hands. I sigh, cursing myself for being a decent person. I reach for her duvet, pulling it over her shoulders and planting a soft kiss on her forehead. I take one last look at her peaceful face before turning around and closing her door.


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.16.17

DAY THREE: all things bridesmaid + bachelorette
featuring: long natural silk bridesmaid dresses by victoriaspirina

  • penesula // dark emerald backless gown
  • scarlet // vibrant red cap-sleeve gown