emerald glow

Lucinda Hollingsworth with Fabergé Egg
John Rawlings (American; 1912–1970)
Published: Vogue (December 1958)
© John Rawlings

In this glowing photograph by John Rawlings, the model acts merely as a frame for the Fabergé egg, which emits a radiant shower of light. The gold and jewels found in the piece are echoed in the model’s collar necklace, which is made of square-cut emeralds and round diamonds and is paired with a matching ring.


“Come on, damn it, open your eyes!”

Alex’s senses were foggy. He could barely feel the rain falling down and soaking his body, could barely hear the voice pleading with him. All he knew was that the voice belonged to a girl and made him feel warm. Was he dead? Was this girl an angel?

Everything came back at once, along with the pain. He blinked a few times trying to see through the droplets that fell from the sky.

He was lying with his back in the ground, facing up. There was blood but he couldn’t tell where it came from. Alex remembered faces, people yelling at him about something. Then there was pain, and finally nothing until the voice.



Newt walked around, searching for Lexi. She had gone for a walk and dispute the horrible feeling in his gut he hadn’t insisted that she stay or that he go with her.

Now, it was two hours after she was supposed to be back and he was getting more and more worried. He saw a park and wondered if she got caught up looking at the Christmas lights. Newt noticed her lying on the stairs but as he got closer he saw that her neck was at an odd angle.

The wizard pulled her gently into his arms and searched for a pulse but found none. “Lexi, Lexi, come on don’t do this to me.” He felt tears fill his eyes and deep down he knew she was gone.


My muse is being held in solitary confinement and hasn’t seen anyone for weeks.

Cedric was curled up in the corner. The small room had only a thin blanket, lumpy pillow and a large metal door that had a small part on the bottom that slid up to allow someone to put food in there for him.

He could swear that the walls were getting smaller with each day he was in there, giving him panic attacks quite often. Cedric was freezing as the temperature in the room was extremely low and the thin blanket barely helped at all.

Cedric wasn’t sure how much longer he could take of being in there. It felt like years since he had seen anyone when in fact it had only been a few weeks. Cedric wondered if people would forget him him. Would he die from starvation before being found? Or would he die from the extreme cold. He couldn’t remember why he was there or even exactly where he was, just that Cedric wanted out.

He was just dozing off to sleep, which is what he did most of the time with nothing else to do, when suddenly the sound of the door opening filled the room. Cedric kept his head on the lumpy pillow and his eyes closed, sure that it was just another hallucination.



“Oh, good, you’re finally up. That pill was stronger than I thought.” Nigel commented when he saw Lexi starting to wake up. He was sitting on a chair across the room, fiddling with a pocket knife and staring at Lexi.

He had disappeared a year ago, taking Lexi’s boyfriend Alex with him against his will. The cops had been searching but were pretty sure the two were dead. They were obviously very wrong, at least in Nigel’s case.

Angels and Dragons


Max had been away from home, gathering any food that he could find in the nearby forest, when it happened. There was a bright light that lit up the night sky outshining even the moon. It looked almost like a shooting star but soon Max realized it was heading towards him.

He worried it was a meteor at first and was about to transform and fly away. However he wasn’t quick enough and it landed close to him. Curious, the dragon moved over to see what it was. He gasped, surprised to see a girl with white wings laying there.

It Doesn't Hurt


They had both been sentenced to death. Graves had taken away the case and it hurt Newt that he might never see his creatures again, not even get the chance to say goodbye. He didn’t want to think about how scared they would be at some stranger going into their home.

Newt could feel Pickett crawling down his arm, trying to pick the lock. They reached the room and stopped in front of a large pool of dark liquid.

“Please, please let Lexi go. Do what you will to me but she’s completely innocent.” He pleaded on deaf ears. The witch who was holding him raised her wand to the side of Newt’s head. “Let’s get the good stuff out of you, sweetie.”

This was it. Newt was going to die. Pickett started working faster but it wasn’t enough. A long silver strand of memories left his head and the witch flung it effortlessly into the dark liquid.

Images swirled until a younger version of Newt’s mother appeared. “Newton. Come on, don’t you want to help feed the hippogriffs?” She beamed brightly, holding out her hand.

The chains holding Newt fell, Pickett with them. But he didn’t fight back instead he walked closer to the enchanted death liquid with a dazed look. The small bowtruckle panicked and ran over to Lexi.




“Alright, you just quietly sit there on that chair, and keeping looking pretty. I’ll go collect your ransom.” The man laughed and left Percy in the room, his arms chained to the wall. Percy struggled but he was drugged to keep him weak.

The man, Rory, walked out of the room and approached Lexi. "I am going to collect the money, but do not worry we are not going to give back Perseus. My word is true to you, the son of the sea god is yours the second I return with my money. I am proud of you today, Alexis. This was a good plan. You may do as you wish with Perseus so long as he remains alive.” He grinned. “He may be useful later.”



Alex whimpered from the cage that he was in and quickly stilled. It was still dark outside from the one small window he could see. He was curled up with a thin blanket and pillow trapped in a large cage that had been meant for a animal. His stomach growled as he had refused to eat for the past two days, fearing that it may be poisoned.

He knew not to speak back, that it would only upset Nigel and get him in trouble. Usually Lexi had more patience with him but the other boy would hurt him without a second thought.

Nigel had taken Lexi first and taught her to behave, that she was to think of him first and do as she was told. But he had noticed that she was lonely and got her Alex, who he insisted on calling Jack. Until Alex could be trusted not to leave he was stuck having to sleep with his hands tied together in the animal crate.

Fantastic Beasts


Max had been following one of the creatures who had gotten out of his case. This one in particular was fond of forests and small lakes so that’s where he went. Max was quiet as he looked around, it wouldn’t be too hard to miss but was incredibly fast. As he approached an open meadow Max was horrified to see a small fox caught in a trap. He couldn’t tell if she was just a regular fox or magical but that didn’t matter to Max. All life was precious.

Slowly, he eased closer to the injured animal. Max first checked to make sure she was breathing before slowly undoing to trap around her. “Poor girl… who would do such a thing.” He cooed. “It’s okay, I’m going to help.”

Just a Scratch


He was sitting down on a box, shirtless and leaning a large cut on his side. Lexi wasn’t supposed to be back yet, Newt didn’t even hear the case open. One of the new creatures, a Hippogriff who he had saved from a situation much like Frank’s, had gotten startled by one of the Graphorns. Newt had been left with a nasty cut that had caused him to lose quite a bit of blood.

Pickett was in his pocket, thankfully unharmed but obviously concerned for his Newt. The wizard just gave him a smile. “It’s alright, Pick. She was just scared.”



“You don’t love me, you just want to control me. There’s a difference.” Alex whispered. He wouldn’t hurt Lexi and they both knew it. She could kill him and he wouldn’t fight back at this point. He knew she was only like this because of Nigel’s influence.

He knew how to keep the peace between them. Everything would be fine as long as he stayed in the house and smiled pretending that everything was perfect.



The first thing Max noticed when he opened his eyes was that it was dark and the only light was a small lamp in the other corner of the room. Then the pain shot through his body and his gaze turned to his ankle. He couldn’t see anything but when he tried to move his leg it hurt even worse than before and he could feel blood dripping from his ankle and foot.

Max cried out in pain and laid his head back on the ground, breathing deeply. He had to be quiet or whoever had done this would come running. Then he remembered that Lexi had been with him in his last memory and frantically tried to feel around near him, hoping she was close. “L-Lexi?” He whimpered.