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Aw yeah baby, here we have the re-invention of an otherwise rather lame character. Evil Sonic in the past was, no matter how much Ken Penders built him up to be a true baddie, a wannabe from another dimension with a leather gear and dark sunglasses, who so desperately wanted to be part of the blue blur’s rogue gallery. He was so unimposing he was even nonchalantly beaten by Antoine once. Pre-brave Antoine of all people.

But thanks to Ian Flynn’s writing, he has for the most part ‘evolved’ into a character who’s more than just an evil version of Sonic, and you’ll see just how much he means business as the issues go on.

H O G W A R T S . G I R L  . G A N G S
Slytherin; Green Inferno

“My name is Celaena Sardothien. But it makes no difference if my name’s Celaena or Lillian or Bitch, because I’d still beat you, no matter what you call me.” 

- Celaena Sardothien, Throne of Glass // a slytherin tongue

m o r e . a e s t h e t i c s . h e r e

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Keeper of Beasts

Okay so just a quick preface the inspiration for this came completely from @charminglyantiquated amazing post Elsewhere University. I hope this lives up to the incredible standard of work I’ve already seen. 

When she first arrives at Elsewhere Univeristy, no one is particularly sure of what to make of her. She introduces herself as Mara, the gaelic word for the sea, and she seems all too familiar with the rules of the school almost as if they’re second nature. The crows grow fond of her quicker than anyone has seen before cawing greetings at her as she passes and swooping on mass to sit around her feet as she reads them poetry. Woven into the long tresses of her auburn hair are various beads of silver and emerald green glass that jingle and clink together with the rhythm of her movements as she wanders the campus, she’s a vet student with an uncanny ability to charm almost any animal into her favor. The other students aren’t sure if she’s one of the people who Know Things that they’ve heard whispers about that have some sort of agreement with the Gentry or have earned enough favor to be left well enough alone, or if she’s one of those that was taken and came back knowing just a little too much to be allowed to leave. More often than not if you’re looking to find the girl named after the sea the first place you’ll be told to look is the pool. On many a day she’ll be found there sitting with her legs dangling into the deepest end where if you look down the bottom cannot be seen only a deep descent into inky blackness and the odd flashes of strange eyes peering up from the depths. There she will sit singing songs so old they’ve been thought lost to the passages of time in languages that shouldn’t really be known the strange acoustics of the pool causing her voice to echo in eerie harmonies with itself. If you’re lucky or unlucky, I suppose it depends on your opinion of things, you’ll see the head of a creature that looks just enough like a horse despite it’s odd iridescent eyes peering out from the water towards her as it bobs along in an unseen current. It’s not uncommon for her to disappear for days on end only to return with a little more wisdom in her grey eyes and another token of favor adorning her person. The first time it happened she returned with beads woven into her hair that looked like stars had been plucked from the sky and deposited amidst her auburn curls. Now she walks the ground with fingers laiden with rings in odd shapes and sizes, stones no one has ever seen before nestled within them and necklaces of various objects ranging from flowers to delicate jewels strewn around her neck. There is a constant entourage of creatures following her that if caught at certain angles or in certain lights don’t look quite like the black cat that was there a moment ago and something hulking that wanders the shadows at her back. No one is truly surprised when inevitably she disappears and doesn’t return, packets of creamer and money is exchanged hands for several bets were placed on when she would be taken. That was many a moon ago, though no one is quite sure exactly when she did disappear anymore. On nights when the Wild Hunt runs rampant through the grounds it’s said if you listen closely you can hear her haunting voice singing old songs of battle amidst the baying of the hounds and wailing of the horns. She is the Keeper of the Beasts of the Court and though she is fully aware that she herself is kept, she’s never felt so free.   

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could you do where s/o surprises the boys with a kiss on the nose? cute confuse flustered bros, thank you lovely!

Listen anon, nose kisses are the best kisses and anyone who disagrees can fight me right here right now. They’re just so soft. So pure. 

That being said, I really enjoyed this request! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios :)


He was sitting on the pier of Galdin Quay, feet dangling above the water as he clutched to his fishing rod. Noctis had left to enjoy his favorite pastime as soon as he awoke, but the sun was already high in the sky. You needed to get moving.

The boys decided to send you to retrieve him, insisting that you were the “only one who could take his eyes off the water.” The suggestive wink that Gladio sent your way was enough to make you blush as you turned on your heel, rushing in the direction of your boyfriend before anything else could be said. Within minutes you were only steps away from his still figure, the young prince seeming completely unaware of your presence.

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Otayuri "wait, I didn't mean that, please come back" for the angsty drabble thing?

“This was all a mistake! I should have never moved out here!” Otabek yelled at Yuri.

They argued more than anything else these days. Their relationship was such a whirlwind. A few days spent here and there together, Skype calls in the evening, Snapchats all day long… but it did not prepare him for what happen when he moved to Saint Petersburg. Yuri was needy and demanding. They had gotten a flat together and it was everything they had wanted– at first.

“What?” Yuri said.

Otabek could already see those emerald eyes glass over with tears. Watching Yuri’s face drop and shoulders slump, Otabek already regretted the words that came out of his mouth. Yuri turned on his heels and grabbed his jacket, leaving their flat. Otabek grabbed his shoes to chase after him.

“Wait! I didn’t mean that, please come back!” Otabek called out to him once he caught up to Yuri.

“No!” Yuri yelled and snatched his arm away, “I knew you didn’t want to be here. I can see it on your face every day. You hate it here and you hate living with me.”

“No, Yura, I love you,” Otabek said.

“Not enough… not enough,” Yuri said as he turned again.

“Please Yuri…” Otabek begged.

“I’m going to Victor’s for a bit… go back to Almaty. Go be happy, you don’t need me,” Yuri said.

Otabek stood and watched as Yuri walked away. He felt the tears fall down his cheeks. He should have chased after Yuri, begged him to come back and they could work this out. There was also this part of Otabek that knew they did not work and it would never work. If he chased after Yuri, they would only prolong the inevitable.

“I do love you… I just can’t be with you,” Otabek whispered to no one as he turned to go back to their flat.

This one really fucking hurt…. 

Send me an angst from the list and a pairing! Ill write a short drabble! <3


So… Have we put a name to what color Jeremy’s eyes are? Because they’re so beautifully gray-green and dark but the way the light gleams through them means they keep changing and they even get a gold tint to them. Seriously, I have looked up several shades of green and almost all of them have had at least one variation I could attribute, but none of them feel quite right.

This includes, but is not limited to:
Olive green
Dark moss green
Forest green
Hunter green
Army green (hello, Doctor Watson)
Unpolished peridot
Dark green sea glass
The freaking surface of a beautiful deep lake surrounded by lush trees because what the heck, Jeremy

I’d love to hear what everybody else thinks.

Don’t Be Nervous (Kasamatsu Yukio)

Title: Don’t Be Nervous

Anime: Kuroko no Basket

Pairing: Kasamatsu x Reader

Word Count: 2,100

Genre: Fluff

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Your eye twitched at the hand wrapped tightly around your wrist, narrowed eyes sliding up the toned arm to the culprit. “Why do you have to involve me?”

Bakagami glanced over his shoulder. “Because you’re one of the scariest people I know.”

A sweat drop appeared on the back of your head. “I never knew you had such a way with words. I’m surprised the girls aren’t falling over themselves to hear you speak!”

He scowled at the remark but chose to keep his mouth shut.

Silence fell as you made your way to the park. For what, you had no clue.

When you reached the destination, your eyes landed on a few familiar faces; Kise, who looked rather chipper. Kuroko, who wore the same blank expression as always. Koganei, who looked excited and ready to go. And Kasamatsu, who looked rather nervous.

Your gaze followed Koganei’s and you raised an eyebrow at the four girls standing off to the side. They were huddled together, whispering amongst themselves and glancing at the group of boys.

You yanked your arm free of Kagami’s grasp and narrowed your eyes into a glare, ready to demand an explanation when you were glomped by a blonde blur, knocking you back a few paces.

“I’m glad you could make it! Now we can go!” His grip around your body disappeared and he hurried over to the girls, ushering them along. Koga followed happily with Kuroko at his side, while Kasamatsu kept his distance.

Kagami gripped your forearm in a gentle but firm hold, leaning down so he could whisper in your ear. “Kise is trying to find Kasamatsu a girlfriend, but he’s useless when it comes to girls.”

You bit back the smart remark that begged to be released. “Okay… so what up with the group?”

“Kise needed two more guys, and when he asked Kuroko, Koganei-senpai said he would do it. He ended up having to beg Kuroko before he would agree.” He scoffed, shoving his hands into his shorts. “Kuroko threatened me with that damn dog, so I had to come along.”

“And I’m here because…?”

“They were short one girl and I wasn’t about to get set up with some chick I didn’t know.”

“Lovely. I knew I should have ignored your call.”

He sent you an annoyed glare, but you weren’t entirely sure it was meant for you. “If I have to suffer, you can to!”

“You’re such a good friend, Taiga.”

“Shut up.”

“Come now. Is that any way to speak to your elder?”

“Shut up.”

To say that the atmosphere was ‘awkward’ would be the world’s greatest understatement. The only ones talking were Koga and Kise, along with their dates. Honestly, you were fine with Kagami not talking to you but the silence was a bit killer, especially with the aura Kagami and Kasamatsu were giving off.

You rested your elbow on your crossed legs and plopped your cheek into your palm, playing with your shoelace to pass the time which seemed to be dragging by. God, you wish Kise would pull the plug already. His little plan obviously wasn’t working. Even when his date said something to him, all Kasamatsu would do was nod. He wouldn’t even look at her!

Your cell phone buzzed in your pocket and you shared a glance with Kagami before fishing it out and flipping it open. Why in the world was Kise texting you when you were in the SAME room?

- Why are you sitting on the floor?

You held in a snort.

- Because I refuse to sit next to some girl I don’t know.

- Participate, please? :(

You glanced up and caught Kise’s frown. No matter how tough you liked to believe yourself to be, that look was not something you could easily look over. You sighed before getting up off the floor, only to plop into Kagami’s lap. He grunted at the added weight, growling into your ear.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Shut up.” You muttered before forcing a smile as you addressed the girls. “So! What do you guys do for fun, hmm?”

“Shopping!” They giggled in unison.

You hung your head in disbelief, the corner of your lips twitching. I can’t work with this, Kise!


Blinking blankly, you looked up at the girl sitting across from Kasamatsu. She was a small thing, probably Kuroko’s height, with hair as green as Midorima’s and eyes like emeralds. Thick rimmed glasses were positioned on her face, helping to hold back her bangs that had fallen from the braids’ grip. She fidgeted nervously, but managed to meet my eyes with confidence in her voice.

“I-I’m on the debate team at school.”

Your eyes lit up and you leaned forward. Hope! There was hope after all! “That’s cool. Ne, Yukio?”

He jumped when you nudged him in the side, his face turning a bright red as his hands tightened around his slacks. “Y-Yeah…”

You twitched again. That fool had no idea what he just agreed to! Kagami sniggered, probably at your irritation, and tried to cover it up with a few coughs. A swift nudge to the ribs had him coughing for real.

“Mou, what’s taking that idiot waiter so long?” The blonde sitting across from Kise whined, crossing her legs and causing her skirt to ride up her leg. She ended up flashing Kise, but she didn’t seem to care. She wasn’t the type to care. “I’m hungry, Ryo-kun!”

“I’ll go check and see what the hold up is!” You jumped up, a little too eager, ignoring Kise’s sharp look. Seeing how miserable he looked, you figured you’d spare poor Yukio, as well. “Give me a hand?”

His blue eyes snapped up to meet yours, as if to make sure you were speaking to him. You held your hand out in confirmation, figuring he might need some help un-sticking himself from between Kagami and Kuroko. He seemed to hesitate, swallowing hard before slipping his sweaty hand into your own. It proved just how nervous and uncomfortable he really was.

You pulled him up with ease, not bothering to spare the others a glance before you turned and left the room, pulling the younger boy along behind you. Only when you were a safe distance away did you release his hand, instead placing them in the pockets of your hoodie.

“Sorry if you wanted to stay. Just seemed like you were pretty uncomfortable.”

“Y-Yeah. Thank you.”

You glanced at him curiously. “You really didn’t wanna do this, did you?”

“I don’t have time for girls.”

You chuckled at his response and he glared at you, unamused.

“What’s so funny about that?”

“You’re only saying that because you don’t know how to handle them. That’s why Kise was trying so hard to help you.”

He didn’t respond, instead turning his head away. Guess you pissed him off.

“Well, what do I know?” You laughed, rubbing the back of your head sheepishly. “I don’t know you well enough to say either way. I was just going by what I’ve heard from Kise.”

“It’s not my fault I can’t talk to girls.” He muttered in a soft voice. You almost didn’t hear him.

“You’re talking to me, aren’t you?”

“That doesn’t count!”

“How so?” You raised a brow curiously.

“You’re different. It’s not like I’m talking to a girl when I talk to you!”

Did he just call you a guy? You think he did. This kid was about as useless as Kagami… Kise wasn’t kidding!

“I-I mean…” He stumbled over his words, eyes wide and face bright red. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to form words, but none came.

You laughed again, waving him off. “Don’t worry about it. I know I’m not the most girly thing out there. I’m one of the guys, and it’s easy to forget that I’m female.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m not so easily hurt, so relax.” You hadn’t realized he had stopped walking until you glanced over and found the spot next to you vacant. Before you had the chance to turn around, arms wrapped around your body from behind, pinning your arms to your side. The embrace was awkward and you could feel just how tense his body was… he really didn’t have any experience. It was actually pretty surprising, considering how good looking he is.

You tapped his arm curiously after a minute of silence. “What are you doing, Yukio?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like it came out. I just…”

“I said it’s fine.” You laughed, patting his arm. You expected his grip to disappear, or at least loosen up a bit, but he tightened it instead.

“The truth is… I always get nervous around you. I never know what to say or do, and I always get jealous when I see how easy it is for Kise to talk to you. I just wanna smack him!”

“You should. Holding in your anger is bad for your health, ya know.” You were dead serious, too. You love Kise, but he could get on your nerves sometimes. He needed some tough love. Especially after tonight. “Your problem is that you think too much.”

You pried his arms off, turning around to meet his confused gaze. His cheeks were alight with red and something burned in the depths of his blue eyes, but you couldn’t make out what it was.

“You think too much about what to do and what to say, and you end up psyching yourself out. Don’t think so much. Be impulsive and just say or do whatever comes to mind. You can think about it later on.”

He looked down at the floor, seeming to think about what you told him. When he looked up again, there was a fire burning in his eyes. You didn’t move as he reached forward, grabbing your shoulders firmly and pulling you into his body. His lips crashed down onto your own, his hand sliding to the back of your neck to keep you in place. Your body was thrown into shock… you couldn’t move a muscle! Was Kasamatsu Yukio really kissing you? It seemed like a dream.

After a few seconds, he pulled away enough to create a few inches between your lips. Having him so close, you realized just how good looking this boy really was. With his spiked black hair and intense blue eyes, his strong features and his well-defined brow. He was almost god-like in looks. Kind of like Kise, but more masculine and rough.

You still hadn’t moved.

He must have taken that as a bad sign because he began to pull away. It was then that you realized what needed to be done.

Your hand grabbed the back of his neck to stop him in his tracks, fingers sliding through his silky hair. His eyes widened in surprise before your lips collided again, this time with more passion and want. The grip around your waist tightened as your lips moved in perfect synch.

The passion began to heat up as he pushed you against the wall, his muscled body making you groan in satisfaction as it molded against your own. You guess the sound snapped him out of whatever trance he had been in, because he jumped away from, eyes wide like saucers and his hand covering his mouth.

You licked your lips to get another taste of him, chest heaving up and down as you attempted to slow your rapidly beating heart.

The passionate air that you had just been bathed in slowly stared to fade away, making way for an air of awkwardness that you weren’t quite sure how you could break. You didn’t know how he felt, so you didn’t know what step you should take next. For all you knew, he could have been just using you for practice.

“I’m s - ”

“Don’t say it.” You scowled, rubbing the back of your head. “There’s nothing to apologize for.”

“You didn’t pull away.”

“Did you want me to?”


Surprised by the answer, your eyes met his. The shock had faded, it seemed, and there was determination burning in the depths of his eyes. A couple steps was all it took before he was directly in front of you, his lips hovering over your own.

“I still feel nervous around you.”

You grinned, throwing your arms around his neck. “Hmm, we’ll just have to keep practicing until your not nervous anymore.”

“What about Kise?”

“Who cares. He’ll find out eventually.” You muttered, capturing his lips once more.

This time, you didn’t let him get away.

Come Back Home

A/N: This is my entry for @atc74 115 follower celebration challenge. Betaed by the wonderful @thorne93

Song prompt: Picture - Kid Rock ft Sheryl Crow.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: ANGST and a smidge of fluff. Multiple POV’s  

Wordcount: 1393

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Originally posted by won-der-land89

Dean’s POV

These past eight months without you has been torture, it has been a slow, agonizing hell, I would know, I’ve been there after all. I know we came to a mutual decision to end things between us, it wasn’t working anymore and we both decided to call it quits before we started resenting each other. That doesn’t mean I stopped loving you, doesn’t mean that watching you walk out of my life is the hardest thing I have ever done, it doesn’t mean that I will ever forgive myself for not fighting harder for us, for you.

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