emerald garden


Spent the long weekend in Colorado, the place that got me into photography a decade ago, and fell even more in love with it than I was before.

Various locations in the state of Colorado. July 2016. (Instagram)

the signs as bodies of water

aries: a fast flowing stream of fresh water high up on an emerald mountain

taurus: a beautiful garden pond surrounded by wildflowers

gemini: a lake gently rippling from light rain

cancer: a rockpool quiet on the surface and filled with life below

leo: the rushing emerald water where the river mouth meets the sea

virgo: the middle of the ocean where the water is flat and the sparkling blue

libra: a lagoon of aquamarine surrounded by palms and hibiscus flowers

scorpio: an antarctic sound of deep dark water glimmering with crystals of ice

sagittarius: crisp cold waves of glittering pale blue that crash on the shore  

capricorn: a stormy harbour where lightning makes the dark water shine brilliantly 

aquarius: a high waterfall frothing diamond white as it crashes down

pisces: a gentle forest creek clear and bright warmed by sunshine

Imagine going on a date with Loki. He stands you up however and disappointed, you go home. Coming home, you find your house completely filled with flowers. You find a trail of rose petals on the floor, leading outside to the garden, where Loki is waiting for you, a big smile on his face. He says he’s sorry he didn’t show up for your date, but he needed to get you out of the house. He tells you how much he loves you and that you are the only one he will ever kneel to. With that, he kneels before you, pulls out a gold ring with emeralds and proposes to you.


Finally got a change to take some pictures of this guy. Both sleeves are the same and it’s Madelinetosh yarn so you know this beauty feels as dreamy as it looks!

Check it out on my etsy

Sorry guys no pattern for this one. The sleeves were so challenging that I honestly don’t know how I pulled it off. I am working on a pattern for a straight forward polka dot sweater since I got so many likes and comments on the body, but it is still in the works!

Symbols Associated with Your Sign

Aries: Fire, passion, Mars, brutality, anger, violence, action, rage, danger, head, ram, aggression, diamond, sheep, adventure, leadership.

Taurus: Food, luxury, stubbornness, fixation, bull, ox, cow, earth, life, throat, neck, practicality, emerald, cheap, flowers, gardening, southern, Venus.

Gemini: Talking, twins, hands, legs, fingers, books, pairs, bipolar, flexible, changeable, intelligence, energetic, speech, agate.

Cancer: Moon, motherly, crab, beach, ocean, water, love, passion, tears, goddess, breasts, stomach, sensitivity, pearls, caring.

Leo: Lion, loyalty, sun, leader, fixed, stubborn, pride, ego, cat, energy, dynamic, heart, back, bold, royal, demanding, ruby, fire.

Virgo: OCD, neatness, virginity, purity, virgin, cleanliness, perfection, maiden, passiveness, shyness, critical, earth, Mercury, peridot.

Libra: Beauty, grace, love, peace, fairness, shallow, fashion, materialism, harmony, balance, intricacy, healing, scales, air, opal, Venus, hips, buttocks.

Scorpio: Scorpion, spider, water, polarizing, mysterious, darkness, death, sex, genitals, passion, murder, violence, Mars, Pluto, topaz, outcast.

Sagittarius: Philosophy, archer, centaur, bow and arrow, intelligence, optimism, thighs, hamstrings, happiness, love, wandering, travel, restlessness, turquoise, fire, Jupiter, luck.

Capricorn: Work, seriousness, guarded, aloof, sea-goat, earth, simple, hardworking, knees, ladders, Saturn, barren, solid, independent, leader, silence, garnet, mountain.

Aquarius: Water, air, innovation, technology, fixed, Uranus, water-bearer, god, god complex, original, unique, intelligence, mind, amethyst.

Pisces: Light, airy, water, ocean, fish, emotions, sensitivity, manipulation, flaky, flexible, adaptable, confusion, Neptune, feet, toes, fascination, obsession, aquamarine, twins.


Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic: Evergreen Gardens

I absolutely love this park but I will tell you right now there is a solid strategy you have to stick with so lemme tell you how before I get into anything else.

So first of all the park is gigantic and people are going to get lost (which makes them unhappy god forbid) so what u gotta do is open the park in sections. So I opened up the right corner of the park first, and built a couple of rides and food places so people didn’t get lost and then little by little I started to open more sections of the park. TIP: when you open a new section, even if you don’t build any rides for a while, build food. If people enter that area of the park they’ll start to get hungry so before you do anything with that area build food (and water and bathrooms).

Second of all I know a lot of people who have been playing RCTC have been like “why is it either pay to enter OR pay to ride why not both” bitch it’s called a strategy game suck it up you just gotta learn how to do it. I am now going to teach y'all hoes how to be frugale. K so when you open the park, a nice 10$ is a good place to start. AS YOU ADD RIDES You gradually move the price up to what you THINK IT IS WORTH. So I started out with a carousel a Ferris wheel and a Shuttle loop so I made it 10. AS SOON AS I built the drop tower the scrambler and the wild mouse I made it 20 because that’s what it was worth to me. When I added the woodie I made it 30$ and so on. If you get higher than 50 tho u really have to check the guests because if 2/5 costumers only have 48$ in their pockets then 2/5 costumers aren’t going to be coming into your park. Thankfully most guests in this park start with a smooth 95$ so I ended up pricing this at 70. IF YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF MONEY ADD. MORE. FOOD. People always get hungry so what I do is I always keep a $1 profit margin no matter what the shop. It doesn’t matter if the guests are paying like 3.30 for sushi, I’m still getting 1$ profit off of it. Same goes for shops, I price a balloon at a dollar margin too, and wowie my money flies.

Ok so now to the actual park Evergreen is one of my favorite parks from the first game just because literally it’s a giant themed garden. I always want to keep areas in tact so either the gardens were staying or I was going to build rides in/around them that look pretty with the existing garden. This worked well for me, and even though the rides are very far apart, I still finished the park with 26 rides including 8 coasters, 2 underground. This is one of those parks I could build again and again in such different ways each time which is why I love this game.

Finally, an UPDATE!

So my bad, incredibly crap with updates but there is a good reason for it!

My script GARLAND was picked up for production with yours truly directing. Incredibly thankful to Sydney Film School who extended the shoot period for us (I was on my honeymoon!) 

What else is coming up? I shoot my thesis film NESTS next week. It’s an observational film focusing on bedrooms. Will post the treatment soon. Am also hoping to get a copy of Emerald Garden up here soon too.

I’ve thrown in some still shots from GARLAND. Enjoy!

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

Ain’t that just the way…

I was Greg from Over The Garden Wall for ECCC 2016! Not too bad for being my first ever sewing project and first cosplay 👍🏼 🐸

You know, loves, growing up is scary but sometimes it’s also really dorky and fun and fantastic, like:

I planted a garden this year on my patio.  I planted zucchini and yellow squash and tomatoes and watermelons and delphinium and thyme and rosemary, and basil, and chocolate mint and petunias and verbena and pineapple sage and salvia, and the tendrils of the black-eyed susan vine are creeping along the lattice like long green fingers.

Behind every emerald child in the garden there’s a story!  Trips to nurseries across the state with my wife, with my friends, with my mom:  the cornflowers speak of spades and trowels and highway thievery.  In the shadow of each rosebush is Elena stretching an arm back into brambles to find the very best one off the bargain rack, pricked fingers and scratched knuckles; the snapdragons are Sarah pulling them off the top clearance shelf at Home Depot, saying, “The old people can’t reach these!”

The styrofoam boxes I modified to hold my vegetables I got from Petsmart.  Once upon a time they ferried gouramis across state lines.  The shipping pallet we spray painted bright blue and put wheels on had to be shoved into the car first:  Elena and I both got splinters.  For twenty minutes one night Elena and I stood in Walmart and stared at bird feeders and finally decided on a copper monstrosity that she keeps knocking her head into, but now it’s rare to look out on the patio and not see starlings or chickadees or cardinals.

Elena spotted our chairs on the side of a highway.  We looped back around and pulled them out of the weeds and grass while cars roared by, and they’re my favorite color and perfect, perfect, everything’s perfect.

Yesterday I bought a hose and a spray wand.  No one, not even Dr. Seuss, ever told me I’d be so excited about buying a hose and a spray wand.

This morning I stood on my patio and cackled and watered my viridian joy and pretended I was a witch right out of Harry Potter, apprenticing under Professor Sprout.

I guess the whole point of this is just me reaching out to reassure you, dear hearts:  it’s not all bad, running the gauntlet.  It’s really not.

Sometimes there’s squash.