emerald eyeshadow

With this festive tricolor smokey eye, we’re ready to let the good times roll!

Get your Mardi Gras-ready look:

1) Fill inner corner of lid using Queen Collection 1-Kit eyeshadow in Emerald Q140

2) Swipe shadow #4 in the Goldens truNAKED Eyeshadow Palette over middle of lid

3) Fill in & wing out the outer corners using Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadows in Purple Pop 455

Blend all the edges together!

Title: ‘Early Morning Classes' 
Pairing: LeaIsa/AkuSai 
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~3500

I wanted to write something based off of this post. Plus, there are too many sad things lately with these two. I wanted to write something that would bring smiles, and not tears. Even though tears are nice too. ;) Please enjoy! 


Isa isn’t sure why he’s chosen to take such an early class. At first, it had seemed only natural, since his first class in high school had been at 7am. Perhaps it’s because his best friend said he’d take the class with him. But, after the first day, Ienzo had dropped the class and had told him ‘It’s just too early.’ Like Isa didn’t know that already.

It wasn’t that large of a class either, maybe 20 students total. And on a good day, maybe 15 showed up. He is pretty sure that he’s the only one that’s made every single class so far, and it’s only been three weeks since school had started. He looks at his phone, and sees that there’s five minutes until the bell is to ring.

The door flies open, and in waltzes a tall, lanky redhead wearing dark sunglasses. His eyebrow raises up, as he watches the student try and balance a cup of coffee in one hand, with a can of Monster Energy in his other hand. He’s seen this guy maybe once before. Maybe. Isa tends to sit towards the front of the class, and this guy seems like the kind that sits in the back of class, and barely gets his work done.

His attention is drawn to the red spikes, which have to defy the laws of gravity. Either that, or this guy puts way too much product in his hair to make it stick out like a hedgehog. The redhead stumbles towards the empty desk next to him, making Isa’s eyes narrow.

Don’t sit. Don’t sit. Do not sit here. Crap.

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anonymous asked:

When Ransom gets high he likes Lardo to do his makeup and turn him into 'the prettiest boy' and they gossip about the music majors.

Aaahhhh yes. Sometimes if neither of them has anything for several hours, Lardo will paint Ransom’s face in elaborate neon colors. But yeah, Lardo does this amazing makeup look for Ransom if emerald and blue eyeshadow packed in heavy, with gold liner and highlighter everywhere. EVERYWHERE. that boy is the frickin sun, he’s so mcfucking gorgeous and glowing.

Metallic liquid eyeshadow that slays, never strays. Apply Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome as a liner or use it all over the lid for a modern eye look. The collection of 10 shades has a hue for every mood. How will you tattoo?

Working on that "Felicity Wears the Hood" fic.

And oh my gosh you guys. I wish I had photoshopping talent cause I can see this all so clearly in my head…


Felicity finished shaving her legs, rinsing the razor off in the shower. She stepped out, into a towel, wrapped it securely around her body, and then toweled her hair dry as well. Then she took out the bottle of magic gunk she had used to curl her hair before and applied it.

Once her hair was styled, Felicity opened her “fun makeup” drawer. At Queen Consolidated as Oliver’s assistant, the boldest she could go was occasionally approaching purple with her lipstick. But where she was going tonight, conservative wouldn’t help her.

First came the layer to make her skin appear flawless. Then primers and eyeshadows – deep emerald green with flecks of gold in it that she applied all the way out to the sides of her face.. Dramatic lashes – almost comically long. Cat-eyed eyeliner that flicked out in just the right way – that one took time and patience and a few curse words. Then, as a final touch, green lipstick.

“Okay,” Felicity said to herself. “Now comes the hard part.”

She slipped the green thong on first, then the little half-demi, lacy bra that would play peek-a-boo with the rest of her outfit. The leather shorts covered her ass… almost. Then came the hooded green leather “jacket”. She did up the zipper to her navel and let it hang open. Then she stepped into the heeled boots that came nearly up to her thigh.

She turned and faced the mirror, tossing her curled hair behind her and nodded in satisfaction at what she saw. “Not bad, Felicity,” she said to herself. “Not bad at all."