emerald earings

So I was reading a review for Emerald City (which wasn’t meant to be favorable but everything they criticized it for just made me all the more excited for it) and in it they briefly mention CS as a frame of reference to the main romance: “The Dorothy/Lucas coupling is meant to set off sparks a la Once Upon a Time‘s Emma/Hook” (x)

No wonder so many CSers seem to be on board with it before it’s even begun

So, Cinder. It must have been nice seeing Tyrian come back missing part of his tail huh? (Asked by anon)
  • Cinder, motions over for Emerald, and whispers into her ear: ....
  • Emerald, nodding: While it was...amusing, there was also a bit of a realization. Tyrian may be a joke, but his skills in battle aren't. To see him injured that severely really puts into perspective just what we're up against...

[Team RNJR continues on it’s journey to where the fuck ever when Cinder Fall and Emerald Sustrai appear on a roof above them]

Ruby - [burning vengeance voice]  CINDER !

Emerald - [gloating villainess voice] That’s right Ruby Rose ! Your special eyes couldn’t kill our Cinder !

Ruby -  [sudden confusion] Cinder ?

Emerald - I thought I was pretty clear. You didn’t kill her…..

Ruby - I never expected to….it’s just

Emerald - Just what ?

Ruby -  I turned the dragon to stone……

Emerald - So ?

Ruby - [points at Cinder, looking rather unsure of herself] Why….isn’t….she stone ?

Emerald - …….[turns abruptly towards Cinder] Yeah, what the hell Cinder ?

[Cinder whispers into Emerald’s ear]

Emerald-  [especially confident] CINDER says that Maidens are ESPECIALLY weak to the silver eyes !

Ruby - Yeah but…..you were in the same eye blast ? [winces] Why would it hurt you, but turn the dragon to stone ? It doesn’t make any sense……wouldn’t you just be….MORE stone ?

Cinder- [shrugs in honest gosh-darn confusion]

Emerald- These are all very good questions Ruby Rose ! We will get back to you shortly ! [Teleport back to Salem evil Inc]

[Emerald and Cinder disappear]

Ruby - [turns to JNR] I’m starting to think she’s not the main villain……

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