emerald calcite

For all my fellow queer witches and crystal-lovers. Starting at the bottom left of each letter: P - garnet, beach agate, red tiger’s eye, red jasper, carnelian, carnelian, carnelian, sunstone, tangerine quartz; R - carnelian, citrine, topaz, orange calcite, citrine, tiger’s eye, rutilated smoky quartz, amber, aventurine, jade, unakite; I - malachite, blue apatite, bloodstone, moss agate, emerald, green calcite; D - angelite, lapis lazuli, dumortierite, kyanite, chalcedony, blue lace agate, sodalite, agate, ocean jasper; E - amethyst, chalcopyrite, ametrine, amethyst, lithium quartz, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, iolite, amethyst, lepidolite, pink opal, lithium quartz. Happy Pride, y’all.

Alphabetically arranged list of popular precious and semiprecious stones by their magickal intentions.

Anaphrodisiac (Opposite of Aphrodisiac): Onyx

Aphrodisiac: Pearl

Animals: Boulder matrix opal (to access one’s animal guides), cat’s eye (for all spellwork relating to cats), cylindrite, faustite, ganophyllite, horneblende (for communicating with the physical and spiritual animal worlds), stibnite (a totem stone for the wolf), and tiger’s eye.

Astral Projection/Astral Travel: Agate (Brazilian), alexandrite, ametrine, angelite, apophyllite, astrophyllite, azulicite, benitoite, calcite, caledonite, celestite, florencite, geode, iolite, jasper, kyanite, lepidocrocite, lepidolite, linarite, lodestone, milarite, mohawkite, obsidian (blue or electric-blue sheen), petalite, quartz crystal (espesially double terminated and quartz penetrated by black tourmaline crystals), ramsdellite, richterite, rutile, sapphire (blue), spinel (dark blue), tellurium, tephroite, tunnellite (to strengthen the silver cord), and turquoise.

Banishing Evil Spirits: Diamond, emerald, jasper, and jet.

Bravery: Agate (tawny), amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, bloodstone, carnelian, diamond, garnet, lapis lazuli, sard, sardonyx, tiger’s eye, tourmaline (red), and turquoise.

Clairvoyance: See Psychic Powers.

Divination: Azurite, emerald, flint, hematite, jet, lamprophyllite, mica, moonstone, mosandrite, obsidian, opal, palermoite (stimulates the ability for palmistry), sapphire, and tiger’s eye.

Dreams: Amethyst, augelite, azurite, beta quartz, Chinese writing rock, dickite, garnet, jade, jasper (red), kyanite, lapis lazuli, manganosite, moonstone, opal, peridot, quartz crystal, rhonite, ruby, sapphire (green), and tourmaline (blue). See also Prophetic Dreams

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💸Clavicus Vile💸

Clavicus Vile, also known as the child-god of Morningstar, is the daedric prince of power, trickery, wishes, serenity, and bargains. He usually presents as male, so I will use he/him pronouns.

He rules over an unnamed plane that is usually referred to as just “Clavicus Vile’s Realm.” It appears as a tranquil countryside, dotted with majestic cities of glass and ornate buildings.

Clavicus Vile can be worked with for spells involving communication, peace, or bargains. If you want to make a deal with Him (not suggested) be sure to have something prepared to give Him. He can be tricky, so make sure He knows you’re only giving Him that.

Clavicus Vile has a companion that takes on the form of a dog named Barbas. Barbas is really a part of Clavicus Vile, they are one being. 

Example offerings to Clavicus Vile:

  • Coins
  • Aventurine, green calcite, emerald
  • Libations (wine, oil, water, honey, etc.)

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, my ask box is always open!

cosmic witchcraft 101: venusian magick ♀

Venus is the second planet from the Sun. Most likely the planet formed through disk accretion - gravitational forces drawing dust and particles together to form a rocky core, which gets big enough to capture the lighter elements that form the planet’s atmosphere. Astronomer Giovanni Cassini reported a moon on venus in the 1600′s, and many people claimed to see it over the next 200 years. Most of these sightings were proven to be nearby stars, but scientists believe Venus had a moon in our solar system’s earlier years. They hypothesize a huge impact on Venus created a moon billions of years ago, but 10 million years after its formation another huge impact reversed the planet’s spin direction and caused the moon to spiral inward until it collided with Venus.


  • Venus is the 3rd brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon.
  • Incredibly thick, reflective clouds of sulfuric acid cause the planet to shine so brightly.
  • Due to its runaway greenhouse effect, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.
  • A Venusian day is 243 Earth days, 18 days longer than a Venusian year.
  • Venus spins backward compared to the other planets. From its surface, the Sun would appear to rise in the west and set in the east.
  • Venus is the most spherical of all the planets.

Magickal Correspondences*

Colors: red, pink, white, green, yellow, purple

Intents: love, self-love, glamors, balance, peace, creativity, attraction, beauty, justice, material comfort, finances, reversal of fortune

Herbs: vanilla, rose, poppy, peppermint, daffodil, juniper, hibiscus, heather, tansy, lilac, violet, myrrh, eucalyptus

Crystals: emerald, rose quartz, blue calcite, jade, green jasper, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise, rhodonite, serpentine, celestite

*some of these correspondences are based on traditional associations and some are based on my personal associations


Healing- Alabaster, amber, apatite, aquamarine, blood-stone, celestite, Celtic sea salt, chrysocolla, citrine, flint, green calcite, hiddenite, moonstone, pearl, peridot, quartz, ruby, sea water, seraphinite, topaz, zircon

Protection- agate, alabaster, amber, amethyst, angelite, aventurine, black salt, coral, eggshell, emerald, flint, fluorite, iolite, ivory, jade, lepidolite, malachite, obsidian, onyx, opal, peridot, rain water, river water, rutilated quartz, sea salt, sodalite, spring water, tiger eye, zircon

Wealth- agate, aventurine, chrysolite, clear calcite, goldstone, jade, lodestone, nephrite, topaz, tourmaline

Love- chrysoprase, clear calcite, diamond, emerald, Himalayan pink salt, lapis lazuli, lodestone, malachite, moonstone, rose quartz, sapphhire

Wisdom- amazonite, amethyst, coral, cuprite, diamond, emerald, hawk’s eye, iolite, labradorite, tourmaline

Creativity- amazonite, emerald, fluorite, fog, ice, iolite, jasper, labradorite, malachite, orange calcite, ruby, sodalite, topaz, zincite

Peace- amazonite, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, celestite, chrysocolla, gold calcite, iron pyrite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, moonstone, sapphire, smithsonite, sodalite, topaz, turqoise

Fortune- agate, aventurine, bloodstone, clear calcite, emerald, geode, jade, malachite, onyx, opal, rutilated quartz

Confidence- agate, amazonite, aquamarine, bloodstone, chalcopyrite, desert rose, diamond, fluorite, geode, iron pyrite, jade, jasper, sodalite, sun-stone, tiger eye, topaz

Banishment- amethyst, angelite, black salt, chrysolite, coral, flint, obsidian, sea salt, swamp water, tiger eye, tourmaline, turquoise