emerald brooch


Brooches from Van Cleef & Arpels’ Peau d’Âne collection, inspired by Jacques Demy’s 1970 musical Peau d’Âne (Donkey Skin, bottom two photos). From top:

  • Robe Couleur du Soleil (Dress the Color of the Sun), set with diamonds, spessartite garnets, tourmalines, and sapphires
  • Robe Couleur de la Lune (Dress the Color of the Moon), set with diamonds, sapphires, spinels, and tanzanites
  • Prince, set with diamonds, sapphires, coral, and emeralds
  • Peau d'Âne, set with diamonds
  • Robe Couleur du Temps (Dress the Color of Time), set with diamonds, turquoise, Paraiba tourmalines, and garnets
  • Fée des Etoiles (Fairy of the Stars), set with diamonds, sapphires, spinels, and tanzanites.

Royal Tiara Challenge: Day 13 - Tiara I’d like to see Crown Princess Mary wear

The Danish Emerald Parure 

In total: 67 emeralds and 2,650 diamonds composing a parure of a tiara, necklace, earrings, and brooch. The brooch itself can disassemble into three smaller brooches, and can also serve as a pendant for the necklace. The largest 26 emeralds date from 1723, when they were a gift from King Christian VI to Queen Sophie Magdalene for giving birth to the future Frederik V. The rest of the emeralds belonged to Princess Charlotte of Denmark, and the diamonds used also previously belonged to the royal family. The whole thing was put together by C.M. Weisshaupt in time for Queen Caroline Amalie to wear while celebrating her silver wedding anniversary with King Christian VIII in 1840.