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Well, since we have a few hours, thought I’d do a compilation of the banner for RWBY I’ve done.

So here are all the RWBY banners I’ve made. As someone asked in the individual post, please feel free to use them as phone backgrounds or computer backgrounds, which ever you wish.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy Volume 4.

My In Depth Analysis of all the songs on the RWBY Soundtrack

Volume 1:

This Will Be The Day: “I may be small but I can fuck you up" 

Red Like Roses Part 1: "Basic Info about everyone" 

Mirror Mirror: "I’m lonely and my life sucks" 


I Burn: “I’m a badass and I know it." 

Red Like Roses Part 2: “MOM WHY”

Gold: "My sister is the most important thing in the world to me" 

I May Fall: "Someday I’m gonna die, but you won’t be the one to kill me!”

Wings: “You had a shit life but you’re with friends now”

Volume 2:

Time To Say Goodbye: “Shit will get real, and we need to be ready." 

Die: "Shit has gotten real, and we aren’t ready." 

Shine: "Shit, I’m in love" 

Dream Come True: A combination of "Notice me Jaune!” and “Weiss diss track”


All My Days: "My sister has always been the most important thing to me" 

Boop: "Shit, I’m in love" 

Sacrifice: "I’m not gonna die for you.”

Volume 3:

It’s My Turn: “Fuck you dad" 

Not Fall In Love With You: "Shit, I’m in love”

Neon: “I’m better than everyone" 

Mirror Mirror Part II: "Fuck you dad" 

When It Falls: "Shit will go down and you can’t stop it”

I’m The One: “We had fucked up pasts but we’re still gonna murder you”

Divide: “You done fucked up, and I’m gonna fuck you up even more.”

Cold:  "Goodbye Pyrrha/Monty"

Volume 4:

Let’s Just Live: “Life fucking sucks, but we need to move forward anyway" 

Like Morning Follows Night: "Stay away from me, my life sucks!” combined with “I know your life sucks,  but I’m still standing by your side." 

Bad Luck Charm: "My life fucking sucks, you shouldn’t get close to me" 

This Life Is Mine: "Fuck you dad”

Home: “I don’t know what’s gonna happen next, but I’m with my friends so it’s all good." 

Armed and Ready: "PUNS” combined with “Adam you done fucked up" 

Lusus Nauture: "The Grimm are beautiful” combined with “I’m not crazy!”

Bmblb: “The sweetest love song on the RWBY Soundtrack. Literally.”

Volume 5: (So Far)

The Triumph: “Life fucking sucks, but we’re gonna kick some ass so it’s all good" 

Ignite: "Prepare to get punched." 

The Path of Isolation: "My life fucking sucks." 

Smile: "I’m gonna smile while I kick ass and take revenge”


Pagan Musicians Masterpost

Here’s a list of pagan bands/artists for your listening pleasure! Feel free to add more if you know them:

  • Damh the Bard - Folk (Celtic)
  • Blackmore’s Night - Folk Rock (Renaissance)
  • Castalia - Rock (Wiccan/Greek)
  • Elaine Silver - Folk/Acapella (Faerie)
  • Emerald Rose - Folk (Celtic/Wiccan?)
  • Enya - New Age  (Not actually pagan, but very calming/spiritual)
  • Faun - German Rock (Celtic/Norse)
  • Fleetwood Mac - Soft Rock (Again, not pagan, but spiritual)
  • Stevie Nicks - Pop/Folk Rock (Lead singer of FM, very witchy)
  • Fugli - Folk/Spoken Word (Shakespearean Faerie)
  • Gary Stadler - New Age Composer/Pianist (Celtic/Faerie)
  • Fehu - Folk Rock (Norse)
  • Wendy Rule - New Age/Rock (Faerie)
  • Heather Dale - Folk Rock (Greek)
  • KIVA - New Age/Chants (Greek/Celtic)
  • Spiral Dance - Folk Rock (Greek/Celtic)
  • Heather Alexander - Irish Folk/Acapella (Celtic/Arthurian)
  • Lisa Thiel - Acapella/Folk (Faerie)
  • Moonstruck - Rock/Metal (Wiccan/Celtic)
  • Lucidian - Folk (Wiccan)
  • Llewellyn - New Age (Arthurian/Healing Spirituality)
  • Robert Gass - Chants (Mother Earth Spirituality)
  • S.J. Tucker - Folk Rock (Celtic-ish, just generally Witchy)
  • Spiral Rhythm - Chants (Perfect for drum circles)
  • Threefold - New Age (Wiccan/Celtic)
  • Gheorghe Zamfir - Instrumental Pop (Pan pipes)
  • Loreena McKennitt - New Age/Folk Rock (Celtic)
  • Heidevolk - Folk Metal (Norse/Celtic)
  • Wolfchant - Viking Metal (Norse)
  • Arkona - Russian Pagan Metal (Norse)