emerald city


Just finished up the Andromeda piece! Thought it’d be cool to show it and my original trilogy based piece off together.

Lord willing I’ll have new runs of prints for each of these at Emerald City coming up!

Which, yeah, I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con! So if you’re in the area  or already plan on going, be sure to come find me! I’ll be at table N7b [how fitting!] with prints and doing sketches!

See you in Seattle!

I mean...

I wonder why Emerald City, which is a huge alegory of minorities (women,POC and LGTB+ community) fighting the white straight man, isn’t actually a huge thing in Tumblr and is struggling to get renewed.

I mean:

The female lead Dorothy is latina.

Almost 80% of the important charaters are female.

One of the most important character (only comparable with Dorothy) is a black character who has a female body but indentifies herself as male.

The Witch of West is openly bisexual.

Glinda, a character usually played by young pretty girls is played by an older actress (anti ageism)

The love interest of the female lead NEVER steals her importance, and has an story for his own. So is she.

Diverse secondary and extra cast.

The villain is literally a guy who had a HUGE inferiority complex of his colleages (TWO FEMALES AND A POC) because they were smarter than them + the Nice Guy complex since the girl prefer another guy (who is also latino) , so he boycotted their experiment to try to play the hero. This bring them to this new land, where his complex continued since he discovered that witches existed and he could NEVER be better than them. So he tried to dominate them all.

So we have a huge group of amazing and layered females agaisnt this guy.

I know the show isn’t perfect (the death of East wasn’t very well recieved, for example), but I truly wonder why this show isn’t a thing were there are shows with normal to bad writting and huge diversity problems being a thing with a huge fandom.

You know what irritates me more than anything? People who complain about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, but when a show/film that embraces diversity comes their way they let it tank. If you want diversity please watch Emerald City (which is in danger of not getting renewed) and the new Power Rangers film (again in danger of not being able to go ahead with future sequels). By all means they’re not perfect, but they’re doing something that most shows/films don’t do for the sake of profit.

 So often we’ve argued that a film or show can be successful with a POC/ LGBT/ Female cast and yet we’re letting these films/shows down. I cannot stress enough how it’s so important to support such content that dare subvert against the norms of Hollywood, because it proves to major production companies that these so called “risks” of representation actually pay off. 

However if we let films/shows like these tank, then we’re contributing to the continuous lack of representation in mainstream cinema and tv. We are confirming that these sort of risks are non-profitable and therefore not worth it. 

So please go out and watch Power Rangers and watch Emerald City.