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New hair transformation! :D ft. @mai-magi <3 

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Hello!~ May I request a scenario where the boys (s & m) s/o has just been turned into a Vampire and she can't control her flight on a full moon? (Like they'll be kissing or walking or hugging and she just starts floating :)) ty! Ur blog is wonderful 💕

Thank you so much that’s so sweet! Sadly, I only had time to do the Sakamaki brothers for now, but I’ll make sure to do the Mukamis when possible as well!

Shuu : You had been sleeping and cuddling next to Shuu. His arms were lazily wrapped around your body, his lips softly pressing against yours. The vampire had turned you a week ago, and the sensations you discovered made it hard to keep yourself away from him. You wanted to touch him, feel him, all the time. And everything was okay and perfectly fine, when suddenly you felt your body lightly rising from the cuddling position you had with the male. You did not understand what was happening till you took notice of Shuu’s grin as his face distanced from your more and more. 

“Shuu-san! H-help, I need to get down! I don’t know how to control this!”

The vampire lazily watched you, placing his hands behind his head.

“Hmm, this is certainly amusing. Entertain me while you try to control this new ability of yours.”

Reiji : You were in Reiji’s study, waiting on the nearest armchair while Reiji prepared somekind of unknown potion for your stomach ache. You weren’t used to the diet of a vampire yet. Abruptly, you observed as your legs lifted from the ground, followed by the rest of your body. 


The vampire, apparently too occupied with the potion to make, ignored your call.

“Reiji-san! I need help, I can’t get d-”

“Interrupting me with that nasty voice of yours… I hope you aren’t…huh?” The vampire turned around, staring at your floating form. “Honestly…I can’t believe you…Get down now. It’s an order.”

Ayato : “HAHAHAHAH! You’re the best Chichinashi!” The vampire was laughing at you when not being able to control your flying ability. Desperately holding on to the branch of a tree outside the mansion, you felt the tears of panic surge out of you.

“P-please Ayato! Get me down, I don’t know what to do!”

The red haired vampire lifted easily from the ground and caught your form, forcing you to your feet. As soon as you felt safe and sound, the ability ceased to malfunction. “Ore-sama helped you. Give me your blood. You owe me.”

Kanato : “K-Kanato!”

The words and pleads poured out of your mouth as you lifted from the floor. The sudden motion already angered the lilac haired male. His hand caught yours in time, keeping you from levitating further away from him.

“Neh…Y/n-san…If you wish to become an angel of a doll…flying away from me…Should I cut your back open and put wings there instead?” Somehow, the floating ceased. Kanato caught you back on foot. “Heh…I didn’t think you’d want that…”

Laito : “LAITO!” You screamed at the sensation in your limbs. The loss of control in your own body made you realize that you were indeed, flying. 

“Hmm? Bitch-chan what game are you playing?” It did not take long for the vampire to realize what was happening to your body. 

“Laito, please help me get down, I’m scared!”

A wide smirk crossed the vampire’s features. The slit in his emeral green eyes narrowed. 

“No~ I want you to get down by yourself…Oh, I think I can see your panties!”

Subaru : “What the fu- What are you doing?!”

The white haired male looked rather shocked. His blood red eyes widened at the sight of you suddenly floating.

“S-Subaru!” You called out, not knowing how to control any of this magical mess. 

“You…Get down now! Tch, you can’t be serious?!”

The vampire lifted from the ground, rapidly caught your wrist, though it did not suffice as you subconsciously only rose higher in the air. Panic surged inside for both you and Subaru as you were at school, in one of the corridors where any student could catch sight of this peculiar scene. 

The vampire, using an immense strength upon your wrist, slammed you back to the floor as he heard the approaching steps of a student. However, the motion made him land on your form, straddling your hips. Before he could remove himself from you, a teenage girl entered your field of vision. Her eyes grew wide at the sight and Subaru’s face turned immediately red.

rejection and acceptance || lucycus + alex

Lucinda was at the ball already, unlike everyone else, she wasn’t wearing a mask. That was just ridiculous and her “no bullshit” policy in life was enough for her to not wear one. She was walking with her hands cluthing at her dress to lift it up slightly as she walked - after her dress got nearly ripped twice because of people stepping on it, she was already regretting her long dress. But at least the color was a good choice. Emeral green, complimenting her dark skin and somehow still representing her house. 

She had been waiting in her usual corner, waiting for her unofficial date to show up but the familiar curls never ended her line of vision and as the time ticked by, she was getting uneasy. They haven’t really thought about the night - they didn’t talk much lately, after her rejection of his idea - and now she was feeling like she was a fool to think they would do what they did last year; come alone and meet up there.

That was why she was walking now, walking among the dancing bodies and trying to find Amycus, in hopes of still having somewhat of a relationship with him. She couldn’t help but wonder about another guy she had been rejecting. Alexander Stan also never entered her sight but she also knew he was avoiding her so that made sense. Was Amy avoiding too? She looked around once again, her heels providing only a little leverage to look over the bodies and he wasn’t there. 


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hey you recall that panel where dio flicks hierophant green's emeral splash? the part that makes me laugh is the fact that he looks so desinterested and he is not even looking! too bad the anime didn't reproduce that.

Yeah you’re absolutely right, they animated him so he’s at least looking at the emerald.  In the manga he’s so not caring:

He looks so bored, I love that.