The ocean,
the metronome for the mind
An orchestra of breath and
The acoustics of release
Hitting the walls of each skull
With such emensity
Everything else looks small

The wide open galaxy
No air. No life. No sound.
Stark. Large. Devoid.
The deafness of space
Heard through restless thoughts
A reflection of our emptiness, bound

Space and stars hold power strong
We grasp to fear in our hearts
The ocean builds its energy flow
We become transfixed and lost in parts

Empirical is the way we touch divinity
A conscious state of perplexity
This is the condition of our Body and spirituality

This adorable little cutie is called an “ElectroPup” or “ElectroKit”. It’s a small little animal that lives in the island areas of Larthe. As their name states these little guys can emit small shocks of electricity enough to take down floaty ears. And enough to cause nausea.

They’re abused by large as an energy source to power everyone’s electrical appliances. They’re also used by Ventura to power his Zombo revival machine which uses an emense amount of energy.