myworlsbehindasmile  asked:

jajajaj me rei porque estaba pensando trillones de cosas y viendo cual seria la mas normal para poner aca, ememem son las 0:28 y estoy pensando en ir al centro de mi ciudad en pijama

hahahahaha literalmente yo todos los días que decido salir de mi casa 😂😂😂😂 hazlo!!

lostthehat  asked:

fandom of your choice

we’re gonna go with pushing daisies bc i am consuming it with the speed of a forest fire and also i would climb ned like a tree

cliff: ned’s dad, he sounds like he sucks
do the what-what: yeah this is obvious i think
marry: ned’s super messed up though, so i’d marry chuck
set aflame: …….everyone in this show is too likable, gdi. A murderer?
wrap blankets around: Olive Snook, poor thing
be roommates with: Digby.