The FULL Pimelia and Emelogene fic. I am proud and also crying because of the end.

Chapter 1

Emelia woke up at 6AM. As she got up, she heard a yawn. That wasn’t her. The she remembered what happened to her a week ago. She looked to her dressing table and saw her pink hair dye that she had named Pinky in front of all the other objects.

“Good morning, my glorious Princess” it greeted her.

“Morning, Pinky” She said back, uninterestingly as she put on her school uniform.

Emelia brushed her hair and began walking out of her room.

“Hey, wait!” Pinky stopped her.

“What is it?” Emelia asked, frustratingly.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Pinky asked as it wobbled from side to side.

Emelia glanced up at the fringe she had just combed, “Nup!”

“‘Nup’? What do you mean 'nup’?” Pinky retaliated.

“Exactly what it sounds like,” Emelia told it sarcastically, “Nup, no, you get it?”

“I 'get it’,” Pinky argued, “But why?!”

It had been a week since the hair dye revealed it’s secret to her and it had begun to like her and not just for her hair. She wished it would’ve stayed silent because this whole week had been a drag, overused compliments left right and centre, arguments about how to style her hair and at one stage it had even wanted her to put some of it on her cat, which she refused to do. She glanced at Pinky.

“Imogene prefers natural coloured hair” Emelia told it, ruffling her blond-ish brown hair.

“Imogene?” Pinky asked in a mocking tone.

“Yes, Imogene,” Emelia replied, pronouncing the name in an angelic tone, “She is the best thing in the world”

“So…a human?” Pinky asked, curiously.

“No she’s a bath towel, what do you expect?” Emelia yelled.

“Oh, well in that case you need–"Pinky started saying but Emelia cut it off.

"I was being sarcastic! She’s a human!” She yelled.

Pinky took a big gulp, “Does she..?”

“Yes, she attends my school,” Emelia answered it’s question, then walking over to it, bending down looking it right into the image of a rose on it’s bottle, she said, “Look, if you’re going to be so protective over me hanging out with humans, maybe I’ll invite her over tonight and you can see just how great she is”

Pinky mumbled as Emelia’s mum called her down. Emelia gave the bottle of hair dye a kiss and ran out the door. Once the hair dye had heard the cars zoom off and it knew there was noone but the cat in the house, it turned around, facing the mirror and other objects on Emelia’s dressing table.

“Imogene,” It groaned, “We had such a connection this past week and I was about to propose to her aswell. I felt our love grow deeper but if this Imogene human comes here tonight, I see what’s on her dashboard, except those men will be Emelia and Imogene. And I’ll be a Pregnancy Test’s uncle if I’m going to let that happen! What I need before she comes home is a plan. I need to vouch war.”

It realized what it was doing.

“I need to stop talking to inanimate objects” it said as it jumped off the dressing table.

Chapter 2

It hopped towards the door of Emelia’s bedroom, which ever since she knew it’s secret, she always left ajar. It thought to itself on how it could vouch war. It obviously couldn’t take down a human on it’s own. It needed help. But nothing else in this household had a secret much like it’s own. Then it heard it. The cat’s meow. It followed the sound and found the cat standing at the front door, whining. The hair dye hopped up behind the cat.

“Gig’s up, pussycat” It told it.

“Meow?” The cat meowed as it turned around to face the bottle.

“Quit the faking, I can tell when something’s faked” It told the cat in a harsh tone.

“Fine, don’t tell Emelia” The cat answered in a raspy voice, “What can I do for you, hair dye?”

“Name’s Pinky” The hair dye introduced itself.

“Rusty,” The cat replied, “Now, what’s your business with me?”

“Let’s just say I have feelings” Pinky told him.

Rusty backed away, “Oh, no, you don’t, lover bottle!”

“Not for you! For Emelia!” Pinky screamed.

“Oh, sorry,” Rusty apologized, walking back up to Pinky, “And you came to me because..?”

“Because of Imogene” Pinky stated.

“The movie that actor Danny Christ that Emelia loves is in?” Rusty asked.

He always glanced at Emelia’s laptop when he’d been on her lap, that’s how he knew about it.

“So that’s why she loves her!” Pinky yelled once more.

“Oh! Her? I’m guessing she found a human” Rusty said.

“Yes. It’s going to take alot more than getting this Imogene out of the house tonight if she’s named after a movie Emelia loves. I need to cause major destruction to this human to make Emelia see that I am her true love. Her true love lies with an object she loves, not some measley human,” Pinky explained to the cat, “And that’s where you come in, I can’t do it alone”

“Well, if this Imogene makes Emelia pay less attention to me then count me in” Rusty told it, holding out a paw.

Pinky bumped his paw. The cat and hair dye walked and hopped up the stairs as Pinky told Rusty, “Here’s what I was thinking..”

Hours later, Emelia’s father had arrived home with her sisters. Pinky and Rusty were peeking out from Emelia’s room. Then her mother walked in with Emelia and another girl.

“Imogene” Pinky whispered with hatred.

 "Girls,“ Emelia’s father told the family, showing the mother a pamphlet, "I booked your mother and I a table at this very romantic restaurant, I’m trusting you can look after yourselves”

With that, the mother and father left.

“But I told my friend I could sleep over at their place!” The little sister moaned.

“Fine, I’ll take you and I’ll probably go clubbing or something myself. I’m trusting you to not get up to too much trouble, dweeb” The older sister told Emelia as the last of the family left.

“Well, that made it easy” Pinky told Rusty, “Ready?”

Rusty smiled as he picked Pinky up and stealthily walked down the stairs.

“Watch the lid, furball!” Pinky whispered.

Chapter 3

They made it downstairs and hid behind the sofa’s side. Emelia had totally forgotten that she’d brought Imogene home to show Pinky how nice she is. She led her to the sofa and they sat down.

“So, I guess we’re alone” Imogene stated.

“Yeah” Emelia replied as she moved her hand towards Imogene’s.

“Put me down, let me see them!” Pinky whispered quietly and Rusty dropped it, standing perfectly upright.

Pinky noticed Emelia’s hand, “What is she doing?!”

Rusty put a paw up to the bottle’s sprayer hole.

Emelia’s hand was right on top of Imogene’s now.

“What do you usually do when you’re alone?” Imogene asked Emelia.

“Well, the usual, Tumblr, eat…and stuff” Emelia replied awkwardly.

Imogene put her other hand on top of Emelia’s and looked into her eyes.

“Yeah but what if there’s someone else here?” Imogene asked.

“Well, I don’t really..” Emelia started.

She looked into Imogene’s sparkling eyes. They were the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. She leaned in closer to Imogene as they both closed their eyes.

Pinky sprayed Rusty’s paw during the lean-in moment.

“Hey!” He whispered, looking at his paw, “I hate the pink-pawed freaks!”

“GO BACK TO DANNY CHRIST!” Pinky screamed as Emelia and Imogene’s lips touched.

“What was that?” Imogene asked Emelia.

Suddenly, Emelia remembered what she had in her room. Which was obviously not there anymore. She had to leave the door open ajar for it, didn’t she?

“The TV!” Emelia made an excuse as she leaped for the remote and turned the television on.

“But it wasn’t–” Imogene started.

Emelia cut her off by jumping into her lap and full on pashing her for a full five minutes.

Pinky and Rusty stood there watching it.

“I didn’t know humans could be this hot” Pinky stated.

“I thought I was desexed” Rusty whispered.

Once Emelia let go of the kiss, they both gasped for air.

“Emelia..” Imogene moaned between breaths.

“Sorry…Let’s just..watch this” Emelia said as she sat back properly on the couch, pointing to the TV, putting ana rm around Imogene.

“No, Emelia” Imogene said as she got up.

Rusty scooted Pinky along with him behind the sofa.

“Let’s go to your room” Imogene continued, giving Emelia a huge grin.

“Well..okay” Emelia said, getting up, as they started walking towards the staircase.

“It’s now or never, big guy” Pinky whispered to Rusty.

“I just know I’ll regret this” Rusty moaned as he jumped out in front of the two girls and hissed at Imogene.

Imogene screamed her loudest.

“It’s okay,” Emelia said, calming her girlfriend, “It’s just Rusty”

She went to pick him up but Rusty closed his eyes and gave Emelia’s hand a small nip.

“Ouch! He’s never done that before..” Emelia said, shaking her hand. But she had a fair idea who put him up to it.

Rusty then turned towards Imogene, giving Pinky a wink from the corner of his eye. He hissed and meowed at her.

“Emelia…I don’t like the way he’s looking at me..” Imogene told her companion.

“Neither do I!” Emelia yelled, trying to get the attention of what she was after.

Rusty then began leaping towards Imogene and she ran for her life. Rusty chased after her. Meanwhile, Emelia was scanning the living room for what she thought  was causing Rusty’s bad behaviour. No sign of it. She had to be quick. It obviously wasn’t in her bedroom to say what it did so loud. She rushed into the kitchen and saw it. There was Pinky right on the edge of the bench. And Imogene being chased by Rusty was heading straight for it. They were at eye height. Emelia remembered how Blaine from Glee got affected by a Slushie. She wasn’t going to let Pinky put Imogene in an eye patch. Although, she admitted, it would look hilarious. She ran for Pinky from the other end of the kitchen as Imogene was running in the same direction. Emelia grabbed Pinky just as Imogene neared the bench and she sprayed it onto Imogene’s hair.

Imogene looked at her reflection in the glass bench.

“Wow, thanks, Em, I love this colour in my hair” She told her.

She noticed that Rusty had stopped chasing her, he wasn’t even in the kitchen anymore.

“So, I’ll be in your room when you’re ready” Imogene told Emelia as she walked out of the kitchen.

Emelia placed Pinky back down on the bench and folded her arms.

“You planned all this, didn’t you?” She asked it.

It didn’t reply.

“Oh, don’t give me the silent treatment. You’re doing it because I’m right, aren’t you? She is an amazing girl” Emelia told it.

It still didn’t answer. This time Emelia got worried. Though it had only been a week and at times, it could’ve been annoying, she had grown attached to their conversations.

“Pinky! Pinky! Answer me!” She cried.

Tears began crawling down her eyes. At this moment, Rusty peeked in from around the corner. He’d seen the love she had for the stupid bottle over the week. And this just proved how much she loved this Imogene girl. He sighed and walked in.

“I’m sorry” He said.

Emelia looked down at the cat, wiping her tears.

“R-Rusty?!” She asked through her tears.

“What, you spend a week having conversations with a hair dye bottle and you freak out about your cat talking?” Rusty asked.

“N-No,” Emelia said, “W-what’s wrong with it?”

She cupped her hands around the hair dye.

“I guess it never told you..” Rusty stated as he walked over to Emelia.

“Told me what?” Emelia sobbed.

“Once an animal, or in this case, an object, that has the ability to talk touches something of their owner’s true love, they lose that ability instantly” Rusty explained to her.

“W-what?” Emelia asked, confused.

“Once an–” Rusty started again.

“No, I heard that. But are you saying that Imogene is my true love? And so when I sprayed her hair…” Emelia trailed off.

“That’s why I bit you and not her” Rusty said as he nodded.

Tears streamed down Emelia’s face.

“Hey,” Rusty said as he grabbed a tissue in his mouth and handed it to her, “Stop your crying over spilled milk and go and join your one true love”

He tilted his head towards the living room. Emelia wiped her tears and leaned down to give Rusty a hug.

“Thanks, Rusty,” she said as she scratched his back, “And don’t worry, it’s been proven I can keep good secrets”

She smiled at him, looking at the pink hair dye bottle on the bench then ran off to her bedroom to join Imogene.

“Enjoy her, Princess” Rusty said to himself as he watched her exit the kitchen.