If you’ve worked with me more than once, you’ve heard me talk about Theresa or at least mention how dope I think she is. I always tell her I’m her groupie and a true fan and she just laughs and humbly says thank you. Her work is so fucking dope that you just have to curse about it. There’s not many like her. Humble, smart, business oriented, yet still with a large “Long Island” personality full of fun things to say. Need I tell you she’s just as gorgeous in person as she is in her photos.

With all that said, Theresa stopped by two days ago. I photographed her and it was a blast! My roof was leaking and falling apart, which was pretty embarrassing, and yet we made the most of it. What an interesting first experience to have with the famous Theresa Francine. I know what you’re thinking…why didn’t you make a video blog!? Well I’m saving that for when we work together, which will be soon. :0)


I’m proud to say that MLR officially has a trademarked logo. I love it dearly and wanna thank my designer, Gintel for being so dope! It’s a heart that I drew, with my initials incorporated into it. :) yip yip! *flies away*

MLR Studio LLC 2011 (MLR & Emellar)

MLR :)