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I'm a lesser-known game dev in this community and, while I'm really glad that art theft isn't tolerated here, I'm also scared of accidentally using something and then getting a lot of hate before I can apologize. I know that's not what's happened here, and you're very reasonable, but could I have some reassurance about how these things are usually dealt with? I'm fairly new here and this is a bit scary

Of course!  There’s two ways to deal with accidental art theft: prevention & correction.


The best way to avoid dealing with accidental art theft is by slimming down the chances of art theft happening in the first place.

  • Use resources from their source.  Download something that’s from the creator’s home page or art page, or a post they artist themselves made online rather than from a blog that just uploads things together.  Graphics packs made by a bunch of contributing artist are fine, but graphics packs complied by others are more likely to contain something that might not actually be free to use.
  • If you find something you’d like to use in a compilation, reverse google image search that shit just in case.  That way, you can find the proper artist and give them credit if they ask, or avoid using it if it’s only usable on DA or Gaia.
  • Even if credit is not required, give credit in a separate text file of your game with a link back to the site or post you got it from.  This makes it easier for you to give proof you didn’t steal something since you can just link back to them that way.
  • If you can’t find the original owner, don’t use it.  If you’re having a hard time finding the owner, I’d make a post here or on a forum asking others “Hey, you know the source for this?  I’d like to use it in my game, but I can’t find the original creator for it.”   If you can’t find them, it’s better to not use it just in case.


The next best way is to make sure 

If you use something in your game that turns out to be stolen

  • Speak politely and deal with everyone in a calm manner.  If someone leaves a message or makes a callout post that’s like “Do NOT support this creator, they have stolen assets from this and that!”, stay calm and provide your sources, along with an apology.  State that you didn’t know at the time since you got it from this source, and you thought they were the original owner (thus why you got that list of sources mention in the prevention part earlier!).  
  • If someone is basically doing roid rage at you, like “I can’t fucking believe you stole this.  Do you know how hard artist work on their stuff? I hope your fucking account gets deleted off the internet and you break your arm you fucking bitch.”  Stay calm.  Realize the other person is either heartbroken by mistake and that you’re not at fault, or that they’re on a crusade and you don’t need to deal with them.  You can either answer them calmly, or delete their ask from your askbox.  You can ignore them on a post too if you really can’t deal with them.  All you can do is provide a source and then run back and change it up. 
  • If you’re a nervous nelly and can’t deal with attacks like that, or you’re a very passionate person who can get super angry when someone accuses you of something, step back from the computer and take time to come up with your response back.  If you still can’t deal with it, show it to a friend so they can advise you on how to answer, or let them answer for you (a calm friend if you have one).  That’s what I do sometimes - I hate letting my emotions get away from me and accidentally hurting others or myself if I reply like that.
  • Don’t beg for forgiveness or drown in your own pity.  I.e. “I’m so sorry i never meant to do this oh my god i’m so sorry this is the worst thing that could happen I’m so fucking sorry i just wanted to make everyone happy i’m a fucking failure and a terrible human being”.  A) No you’re not, you just made a mistake.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  B) It’s not needed.  Just apologize and fix it.
  • Don’t rant and rave.  “I can’t fucking believe this fucking happened this piece of shit art site I can’t trust anyone any more.  I hope they break their arm, they don’t deserve to be a part of this fucking community.”  That just makes you look bad :c 
  • Whatever you do, contact the original author of the resource(s), apologize and show them where you got it (whether it’s a forum post or site), and ask for permission to use it in your game.  If they say no, all you have to do is change it.  That’s all you can do.
  • If you can, report the thief after you show the original owner.  If you can’t find the original owner, report them as soon as you find them.
  • If someone still accuses you of theft even after the fact, stand your ground.  If not, just delete the ask or ignore them.  You don’t need to be around people who won’t accept the truth. 
  • Stay calm.  It’s an accident, and all you can do is fix it!

I hope you never have to go through this my anonymous friend, but if you do, I hope this helps.  In the meantime, I hope it puts you at ease. c:

For a split second, Uncle Vernon stood framed in the doorway; then he let out a bellow like an angry bull and dived at Harry, grabbing him by the ankle.

Ron, Fred, and George seized Harry’s arms and pulled as hard as they could.

“Petunia!” roared Uncle Vernon. “He’s getting away! HE’S GETTING AWAY!”

But the Weasleys gave a gigantic tug and Harry’s leg slid out of Uncle Vernon’s grasp—Harry was in the car—he’d slammed the door shut—

“Put your foot down, Fred!” yelled Ron, and the car shot suddenly to the moon.

Harry couldn’t believe it—he was free. He rolled down the window, the night air whipping his hair, and looked back at the shrinking rooftops of Privet Drive. Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley were all hanging, dumbstruck, out of Harry’s window.

“See you next summer!” Harry yelled.

The Weasleys roared with laughter and Harry settled back in his seat, grinning ear to ear.

Back on the Harry Potter train! And I prove once again that I am very bad at drawing cars. I’ve got a sketch of this same car already that looks better than this, so there is some improvement even within the course of a couple days. ;3

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Harry Potter characters and concepts © J. K. Rowling
Artwork © PuppyLuver Studios

Because I’ve basically been told to upload this. I needed to prepare tho. :’D My Sh//eith shipper soul is crying somewhere in the corner. But what you don’t do for special people.