“One thing”

I love what was said recently: “We just need to focus and connect ourselves with that ONE MAIN THING, that connects to every other thing." 

Life isn’t meant to be complicated.

And Christianity means nothing without Christ.



“I don’t know much about Homestuck, but for the drawing thing how about… Sprite! or Trickster, that sounds fun!” - hannahhasafact
I asked two of my friends what they would fuse me with if I was their sprite, and in response I got an electric fan from one, then a Ken Kaneki doll (character from Tokyo Ghoul) and her dog Kakuchi. basically, I made myself a ghost furry :’) I might draw the other two for fun
For the Trickster I used Airheads as my candy item (usually a trickster design is based off a candy) since it’s my favorite candy. I actually just used an old trickster design I made for myself, except I didn’t draw the legs because I’m lazy. THANKS FOR THE ASK HANNANNANANANAH