emd f7a


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Here we see some older, charismatic locomotives on the Milwaukee Road.

The top image shows a Fairbanks Morse H12-44 switch engine (built in 1953) working a line of TOFC cars. The second image shows an EMD F7A (built in 1949). And the last shows an adjacent EMD SW1 switch engine (built in 1941).

Three images by Richard Koenig; taken November 5th 1976.


Classics by Dan Grudzielanek
Via Flickr:
C&NW F7A No. 411, GP7R No. 4160 and RSD5 No. 1689 at the Illinois Railway Museum. 5/20/2017


Executive by John Fenske
Via Flickr:
Chicago & North Western F7A #401 at the West Chicago station

August 1986

Photo b John Fenske


C&NW - Lake Street by d.w.davidson on Flickr.

Chicago Passenger Terminal (Chicago & North Western Terminal) in 1983

Built 1911 and demolished 1984 (replaced by Ogilvie Transportation Center)

Photos by D.W. Davidson

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Caption: “This is Santa Fe Train 23, The Grand Canyon, a month before Amtrak Day. The Hi-Level car must be deadheading. The train is a westbound going geographically south through the station. The leader was F7A 339L.”

Joliet, Illinois

March 29, 1971

Photos by Marty Bernard


Caption: “ATSF F7A 40L with a long Train 19, The Chief, on August 23, 1964. 40L became CF7 2517 in June 1974. Farther back in the consist was ATSF F7A 47C which became CF7 2559.“

Joliet, Illinois

Photos by Marty Bernard


(via Amtrak #16 TexChief, 306C+2 Chicago 773 | Mel Lawrence | Flickr)

Early Amtrak Texas Chief with solid set of Santa Fe motive power


July 1973

Photo by Mel Lawrence

Caption: “Wisconsin & Calumet’s train to Janesville comes through Morton Grove at Oakton Street with F7 901 leading ex-Chessie and GTW geeps on an August 1992 evening.”

Morton Grove, Illinois

Photo by Lou Gerard

This locomotive was built in 1949 for the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad. It eventually found its way to the Wisconsin & Calumet, a railroad that existed from 1985 to 1992, when it became part of the Wisconsin & Southern.


WICT 901 on the Dump with SOO 6044 (train 571) by Steve Zahn
Via Flickr:
“On most Sunday afternoons in the early 90s, the ‘Wicket’s’ (Wisconsin & Calumet) turn from Clearing Yard to Janesville could be seen working its way north on the ex-Milwaukee Road North line. The Wicket’s motive power was always a treat, as you can see here. Sunday, August 8, 1992 was no different than any other Sunday, except on this date, things got a little tense on the Milwaukee North line due to a downed power line on the tracks between Northbrook and Deerfield. The CP dispatcher needed to single-track his trains around the mess, and he instructed the Wicket to reverse at A20 and back his train onto 'the dump’, which is the connection with the CNW New Line. This series of shots depicts this never-to-happen-again occurrence. And by the way, while all this was unfolding, there was plenty of activity overhead with Navy jets landing at nearby Glenview Naval Air Station, which closed in 1995.”

Techny, Illinois

August 8, 1992

Photos by Steve Zahn