embryo form


Do they produce haploid gametes (either sperm or ovum) that can fuse to ultimately form an embryo? No.
Do they transport gametes? No.
Do they house the fetus during pregnancy? No.
Are they involved in the reproductive system of mammals? No.
Well what do you know, looks like they aren’t fucking sexual organs.

“Oh you’re pro-life? But you eat eggs, don’t you? That’s the same thing!”

Unless you’re eating fertilized chicken eggs with a half-formed chicken embryo inside it, (in which case…wtf that’s creepy af), please don’t use this argument.

Real quick, before I go. Idk where this post is on Tumblr b/c someone posted it on Twitter BUT… don’t let these fake woke ppl misinform you. 

There is such thing as “tight” pussy, but it’s not due to the amount of sex someone’s having: some women have smaller pelvis areas; some men don’t know how to properly arouse their girl before sticking it in her. 

Abortion CAN in fact be about destruction of a fetus, depending on how far into pregnancy the woman is. (Omg, I’m about to drop some slight science knowledge on y’all!)  And then there’s also the fact that while an embryo is, in fact, made of cells (I mean, duh, so are we), embryos begin to form organs and limbs (as they mature and near becoming fetuses). So it’s not really just a cluster of cells hanging around until boom! It’s been a couple months and suddenly, you have a full-blown fetus out of nowhere in your belly. So, with the fact that it takes about two months for an embryo to form into a fetus in the back of our minds, that means that the additional one or two months that abortions are legal to get, the “cluster of cells” is actually a fetus. Naturally, there’s some disagreements about when a baby is a fetus vs. an embryo (hence the abortion arguments), but the general scientific ballpark is eight weeks in.

I don’t really care about that length of the penis argument b/c… reasons. Lmfao. Might be true, might not. Too lazy to research it. So moving on… 

Pubic hair isn’t a protective measurement, although it is one of a handful of theories revolving around “Why the fuck do we have pubes?” But it’s not the only theory; it’s not a proven theory. Essentially, this appears to be a completely unfounded claim. Is there some correlation between pubic hair and infections? Who knows. Is correlation causation? Not sure? No worries. I’m a psychology major and I’m here to tell you, no… it is not. Hell, one could probably argue that pubic hairs can also be unsanitary and make you more prone to certain things like… crabs. But that’s neither here nor there because I didn’t really look into it. My job was done when I realized it was nothing more than a theory. 

Stay woke, Tumblr loves. Stay woke.


Leopard gecko embryo development:

1) Egg at Day 3 Possibly infertile. Notice it is completely yellow and there is no veining whatsoever. I hang onto these eggs until they start to mold or shrivel up, or until two weeks past the due date.

2) Day 2 Fertile. Notice the red ring known as the Bullseye. This is the embryo just beginning to form.

3) Week 2. The bullseye has grown and the veins are spreading out to the rest of the egg.

4) Week 3. The embryo has filled up a large portion of the egg. The space that used to be yellowy-pink and transparent was the yoke, and it is now nourishing the growing embryo, decreasing in quantity as the baby grows.

5) Week 4.5-5. About ready to hatch. The egg is no longer transparent. There is very little, if any, yoke left. The baby has filled up all possible space in the egg, which is why it appears opaque. This egg has a bit of yoke left at the end, so it probably has a few days left before hatching. If you get the light at the right spot, sometimes you can see a pattern, or even see the baby moving inside the egg.