Working on an 18th century “undress” costume - aka informal wear. The ensemble will consist of a jacket, skirt, mits, fichu, and a stomacher to tie it all together! 

I started with the stomacher, since I knew it would be the most time consuming part. I drew the design myself, then resized it and mirrored the pattern in photoshop. I traced the design onto interfacing, which was fused onto the back of a loosely woven polyester fabric I had in my stash. 

I used basting stitches to bring the design to the top side of the fabric, then embroidered it by hand. It was all outlined with a split stitch, then filled in with satin stitching. It’s my first embroidery project I’ve finished, and considering that I’m pretty proud! 

The stomacher is backed with a boned cotton/canvas layer for stiffness, and finished with a ruffle across the neckline!

Sometimes a customer will find one of our embroidery designs and love it – but want to have it on something completly different from our usual offerings.

Such was the case with a woman who wrote to me a few weeks ago. She had ordered our Plague Survivor patch for her young son’s backpack, a boy she described as “obsessed with infectious diseases and the plague”.  They liked it so much they wanted to get him something else with the same design, and she asked if we ever did knit hats, as that is something he wears quite a lot.

I had never done one before, but some reserch told me that it wouldn’t be as hard to embroidery as I was worried it would be, and a couple of weeks later, I had made this custom hat to ship out, to her delight.

I’m always up for new challenges, and new ideas. Want something I don’t make?
Want one of my designs on a different kind of product? Shoot me a message, and let’s see if we can make it happen!