💘 working on another B A T C A V E patches set 💘
just wanted to remember that, in case you missed it, this patches set is still available through custom request on lOll3♡SHOP*

I’ll start creating more big patches designs! Maneki Neko patch will be available soon! STAY TUNED! 🦄  🎀

* if you want to request one you just have to click on “Have lOll3SHOP make something just for you  💕

Progress being made, at list the face! 

Here is my work in progress of my next YGO plushie! Yugo!!! or Hugo! I duobt I can finish it all before New Year, but I wanted to show how much I have make by now. 

My bf thinks that the facial expression is a bit weird, when I went to make the embroidey they were based in the first appearence he had in the anime. All serious, mysterious and bad ass? I know that by now that he is one of the funniest characters in the series… so someday I’ll remake the face?! (I suffered to much! T.T Well not as mush as with yuuri’s hair, but…)

After Yugo’s plushie is made I’ll have just Yuya’s left. Still, I hope I get the time, before I reinstate college.

Hope Yugo (face) is liked and well recieved!