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2016 Eurovision Year Book Awards

Albania - Most Likely to be an Evil Queen

She totally has a stash of poison apples in her lair

Armenia - Sexiest Filming

Was it just me, or were some of the camera angles just a little tight on her caressing hands…?

Australia - Best Use of Teleportation

Look, even us Aussies are a little confused as to why we are here. I mean, don’t get me wrong, please let us stay forever, but still, we are confused.

Also, how did she get off that giant box?

Austria - Most Likely to Actually be a Disney Princess

I expected a bird to show up and land on her…

Azerbaijan - Most Confusing Use of American Football Pads

Just… What are they wearing…?

Belarus - Largest Disconnect Between Imagery and Lyrics


Belgium - Most Excited to be Here

She’s just so happy!

Bosnia & Herzegovina - Best Use of Emergency Space Blankets

I’m really not sure what the point was, but I still voted for them, so I guess it worked…

Bulgaria - Queerest Hair Cut

Long live the undercut!

Croatia - Most Lee Lin Chin Outfit

The most beloved of Australian news casters

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

Cyprus - Best ‘Killers’ Rip-Off

Sorry Cyprus, I call ‘em how I see ‘em

Czech Republic - Best Over Use of Pink

There was a lot of pink, and not a lot of anything else..

Denmark - Best Recycling of Star Wars Props

Those are lightsabers right?

Estonia - Most Likely to be a Lost Supermodel

Seriously, he looks like a model who was handed a mic by mistake

F.Y.R Macedonia - Best Creepily Intense Stare

You may not have noticed this guy the first time around, but you can’t unsee him…

Finland - Best Bowl Cut

Textbook bowl cut that one

France - Most Disorienting Special Effect

I would throw up, and then fall over

Georgia - Best Performance by Conjoined Twins

Is that what they were going for with this live presentation?

Germany - Most Cultural Appropriation in One Act

So she’s a vegan who wanted her entire outfit to be animal free, but it is totally cool to nick things from Korean pop culture?

Greece - Most Disinterested Performer

Well to be honest, I think they might have been trying to avoid winning. I don’t think Greece could afford to host ESC2017…

Hungary - Best Synchronised Man Bopping

I love those three blokes

Iceland - Least Vegan Friendly Costume

603 cows died for this costume. Someone should introduce Iceland to Germany…

Ireland - Most Likely to be a Cross Roads Demon

He looks like he’ll promise you things…

Israel - Weirdest Circus Sex Twins

There are 2 people on that giant hula hoop

Italy - Best Re-Use of Victoian Embroidery

I like how they turned the wall hanging into overalls and then put them on a kindergarten teacher

Latvia - Most Heart Broken Singer


Lithuania - Worst Fake Tan

C’mon, everyone knows you go with a green based tan if you want to avoid the oompa loompa look

Malta - Best Disembodied Head

What is going on here?

Moldova - Most Years Bad Luck

BONUS - Best Neil Armstrong Impersonator

How many mirrors do you think they broke to make that dress?

Montenegro - Most Gratuitous use of ‘Hot Front Girl’

Oh Montenegro… You didn’t even include her in your opening video…

The Netherlands - Best Chuck Bass Look-a-Like

Originally posted by isastew

I’m not wrong am I?

Norway - Best Re-Use of a 1970′s Wallpaper

Finally, I have a use for it all!!

Poland - Best Re-Use of Panic! at the Disco Costumes

Everyone is really into recycling this year

Russia - Best Use of 2015′s Gimmick

Woo! Interacting with a background! Never seen that before!

At least he did it the best

San Marino - Creepiest Uncle

I don’t know if it is the suit, or the hat, or the much younger backup dancers, but he creeps me out

Serbia - Most Predatory Guy 

Pretty sure this one is about domestic violence. I have no jokes for that

Slovenia - Most Effective Prayer for a Male Pole Dancer

Ask and ye shall receive

Spain - Best Sporting Wear

If you are going to put someone in shiny sports wear, THIS is how you do it

Sweden - Most Likely to Have Forgotten Their Real Costume

It looks like her is wearing what he wore to breakfast that morning

Switzerland - Most Likely to Actually be on Fire

Look, if she isn’t on fire, then she had to have had the most interesting conversion with the costume designer. 

“We are going to do a black bodice with a see through blue skirt”
“Sounds good!”
“Oh, also, smoke will come out of your armpits”
“Wait what??”

Ukraine - Best ‘Dress and Pants’ Combo

I feel like it is 2003 again

United Kingdom - Best Generic Pop Song

Look, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly memorable either

BONUS - Best Discount Oompa Loompas

Good luck to the Grand Finalists!! I’ll be up at 5am on Sunday morning to vote!