Hello all, I’m selling embroideries and I’m wondering if any of you would like a embroidery of your dog? The two above of Tim and Max are 4 inch hoops so I could do that size or I could down to 3 inch or up to 6 inch. You’d just have to tell me which size and send me a photo of your dog for me to work from. I have lots of fabrics I could use in different colors and patterns.

I’d create a reserved or private listing for you on etsy. I’d be willing to sell them for between $25 to $35. I could also do a background, a name, flowers, that sort of thing around the dog, but those would cost extra, especially a full background. Please message me on here or at my etsy shop or at my email which you can find on my website here! Also you can see more of my embroidery in my shop or on my website, if you’d like more examples!

I only have dog ones in this post because I only have dogs as pets right now but if you have other pets you’d rather have an embroidery of, I could do that - cats, small furry animals, lizards, any pet really.

And if any of you could reblog this, I’d love it, it’d be a great help.

edit: agh, I really should have said this before but - I only ship in the USA for now. I’m sorry!! International shipping is probably less scary and confusing than it seems to me at the moment but for now, I can only do the US.


Yesterday, I was at an art center where I give needlepainting workshops, it was an open day where teachers sit and demonstrate and people can come and visit and ask questions and see if they’d like to follow a workshop or course. I took this little flower to embroider and demonstrate, but it was so busy with people I didn’t get much done! Of course, that’s a positive thing in this case xD I’ll continue with it anyway though ^_^