embroidery blouses


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hi nikka! i hope you are doing well! xx i might be going to college classes (im a junior in hs) to learn more about my major which is fashion merchandising and i want to be casual and simple but also look like i put thought into my outfit if that makes sense ahah but i have no idea what to pack or buy! if you could recommend staple pieces that i can easily get from a mall or it doesnt have to be that it would be so helpful! thank you soo much❤

Hey! Sounds exciting! 

I’d probably invest in some simple button ups in cream or black, or even some pinstripe/embroidery blouses, if you can find any. Pair them with either black or light wash jeans and some loafers and add some layered gold necklaces and simple earrings. 

Here’s some other simple sets to inspire you! 

Have fun! Xx