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We’re thrilled to share a sneak-peek of Trellis & Thyme’s upcoming ‘Life on the Farm’ cross stitch sampler pattern! It’s sweet and modern, featuring classic country motifs. We love it so much and hope you do, too! ‘Life on the Farm’ will be available as an instant-download pdf pattern. We’ll let you know the moment it arrives at the shop!


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21/100 days of productivity!! sorry for the super long hiatus ahh i’ve been super busy in the last few weeks,, here’s a daily reminder: your grades do not define you. don’t let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey!! press on my fellow studyblrs!! ✨

I made a planchette! Thanks to the person who suggested that I put the ouija board under glass! I found a glass frame almost exactly the right size for it and the planchette moves across it really smoothly.

I added a lace border that I think I might replace with something nicer. I ripped that one off a tin of sweets and it only just covers the edges and got a little torn 😞

I’m going to start making another one! This time in spring colours 🌷 pastel greens and pinks and yellows. Instead of the bat it will be a butterfly and instead of the graveyard and skeleton it will be a rose garden on a hill and posies with a picket fence 🌼  

I’m having a lot of fun drawing it up and I’ll show it to you guys once I’m finished!  💕


26 october 2016 - glendale, az