I’m excited to share the piece I did for Light Grey Art Lab’s patches and stitches show!  I have a lot of feelings about videogame art, and specifically pixel art from the 90s, so I chose to recreate a screenshot from Seiken Densetsu 3 which, just sayin, is one of the prettiest games ever made.

You can see the rest of the pieces here or purchase mine/any of the others at Light Grey’s shop


I finished (except for a banner and some small details) kaijutegu’s commission last night. My quick “haha it is done!” submission low key blew up, so hopefully people will be able to see the actually good(ish) pictures in this post. That last one has a U.S. Penny for scale.
I really loved this project, I learned how to draw snap dragons for it!

The Starry Night - embroidered by Milada
Via Flickr:
My copy of The Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh. Created by free motion embroidery technique on sewing machine. It’s embroidered on cotton (kanafas) fabric with polyester threads. 40 x 42 cm 2015 more photos are <a href=“http://m.cernaovec.cz/2015/06/hvezdna-noc-vysivany-obraz” rel=“nofollow”>on my blog</a>