embroideries are hard

I have this headcanon that in order to help her focus on staying in the present, as well as relax, Mercy teaches Tracer how to do embroidery. She had no idea of course that Tracer would take to it so well, or that they’d all end up with hand embroidered Christmas cards at the Overwatch holiday party that year. (And the next year. And every year and special occasion until Overwatch is disbanded.)

Winston loves his. He frames them every year and hangs them up in his lab and occasionally in random hallways throughout the Watchpoint. Torbjorn and Reinhardt go full-grandpa and start showing theirs off to everyone else, proudly raving about young miss Oxton’s talent while Angela just beams with pride and declares that the student has surpassed the master.

Reyes and McCree exchange ‘wtf are we supposed to do with these?’ looks, until Captain Amari, perpetual Team Mom, clears her throat and gives them both VERY pointed looks, and they both grumble the most convincing 'thank you’s they can manage.

Genji is for once thankful for the bandages and cybernetics obscuring most of his face. He runs the fingers that are still made of flesh gently over the threads of cherry blossoms and distant mountains. “Did I get the kanji right?” Lena asks, smiling hopefully at him. “I’m still not great at lettering and with kanji if you get some bits a little crooked you can end up with a totally different letter, so I’m scared I accidentally embroidered the wrong word and it translates to something naughty!”

Everyone else laughs but Genji just smiles softly at thread Hanamura and manages a choked, “It’s perfect, Lena. Thank you.”

Finally there’s Jack, who hasn’t said anything. “Do you like it, sir?” Lena asks him, pride and optimism masking the hope of approval.

Jack clears his throat. “You didn’t have to, Cadet Oxton.” Lena takes that as a thank you, and Jack goes home that night and magnets his embroidered card to the damn refrigerator like a parent with their kid’s macaroni drawing until he can get it professionally framed. And no one need ever know that Jack Morrison frames and hangs every damn scrap of embroidered anything that Lena Oxton ever gives him.

Autumn sampler: closeups / pattern


Armenian costume for MSD commission. Vintage silks and cottons, lots of metallic threads, geometric woven patterns, tons of silver alloy adornments and a bit of a hand embroidery.

It’s hard to find an in-scale elements of a proper design for MSD so I was doubtful if I could take this commission at all, but I was lucky to find those small coins. I also had a few saris with a tiny geometrical woven patterns, while most of my stuff has floral patterns, so I used those too.

My Etsy:

“really not feelin up to it right now. sorry.”

this is what i did with my day today lol i had such a shit morning and i started watching dan & phil’s undertale vids (and also pewdiepies) and felt better!!! so heres a little napstablook lol he really represented me today

Sabertooth at Christmas time.

So my friend wanted me to draw Rogue with a ribbon and Sting in dorky clothes, and this picture just kind of… expanded from there. The sweaters are made by Yukino. She discovered knitting and embroidery and worked so hard on them that no one had the heart to tell her that they were the definition of fashion train-wreck. Sting and Rogue wears theirs with pride. The Fairy Guys laugh at them until Erza decides that knitting is an excellent girl bonding activity and none of Fairy girls apart from Juvia can knit.

Amir Halgal from Kaoru Mori's "A Bride's Story" (アミル・ハルガル@乙嫁語り)

The costume I have done by 2011/04, From one of my favorite Japan comic “A Bride’s Story(乙嫁語り).

Actually the English name of this comic on Japanese version cover was "The Bride’s Stories” ^^;

This dress is the one of the most difficult costume I have done ^^; I spend one and half years to search the material and fabric.

The embroidery was hard to take the balance to the dress, I remade the shirt for 3 times before I done ><

All the accessories are also made by myself. The earring is really heavy…

The photo taken in event 2011:

And I was cosplayed Amir in Kaoru Mori's autograph session 2012/12 in Taiwan, with my sister’s Emma, we both get the Ms. Mori's autograph and paint!(And Ms. Mori was remember me! >w<)  That’s fantastic!!

(Ms. Mori said when her manager saw my photo, he asked Ms. Mori “Did you draw Amir with her photo?” lol)

This comic’s costume is too hard that I couldn’t find a friend want’s to cosplay Amir’s husband Karluk with me :’(