embroidered tea towel



Skulls 💀- orange, off-white, and black bracelets with black crystals and skull charms ($20 for a set of 3, 2 available)
Witch Better Have My Candy 🍬- purple, orange, and black bracelets with candy and witchy charms ($20 for a set of 3, 2 available, real candy not included)
Witches’ Brew - bright green and black bracelets with matching cauldron & goblet charms ($20 for a set of 3, only 1 available)
BOO 🎃- orange and black bracelets with beads and themed charms ($10 for 1, 2 available)
Nautical 🌊- aqua bracelet with matching glass pearls and themed charms ($15 for 1, 2 available)

The majority of the proceeds will go to my dental bills. I still owe quite a lot for the bridge I recently got and I’ll need another extraction next week. Once that’s paid off, I’ll likely be getting another bridge (or two) and resume work on my implant.
I have many more projects that I’m currently working on, in addition to the 20 other bracelets in my project box. I’m making embroidered tea towels, buttoned cowls, these gorgeous golden autumn wreaths, and cute treasure chest keepsake boxes. Since I started working at a craft store this summer, my creativity and passion for handmade goods has been reignited. I’m hoping to continue making handmade items to sell as I continue to learn new crafts and expand my skills. I’ll be opening a new online store soon, so check back soon.

Please contact me directly via email or Facebook if you’re interested in a purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message here on Tumblr. Please reblog to boost as well, even if you can’t buy anything.

Thank you all for your support! And have a happy Halloween!

The Champion's Armor 1/4

It starts with a gauntlet.

Fenris sets the thing down on the table as he takes his usual spot to Varric’s left at the dwarf’s table at the Hanged Man.  This is notable to Varric; for one, the elf is quite early for the card game, and two, a man with two arms does not have need of a third gauntlet.

“Did Blondie cast a spell that hasn’t taken effect yet?” Varric asks, not quite looking up from his writing.  “Are you going to be branching out, as it were?”

Fenris huffs and pushes the gauntlet closer to Varric.  “It is meant for Hawke.  I have heard it is… customary for a new Champion to be given gifts as a… token of esteem.”  He stops, hesitating and taking a moment to adjust the strip of red around his wrist.  “And she has been grousing about the recent preponderance of commemorative platters and embroidered tea towels.” Fenris tapped the table next to the gauntlet with a pointed tip covering his fingers.  “Also, she has always seemed to take an interest in mine.”

“The gauntlets, right.” Varric deadpanned.  “So why are you showing this to me?”  He looks up at Fenris, “You’re going to give it to her, right?”

“That is why I am so unfashionably early, dwarf.  I have heard Isabela mention a party, here, at the Hanged Man?”