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Alarice, the Noble Queen

TITLE: Alarice, the Noble Queen


AUTHOR: countessofkrolock

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the young queen of Sakaar and meeting Loki. You give your hospitality, making him think you are the princess. When he asks to meet the king and queen you simply smile and offer your hand. “I am queen y/n of Sakaar.” He’s shocked and greets you as a gentleman should, apologizing for mistaking you.

NOTES/WARNINGS: This is basically the first thing I have written in ages. I hope I made no big errors as I have been out of all fandoms for a while. Christy-winchester, this is for you. Thank you for bringing back my inspiration with this imagine! The name Alarice was brought to me by my friend Google and is a royal name which means the noble, regal ruler.

It was when Loki first arrived on Sakaar that he met her. Her sight was one a man won’t forget easily. Her long flowing dark brown hair was braided in parts so that her features were free for his view to roam over. Delicately build as well in frame as in facial features, her sparkling blue eyes and cheery red lips were what had caught Loki’s attention from the very first moment. When her eyes finally caught his, she bowed her head slightly. “Your royal highness, a warm welcome to Sakaar.” He bowed his head as well. “It’s my pleasure. Thank you for welcoming me here.” His eyes again began to travel up and down her frame. The beautiful dark blue dress, which clung to her frame, was embroidered with sparkling gem stones, which led him to assume that she belonged to the royal family of Sakaar. She could as well be a princess as far as he was concerned. Maybe a sister or even a daughter to the new Queen of Sakaar? He wasn’t given much information about the new queen when his father chose him to make this courtesy visit. Their families never had been close, however his father seemed eager to change this and therefor sent him here. Her voice brought Loki back from his thoughts. “May I lead our way to the dining hall? A small lunch was arranged upon your arrival. Afterwards you will be led to your room to prepare yourself for the reception this evening.” Loki bowed slightly, before offering her his arm. “Please lead the way.” She lightly put her hand on his arm before starting to move.

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Full moon of the second month. Winter.

Dear diary,

My days have been quite busy indeed - and I forgot to bring you with me!

I have returned this afternoon from the Stone Oasis, and thusly, the Desert Province, after traveling to oversee the works to make a road to communicate Lanayru Province with Gerudo Desert, and the trade checkpoint already established mid-road.

I am so proud not only of the Gerudo and their goodwill, but also the rest of the people at work. Finally, all of Hyrule is connected and reconciled (an actual long process that just begun, I know I am using the term too freely here), as it should have always been.

I have the best hopes for the future of all the people, despite the nightmare that haunted me weeks ago. If we stand united against evil of any kind - whether supernatural or not (Goddesses know some people are even more evil and mean-spirited than the Demon King himself!) - and take care of our brethren, we can prevail against anything.

Also the Fundamental Chart of Rights will ensure no one is above the rest - not even I. We all shall be finally equals against the law.

I have been working on the evenings that subject. Link is currently on Snowpeak, so to avoid missing him, I focus my energy on making progress on that matter. Not that I should complain, but at night mostly we tend to get… distracted.

On a shallow note, I have my wedding dress. Truly, Naima and Amina - and the Gerudo’s skilled dressmakers - were true to their words, and it is something taken out of a dream. I cannot believe it was the same simple dress I was crowned with.

They discarded the cape, turning it into the train; added rich details all over it, with golden and silver thread embroidery, and stone beads encrusted: rose quartz (the Gerudo say it is a charm for eternal love), rock crystal and opal - the dress looks slightly iridescent with them.

The veil has the same stones, embroidered in the shapes of stars and constellations.

Naima and Amina suggested to the Master seamstresses I should look like the full moon on a starry sky.

‘Does this have to do with the nickname your people gave me when I first visited?’, I asked my hosts.

Naima snorted. ‘Absolutely, Lady Moon’.

‘I love it, sisters’.

As the seamstress made the final adjustments, I felt everything become so real.

I am getting married!

And, upon that realization, I panicked: shivers, cold sweats, and shortness of breath came to me in a second.

I crumbled to the floor, shaking like a little leaf on a gale.

They commented that being nervous was completely normal, for you are committing yourself to someone for the rest of your life.

Elder Nabooru enlightened me with some words to calm me down: ‘The only instance you should be trembling is when he is between your legs; you are marrying a fine lad, not a monster’.

Madam, you have not seen him in bed, was my thought, that translated in just a little, nervous laugh. Elder Nabooru scanned my expression in silence, my red face giving me away apparently.

'Looks like someone already gave her flower to her champion’, she murmured to me. 'Well done, young lady!’.

Now I understand why Naima fears her (it seems being so straightforward is a Gerudo trait, she is quite the loudmouth too). The Elder is clearly one to speak her mind quite freely, and that might upset some people; I have recently realized I like being around strong women - by that I mean most women. Ilia, for instance, has a delicate appearance, but her character is not weak at all.

Since she is my maid of honor, I have gotten more acquainted with her. I am happy to consider her my dear friend now: she is kind, loyal, sincere, and funny.

She even took care of me last fortnight along Impaz, for again cramps, headaches, and dizziness washed all over me when my monthlies arrived, keeping me bedridden as usual.

I have secretly feared all these troubles may present an obstacle when conceiving. My mother had a hard time trying to get pregnant, and after she had me, she could never bear child again.

Ilia reminded me all women’s bodies behave differently, but stress and other types of strains tend to disarray the cycles - just like Ashei’s case before. ‘You’re too brainy, all caught up in imaginary problems’, she told me, sounding even more motherly than Telma!, ‘You get all tangled up in them, and fall into despair immediately!’.

Imaginary problems: the perfect expression for a constant worrywart like me. I shall try to follow her advice.

Since then, she also has committed her aid to help me being regular, joining me in my trip, for the Gerudo are experts in female issues and childbirth, and she intends to learn as much as possible from the medics and midwives.

'The blood of a woman should come with every moon or so, Queen’, one of the Gerudo medics informed me. 'If your cycle is as you and the Hylian apprentice comment, you might need some treatment from us’.

They studied Ilia’s blend of herbs, and congratulated her job, adding an extra ingredient to improve its effectiveness.

‘I might stay longer than I expected’, Ilia commented the night before our return. ‘The amount of things to learn here are incredible… Can I ask you for a favor?’

Of course I said yes. She handed me a letter.

‘It’s for Link’s squire, Orville’, she told me all smiles, a slight shade of pink coloring her cheeks. ‘We met in New Years, but got acquainted later’.

This is surely Link’s doing.

‘He is really nice, although a tad shy… We’re just friends, nothing else so far!’, she cleared out.

So far? She obviously likes him! And as far as Ilia told me, he likes her too - he is really timid. I delivered the letter as soon as I arrived, of course, and informed him Ilia would stay longer  at Gerudo Province. He seemed so downcast, poor dear!

I honestly wonder what can I do to make them closer; after all, if it were not for Orville’s mistake of sending Link’s letter to me, we would be still endlessly pining for each other, and I clearly would not be waiting impatiently for his arrival as I am now.




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Anne Boleyn’s Pregnancies | Dec 1533 - July 1534 Premature Birth/Stillborn (2/3)

“Anne had rapidly become pregnant in December 1532, and she was pregnant again just over a year later, three or four months after Elizabeth was born. Henry associated virility and sexual potency with having children; the birth of Elizabeth reassured him, as did the second pregnancy, and he was quite happy that he would have a son this time. By April, the queen’s condition was obvious, and a portrait medal was struck to commemorate the anticipated birth of a son. Henry’s confidence was seen in the highly elaborate cradle which was ordered from his own goldsmith, with Tudor roses, precious stones, gold-embroidered bedding, and cloth of gold baby clothes. 

By the summer of 1534, Anne was well advanced into her pregnancy, and in June, she was reported to be in good health. The baby was due around the end of July, but before the Queen could take to her chamber, something went terribly wrong and it was born prematurely; it was either stillborn, or died very soon after birth. Anne gave birth to her child when she was about eight months pregnant, and the baby would have been near full-term; the physical and emotional pain that Anne must have felt at this loss is heartbreaking. The physical effects that this may have had on Anne include insomnia, loss of weight, and withdrawal from the world; she may also have experienced ‘empty arms syndrome’, the feeling that she should be holding her child.  

The king left Hampton Court in all haste and abandoned his grieving wife. The silence of the royal nursery and the empty silver cradle, perhaps, too much for the a hardened king - and one well versed in loss - to bear. Anne had promised Henry sons and heirs, but had only delivered a daughter and a dead child, which may well have been a boy. In the king’s eyes, she had failed him; with Henry’s insecurities awakened, there would be no room for further disappointments.”

eazythegriot  asked:

Who is your favorite cosplay so far? Whose cosplay got you the most compliments? (I wear geeky teeshirts, and I've noticed some get compliments vs others get confusion.)

hmmm, this is a tricky one

I think my favorite is probably still Starfire.

 I feel such a connection to the character and being able to embody her always fills me with a lot of joy and confidence. Plus I got to meet Hynden Welch in it so that was amazing!

I get the most praise and attention when I wear Jasmine, 

which is nice because froma sewing/design standpoint I’m the most proud of that one. I spent months on it developing my own design that tells the story of the character thematically, and hand embroidered and stoned it. It was also my most complicated wig build. And I interact with the most little girls in that one, it makes me feel really lucky and special

And Vanellope gets extra points for being the comfiest! plus I get to make silly faces which is fun


Royal wedding - clothing

Princess Sofia wore a dress with three tones of white created by Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt. The dress is made of a crepe-silk and with Italian organza. The lace applications are by José María Ruiz. The wedding dress is hand cut and then hand-embroidered in Ida Sjöstedt’s studio in Stockholm.
The veil of thin bridal tulle are also hand-embroidered with applications of sheer cotton lace .The tiara was a gift from the King and Queen to Princess Sofia. Her hair is done by Marwan Hitti and makeup by William Värnild.

Prince Carl Philip wore his companion uniform from the navy. The large brass outfit consists of a dark blue mess jacket, white vest, dark blue trousers with golden stripes, a dress shirt and black bow tie. The prince wears his Seraphim light blue ribbon, the words character and grand, and the North Star Order’s cross with a black ribbon around the neck.

Crown Princess Victoria wears a dress in a blue-green hue from H&M’s Conscious collection. Crown Princess Victoria wears the Princess Sibylla diadem, poireörearrings and a poirebrosch with a diamond.The Crown Princess also carries her Seraphim’s light blue ribbon, word characters, and grand, and a miniature portrait of The King framed in diamonds.

Prince Daniel wears a tuxedo with Seraphim in bands, and grand, and the North Star Order’s cross with a black ribbon around the neck. On the chest he carries King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Jubilee memorabilia II miniature.

Princess Madeleine wears an apricot pink dress in soft falling silk embroidered with matt stones by Elie Saab. The Princess wears the Modern Fringe tiara and Vasaearrings. The Princess also carries her Seraphim light blue ribbon, the words character and grand, and a miniature portrait of The King with diamonds.

Princess Leonore wears a dress once worn by the Princess’s grandfather’s grandfather Gustaf VI Adolf.

Christopher O'Neill wears a tuxedo and the North Star Order’s cross in blue and yellow ribbon around the neck.

The King wears his uniform of admiral in the Navy. The uniform consists of a dark blue mess jacket, white vest, dark blue trousers with golden stripes, a dress shirt and black bow tie. The king wears the Seraphim order in bands with star and Vasa Order of the Seraphim. The neck decorations of the Sword, the Swedish military words. King also carries two ordenskraschaner, the top Swedish The Order and the Vasa Order grand.

The Queen wears a light lilac dress in silk satin embroidered with lace, sequins and stones. The Queen wears the Leuchtenbergska sapphires in diadems, earrings and brooch, a brilliant collier with clappers and the crown jewel bracelet. The Queen also wears her Seraphim’s light blue ribbon, word characters, and grand, and a miniature portrait of The King with diamonds.


Winter Soldier sketchbook
I made this little sketchbook for Alath'erna, Happy Birthday ♥

The cover is made with 4 mm cardboard, 100% natural linen embroidered with cotton, stone leaf-shaped beads and aluminium foil. The ribbons are satin and dyed with waterproof ink to give them a darker shade. On the inside, there is 250g red paper with metallic crumbles, the patterns were hand-drawn with ink. It has around 140 pages (120g) with torn edges, each dyed with tea.

My bookbinding tag

For too-ticki, 700-ish words of Josephine and Isabela at a party. One day I’ll make you a longer fic of this.


In Antiva, masks are not in fashion. People lie bare-faced, and become more effusive in their compliments the more they loathe one another. In a darkening courtyard strung with lights, between walls heavy with flowering vines, they bow and smile and consider murder.

Josephine longs for Leliana. Someone to whisper criticism in her ear as she herself smiles and plays the game. But one cannot always be in Orlais. One has duties—one has family. One has connections to exploit. The careful application of pressure is a regular necessity.

The tenth prince’s trousers are a disgraceful example of opulence over taste. They are threaded with gold and silver; they are embroidered with precious stones in the most ludicrous way.

It would still be more satisfying if Leliana were to say it. She has that way with words. Yes, she may be too sharp in some ways, and certainly their fling was ill-advised, but she is a friend with whom one may be improper. A valuable thing.

Propriety. She says—oh, she says something very correct and of absolutely no consequence. She does not stare at the poor man’s unfortunate trousers. She does indulge a little—tiny pastries filled with apricots, beautiful little things made of chocolate and hazelnut topped with gold leaf. One must be allowed one’s smaller vices.

It is as she reaches for one of these confections that she becomes aware that someone is watching her. A prickly feeling on the back of the neck.

To her right.

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Morgan stepped out of the portal, her clothing meant for travel, a loose skirt of yellow, the edges of it embroidered with shiny stones that caught the light and made them seem to glow, her blouse pale pink, almost white, and a cloak to match. The one trapping of power she was unable to do with out of course, the glittering shoe son her feet, a dazzling silver that sparkled and shone like the little suns, even in the muted shadows of the forest. The witch of the east was looking for her sister, and perhaps more secrets if they came along her path. Morgan had an insatiable thirst for magical knowledge. She looked around curious, where was she. “Ah this is clearly not Oz.” she said looking around holding out a glowing hand, dead wood and brush coming together and taking the form of a small man. “Lead the way.” she said haughtily following the little man of her own making.