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My first-ever Lunar Chronicles fic for TLC ship weeks! Kaider - Rainy Day. Hope y’all like it. AO3

The last time Empress Selene Channary Jannali Blackburn of the Eastern Commonwealth snuck out of New Beijing Palace without any kind of security detail was less than a month after her wedding.

This was something she’d been doing with some regularity since she’d moved to New Beijing, and it was so easy she was starting to get concerned about the state of the palace’s security. She hadn’t had an ID chip re-implanted since cutting hers out—there was no need for one on Luna, and she’d just never gotten around to it since moving back to Earth, because everyone in the palace knew her and it took her about five seconds to manually override a security checkpoint or android. So all it took for her to slip out of the gates undetected was an excuse (usually feminine-emergency-related) and a hoodie, and she would return after a few hours with sticky buns and a smug smile.

But that last time, two things happened: She got careless, and it rained. Iko noticed the sticky buns and the soaked hoodie, and when she counted backwards, deduced that it had been “that time of the month” three times this month alone, and realized what Cinder had done, her eyes turned a sickly pale green with horror.

“What if one of the old Lunar families saw their chance and had you kidnapped and mailed your limbs back to Kai until he signed away the entire Commonwealth to them?” she wailed, pacing back and forth in Cinder and Kai’s living room, as Cinder frantically tried to shush her. “And then forced you to annul your marriage with Kai and marry one of them instead so they could instate an intergalactic dictatorship? WHAT THEN, CINDER?”

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Interior designer from Greece, Renia Karakoulaki, has some exquisite items on her Etsy page. It’s easy to redecorate your whole room with a simple item, and that’s a unique pillow case set. This is the Prince and Princess 2-pcs His/Hers pillowcase, beautifully embroidered, made with percale cotton 100%. This elegant set is super comfortable to sleep on. Similarly, the Always Kiss Me Goodnight embroidered pillow case is just as cute, and who doesn’t want a kiss before bed ;) 

Here’s your chance to get taste of Lets Decorate Online, keep an eye out as I launch the Nautical Towels 2-pcs set in a few days! Test out the products to see how high quality this set of body and face towel really is! 

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This is just a blanket post to talk about my love for thisishangingrockcomics she is pure and transcendent, everything she touches turns to gold, she smells like rose petals and sun-stained tablecloths, her soul a hand-embroidered poppy on a pillowcase flowing softly on a clothesline in the warm summer breeze