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An early Jeanne Lanvin couture grey-green satin afternoon dress, 1913 

With narrow yellow on ivory label to the broad waist stay, with rouleaux band defining the raised waistline, the sleeves, neck edging and side panels of paisley printed and woven kashmir wool densely over-embroidered in coloured silks and metal threads and couched silk cords, silver thread covered bauble buttons, embroidered and lead weighted hem.

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Filling the prompt “I was wondering if you could write a cute story where it’s the day of a catfish concert and the reader is walking out of a coffee shop and she literally runs into van. Making him spill her coffee all over her. And you can take it from there”

“Holy mother of fuck! That is fucking hot!” you yelled. Your hands reflexively started to fan against your chest, like that would stop the burning. 

“Oh my god, I am so fucking sorry,” the guy that you’d collided with in the doorway said. The girl that served you was there suddenly with a cold, wet towel. Unbuttoning your shirt down to your belly button, you pressed it against the red skin.

“Thank you,” you said to her.

“No worries. We’ve got some burn gel in the first aid kit. Let me get it. Here, sit down,” she said, and pulled out one of the bar stools at the window bench seat. It was mid-morning, a little after ten. The morning rush in the café had died down, so there were only a few people in there. None of them seemed to care about your exposed bra or loud swearing. The guy stood in front of you awkwardly. You looked up at him for the first time.

“I’m so sorry. I… Can I get you another drink… or shirt… or something?” he asked.

There was a moment where you considered pretending to not know who he was. Alas, you started to talk before thinking it through.

“You’re Van McCann,”

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At the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko Won Most Stylish Couple

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are notoriously press-shy about their romantic relationship, so their red carpet appearances have done a lot of talking. At Sunday night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards in L.A., the couple, who also moonlight as musical duo Twenty88, showcased the effortless style that has characterized their recent courtship. Both put a twist on the traditional tuxedo, with help from stylist Ade Samuel: Aiko slipped into pin-striped harem pants and a sporty cropped bandeau by DKNY, while Sean wore Dior Homme’s embroidered two-button suit.

“Dior sent that to me to wear, so that was cool,” Sean said the day after the show, where he performed his new single, “Jump Out the Window,” then released the music video a few hours later. “I’m from Detroit, where they know how to clean up,” he added, citing his dad’s fondness for leather pants and granddad’s tailored suits as style influences. “I was thinking for the MTV Awards, I can dress down. But yesterday taught me that there’s no wrong time to wear a suit.”

For Aiko, the choice to wear DKNY was an easy one. In March at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, she picked an orange shoulder-baring gown from the brand that complemented Sean’s cherry-red Gosha Rubchinskiy x Levi’s trucker jacket. “I love a crop top and high-waisted pant,” she said. “For me it was perfect. I felt very comfortable.” Aiko, who is equal parts chill and provocative, rocked her natural hair texture with beautiful waves, a fuss-free look that suited the weekend’s erratic weather. “It was raining like crazy,” Sean said. “But when it all came down to it, I feel like and Jhené and I both looked great.”

Here, a rare behind-the-scenes look at the power couple before the show.

i finished my yennefer cosplay tonight!!!! not to toot my own horn but i’m so proud of myself???? i sewed an entire jacket, added leather and fur trim, made the ribbons by hand for the jacket, added the buttons, embroidered the jacket and the pants, and hand sewed embellished leather gloves?????? i didn’t even think i’d be able to attach the sleeves but i DID THAT!!!!!!! 

Some helpful reminders for gothy types on a budget:

  • Thrift stores. This is how AAAAAAALLLLLL of us gothy types found our clothes Back In The Day TM. We scoured thrift stores for black clothes, and played mix n’ match to discover every possible outfit combination for those things..
  • Mainstream stores have goth-able things, at budget-friendly prices! Here, take a look at the Everyday Goth Fashion Pinterest board for a (small! so small!) sampling of what is out there.
  • DIY. Take those black clothes you find, and change the buttons! Embroider them! Paint on them! Sew spooky patches! Add ribbons and ruffles, add safety pins! Your fishnets or black tights get torn? Layer them! Turn them into fingerless gloves! The DIY possibilities are nigh endless.
  • REMEMBER THAT YOUR GOTHNESS IS NOT DETERMINED BY YOUR WARDROBE. I swear on my collection of editions of Dracula that it’s not.

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Do you know if there's any plus size nymphet items for the winter? I live in the Midwest so wearing the usual stuff isn't advised in 10 below degree weather.









Socks & Tights


Waistcoat, 1760s. Yellow satin, silk thread, This waistcoat is unusual in that it was actually embroidered in China for the Western export market. Generally the clothing was shipped unembroidered (and local tailors did it).

Chinese embroidered garments made for the Western export market are rare. This type of top quality embroidery was done in Suzhou. The pattern for the embroidered decoration, would have been drawn in ink onto the uncut lengths of the silk satin. The silk was then embroidered in twisted silks. The uncut waistcoat would have been shipped to Britain where it woudl have been made up. The backing is also interesting being made from a slightly glazed imperial yellow worsted probably from Norwich, Norfolk, England.

I have often wondered why the Chinese only used twisted silk thread on export embroideries whilst using floss silks for their own use.  An embroidery friend tells me that twisted silks are cheaper to produce, more durable, easier to use and need less experience to embroider than floss silks. This would also mean that the Chinese could produce embroideries for the Western market more quickly and therefore cheaper. Most embroidery came either through the ports of Canton, or Macau for the Portuguese market, but would have been embroidered all over China.  The style of the embroidery on the waistcoat looks like Suzhou embroidery. This region produced fine workmanship, top quality and  more expensive pieces.


of bright Imperial yellow satin with round neck, the curved front opening border embroidered in twisted silks with peonies and fruits in a leaf meander, continuing to the skirts,  satin stitches but with some Peking Knots, the buttons embroidered with strands of silk, embroidered buttonholes, the pointed shaped pockets with central peony flanked by seed heads and other small flowerheads, with similar detail below pockets, the satin to the main field and below the pockets was woven with rows of horizontal narrow lines, the back of Imperial yellow Norwich worsted wool and with a central back cotton vent,  lined with two different linens to the top section and ivory silk mix? to the skirts, length: shoulder to hem 31 in; 79 c. back: top to bottom: 25 in; 64 cm; underarm 42 in; 1.07 m.

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Hi! I ADORE your blog ♥ I'm looking for ideas! :) How could I decore the cover of my new notebook WHITHOUT making collages? Have a beautiful day x♥

Thank you! A couple of people asked about decorating notebooks…so here’s some thoughts.

  • go wild with stickers
  • get some mod podge and pretty patterned fabric or paper and decoupage it
  • cover it with wrapping paper or scrapbook paper
  • draw or doodle over it with markers
  • use stencils
  • practice calligraphy or cool hand lettering — transcribe your favorite quote or poem
  • cut out the design from an old shirt you love but doesn’t fit you anymore and glue or mod podge it on
  • depending on the cover, you could take a thick needle and thread and embroider a design
  • sew buttons on it
  • spray-paint the cover
  • decorate with nail polish
  • tape ribbon onto it
  • cover it with different washi tapes


Skulls 💀- orange, off-white, and black bracelets with black crystals and skull charms ($20 for a set of 3, 2 available)
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The majority of the proceeds will go to my dental bills. I still owe quite a lot for the bridge I recently got and I’ll need another extraction next week. Once that’s paid off, I’ll likely be getting another bridge (or two) and resume work on my implant.
I have many more projects that I’m currently working on, in addition to the 20 other bracelets in my project box. I’m making embroidered tea towels, buttoned cowls, these gorgeous golden autumn wreaths, and cute treasure chest keepsake boxes. Since I started working at a craft store this summer, my creativity and passion for handmade goods has been reignited. I’m hoping to continue making handmade items to sell as I continue to learn new crafts and expand my skills. I’ll be opening a new online store soon, so check back soon.

Please contact me directly via email or Facebook if you’re interested in a purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message here on Tumblr. Please reblog to boost as well, even if you can’t buy anything.

Thank you all for your support! And have a happy Halloween!