embroidered bra


💖today’s haul, I’m adding how I lifted things plus prices now!💖


Mitch White “The End of Protests, A New Playbook For Revolution” $25.00 

lifted my first book at indigo/chapters I just walked into Starbucks which is attached to it, sat down and pretended it was mine bought a drink read a couple pages and put it in my purse then left. 

The Bay:

Calvin Klein Underwear $24.00 x3

Free People Embroidered Lace Triangle Bra $55.00

T-Shirt Bra $50.00

Canadian Bult T-Shirt $29.00

Always Latte Shirt $23.70

Comme Ci Ca Comme Shirt $30.00

fave place to lift because no one bothers me and the lady at the changing room doesn’t count or is always on break. I got a bulky jacket and hung the bras and underwear inside hiding it from view making it look like I only have one item. Used same method with the shirts just removed them from the hangers and tucked them inside the jacket. 

✨Forever 21

“Red” Take out and chill hat $17.50

Pint Green Bra and Undie set (together) $30.00 

“Red” Lace Bra $17.50

Nude Lace bra $17.50

Perfume $23.00

Tucked the bras and undies into the red hat, found a blind spot and put them in my purse… F21 was super busy and a whole lot of SA were at the changing room area so I couldn’t hide them in a sweater/jacket like I normally do. For the Onesie and long dress I went to a corner which faced away from the cameras and tucked it in my purse with the perfume. I went to the bathroom to organized everything and I heard someone come in with heavy boots and a radio talking to someone. I came out panicking but it was just the cleaning lady. 

Total (w/o tax): $372.70

A Desert Rose and a Raven


The night was just like any other work night. Temari was backstage, waiting for her dance to be announced. Her costume was red and gold, a simple embroidered bra and a long bellydancing skirt with slits up either leg. 

She was just putting the veil on the lower half of her face when The Desert Rose was at last called to the stage, and just as she did every other night, she made her way to the curtain to dance.