embroidered blazer

saviorswanjones  asked:

top 5 Looks™️ of HRC?

1. that pink pansuit she wore at the 1995 UN conference
2. her 1993 purple inaugural gown
3. her white pantsuit she wore when she accepted the dnc nomination :’)
4. that embroidered floral jacket/blazer she wore while casually strolling through central park with bill
5. every single turtleneck she wore during the 90s

i bought two new Anne Carson books today while in the city (Decreation + If Not, Winter) and An found me an embroidered blazer from Goodwill and spending the day with An and Elliot was a dream, that’s all !!!

Temptation: Part II

Part II is here! I was so happy with how you all reacted to Part I that I couldn’t stop myself from writing more. So I stayed up really late last night and here we are! Please, always remember that I am always glad for feedback. Happy reading!!

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Feyre felt exhausted. After six hours of traveling to the Academy with her father, making small talk about what her classes would probably be like, and pretending she was a lot more excited than she actually was, she’d at least expected to have some peace and quiet here at the school. But instead she had this:

“It’s just so unfair!” Cassian exclaimed. “She doesn’t even get to, I don’t know, fight back—”

“Get over it already,” Amren rolled her eyes at him sighing as if she’d heard this a million times. “It’s a TV show, you’ll survive.”

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As classes are back in session and I’m growing more accustomed to the halls of one Dalton Academy, I’ve decided to branch out in my extracurricular activities. After looking through the extensive list of those available, I approached a member of the faculty only to be told that a group focusing on accessorizing of the modern man’s professional uniform isn’t something available or welcome here. How else are we supposed to share ideas in individualizing our blazers and embroidered sweaters? Not every boy has my same eye and I would have been happy to hold some kind of seminar. 

An audible cheer goes up as Syria’s tiny delegation is announced, the likes of which usually accompanies big countries like the US or near neighbors like Chile. And rightly so. I can’t even imagine what those athletes went through to get here.

And, hey, look, athletes from South Sudan, the newest country in the world, and also home to an ongoing civil war. Glad they could make it.

Sweden should start a shiny yellow outfit club with Senegal. They can blind everyone together.

I kind of like Tajikistan’s embroidered blazers. I mean, yes, blazers and ties, but at least it’s a bit different. Then there’s Thailand, who also went the suit and tie route…but in shiny gold.