French artist Frederique Morrel revitalizes vintage tapestries by transforming them into works of fantastical embroidered taxidermy. The old tapestries are collected from garage sales and second-hand shops while the animal forms are foam sculptures made from Morrel’s won fiberglass molds of deer, horses, rabbits, boar, foxes and even unicorns.

She shares, “These tapestries appeared to be the most accurate material to illustrate my work about modern vanities, loss of the paradise and rebirth in a better world… I revitalize them, offering a redemption, beneath animal appearance and covered with this popular language. I give them back their central and essential place inside households… I underline the need for art to be close and accessible, obvious for everyone, from poorest to richest, from less educated to scholar, from amateur to professional… I advocate that art is urgent and necessary, vital impulse for everyone and has to be lived day to day!“

Visit Frederique Morrel’s website to check out many more of her awesome tapestry taxidermy sculptures. Click here to check out her awesome studio space as well.

[via Hi-Fructose]