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“Get rid of you? Hmmmm..” Iris stated, almost laughing as she allowed a moment’s silence to encase the space around them, pretending to consider it. Sometimes, with Barry, it was a little too easy to tease him. Always had been. “Sorry Bar, you’re stuck with me forever.” A squeeze to his arm placed emphasis to her words. 

Pausing after she’d gotten to onto solid ground again, Iris embraced him, letting the feeling of his arms around her warm her. It was almost surreal how much could change in a manner of months. She had discovered who Barry really was, lost Eddie, and, in a way, found her way back to Barry; not because of some supposed future but because, in the here and now, it felt natural and right. She was at his side because she wanted to be.

Pulling back slightly, Iris took his hands into hers and placed them at her sides, guiding them over the side fabric of her dress. “Do you remember this dress? It’s the one I dragged you to five stores to find two years ago. I thought you were going to murder me by the third store but you grinned and barred it.” Even then, no matter what it was, something serious or trivial, Barry had always been there for her. “What would I do without you?”