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PLEASE stop posting the white devil emma Watson. PLEASE. I will pay u. I will give u my first born child. Watson has made men a priority in feminism and rewards men for doing the bare minimum. Which is insulting to every gender. She's got some REAL messed up stuff going on.

Look, I’m all for calling out White Feminism at every turn, and I have, but SJblur nitpicking on every white feminist they see and when you start calling them the White Devil coz you don’t fully agree with or misunderstand them, you already lost the argument. She didn’t kill nobody, nor advocated violence on anyone, so take it down several notches. 

first of, she’s a UN Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. Her main job is to use her popularity to give speeches actual experts and professionals on gender equality wrote for her, because if these experts give the same speech, no one will pay attention; but if she does, people will. Same thing that other celebrities do who are tapped to be UN Ambassadors: Angelina Jolie on refugees, George Clooney on South Sudan, Leonardo di Caprio on Climate Change, etc. 

No celebrity chosen as UN Goodwill Ambassador are chosen for their expertise in the field, they are chosen because when they speak people pay attention. Those truly invested in the cause will sit on meetings or go on the field when they’re not making a movie, but their role as spokeperson remains. Their words are not their words, most of the time they are basically the executive summaries of UN reports. 

Emma Watson’s UN speech was criticized as feminism 101, and it was, but to expect she gives a graduate seminar on feminism with her limited speaking time is imo ludicrous. She’s paid very well but that’s still above her pay grade. The main purpose of her speech was to get attention from the public, generate political will from lawmakers, and fundraise a shit ton of money for the cause. 

And via the HeForShe Campaign, she was able to do that very successfully. She got powerful men from President Barack Obama to the President of Seira Leonne to not just make a commitment to gender equality but have their governments actually invest in gender equality programs in their own countries and/or give more foreign aid to women’s empowerment programs.

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Maybe it's time

Maybe it’s time to let men who haven’t embraced feminism suffer whatever public humiliation we can manage to put them through.

Perhaps they don’t know any better, but all who suffer learn, and we’ll all be better for it. Well, some of us will be.

Empathy is nice, but it’s not for me. I’ve got stuff to do.

Wonder Woman was...

The most life changing movie I’ve ever seen. Never have I walked out of a movie theatre feeling like the most powerful person in the world. The movie embraced feminism in the best way possible, always putting bad assness of the women first. It didn’t make the women idiots or weak, it made them smart and stronger than men. Refusing to oversexualize the women, and instead showing how muscular and larger than life they were.

But it wasn’t just that, the movie also portrayed one of the purest romances in recent years. I was prepared to not care at all about Steve Trevor despite my love for Chris Pine. But instead I fell in love with the care for Diana he had. As much as he told her to not do something, the minute she did it, he did nothing but root for her. When he told her that sometimes people are just bad and started breaking down my heart broke. I was a ball of tears when he died for the greater good.

If this was directed by a man, I know I would’ve hated it. He would’ve focused on her ass and boobs and there probably would’ve been a sex scene. But because of the female director who understands how women feel watching movies like that, I was able to enjoy it and feel amazing with each and every scene.

All in all Gal Gadot is fueling my hetero-bi heart and so is Chris Pine. 100/10 would recommend and I want to watch this movie until the end of time.

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I'm honestly bummed out about the whole Laci thing. She was the first feminist I really looked up to when I was starting to embrace feminism, and now it seems like she's more interested in giving platform to the voices that want to silence our own rather than giving platform to the ones hurt by anti-feminists. I'm normally a very optimistic person but I can help but feel painfully cynical about these developments.

Honestly, based on things people who know her personally have said, she has a history of doing this. When marginalized people have patiently called her out in the past she’s been dismissive and hostile. She doesn’t give a shit about listening to other people which is why her call for “listening to anti-feminists” (almost ALL of which have engaged in harassment and abuse of other creators–myself and many of our colleagues included) is really disingenuous. 

I find it metaphorically resonant that a pregnant woman looks like she’s just sitting on a couch, but she’s actually exhausting herself constructing a human being. The laborious process of growing a human is analogous to how a woman’s work is seen. It’s hard to recognize, because a man’s work has such extravagant evidence – skyscrapers, for instance – while a woman’s work just makes the world quietly turn.
—  Ani DiFranco

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unpopular opinion: cinderella is just as much of a Strong Female Character as mulan or moana if written right; just because she's not feisty and headstrong and physically fighting doesn't mean she's not a good example for kids

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I have a lot of feelings about Disney princesses and feminism. It’s all this big rabbithole of feminism and Strong Female Characters and it’s all tangled up as a big mess. As will all things, there is no simple answer. I love Cinderella. I think the moral of her story is that kindness is important, which every child can and should learn. Mulan and Moana have different meanings, both from Cinderella and from each other. That is not a bad thing- it’s a good thing! However, if we look at how many messages girls are receiving about quiet goodness like Cinderella vs. being physically strong, we see a huge disparity historically. So yes, feminism should embrace both kind and soft princesses like Cinderella and Snow (as I am one of those), but we should also be demanding and expecting a wide variety of types of princesses. We should be expecting, as consumers, to see all kinds of women represented, and multiple “versions” of each type. 

Also, this is only tangentially related, but I’m going to continue to talk. Our soft and sweet princesses (let’s take Cinderella, Snow, Aurora, Belle to an extent) are white. Our fierce warrior princesses (Mulan, Moana, Merida) are often women of color. Even Tiana, whose schtick is to WORK HARD, is not the same level of “soft and sweet” that the other princesses are. So, like I said above, we should expecting to see all types of princesses represented in all types of ways. We should see all kinds of princesses of color represented as more than just tough warriors. And I think we’re heading in that direction! 

ANYWAY to answer your actual question- yes, I agree, Cinderella is a strong female character if she’s written correctly, and yes, women shouldn’t have to be seen as kicking ass in order to be seen as something worthy. 


On Jan. 9th, 1905, French revolutionary, anarchist and teacher Louise Michel died. Born in 1830, she became a teacher, albeit being violently at odds with Napoleon III and embraced feminism. In 1871, she played an important role in the uprising of the Commune de Paris which gained her the nickname of “the red virgin of Montmartre”. She was deported but could come back to France where she remained politically active. 

i would way rather have 15 year olds embracing radical feminism which says porn culture is exploitative and you can accept yourself without pleasing men, than liberal “all decisions are empowering uwu” feminism


Recently I commented on @omweekend ‘ s Instagram post asking them a question. I’ve always really liked their clothes. Unfortunately for me they don’t make sizes that aren’t super tiny. Lots of stores do this but lately omighty has been on this big feminism kick. 

Most of the new clothes they have feature awesome feminist messages. I hadn’t checked their site in a while and I thought that since they had seemingly started to embrace equality and feminism, maybe that meant that they’d started making sizes that would fit someone who isn’t tiny. I looked on their website and sure enough the sizes were still the same.

 I was confused. Here they are promoting a movement (feminism) that is supposed to support and include all women And is supposed to promote body positivity for all bodies.Their shirts literally say shit about being equal and accepted Yet they somehow are unable (/unwilling) to make sizes that fit people who aren’t tiny (they have a shirt that literally says “curvy girls” on the front of it for Christs sake).  

So I got frustrated a few days ago and commented on one of their photos (keep in mind they get hundreds of comments on their posts). In a non mean or confrontational way I asked why their shirts promoted inclusivity  but their actual business didn’t seem to. I also asked genuinely if they had plans to make some extended sizes because I really did want to buy a lot of things they sell! Apparently they don’t want people who look like me wearing their clothes. They also don’t want these kinds of things being brought up on their thread because I was promptly blocked. 

It is abundantly clear to me now that there is absolutely no greater meaning behind these shirts. To omighty, the messages on these shirts’ only meaning is the money they make off of them. The actual principles mean nothing to the company. They are profiting off of a message that they don’t care about. They are actually using opposite principles to sell their clothes It seems to me that #omighty kind of just ascribes to the taylor swift/Lena Dunham exclusive feminism club which pretty much just turns the “feminism” label into a marketing tactic. A label to seem cool and edgy. beyond that, its nothing to them.  because of things like this it is losing its meaning. 

It’s ridiculous that a company that makes feminism themed clothing cannot handle one comment asking them about the principles that they claim are important to them. 

It is also curious to me that a company that claims to be for intersectional feminism constantly uses AAVE on their clothing that is mostly being pictured being worn by white models.  

omighty: please go back to making racially appropriative, miley cyrus inspired outfits and underwear covered in pictures of young Justin beiber. You clearly can’t achieve a level of sophistication above that. Click the #omweekend Tag on this post to see more horrible shit they do. DO NOT BUY OMIGHTY