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How do I love myself?

Stop letting your fear control you. Stop letting the fear of rejection isolate you. Embrace your mistakes, embrace your past. Forgive yourself for the things you regret.

Be brave. Be kind. Be so kind it hurts and smile a lot. Not a fake smile though, a real, genuine smile. Laugh at little things, or don’t. Do whatever the hell you want. Stop forcing yourself to conform when all you want is to let yourself go. Let yourself go. 

Find people who share your passions. You’re not going to find a million of them. You’ll be lucky to find 2. Be patient. Work on yourself. You’ll never be perfect, and that’s what makes life worth living. 

Laugh at yourself when you fall over. Literally and metaphorically. It’s funny, see? Well, it’s not always funny. Learn how to be alone without being lonely. It’s the most important lesson you’ll learn. Don’t worry if you don’t see yourself making progress - you are. Just by living you’re making progress. You’ll see.

In The Cards

A little something for my Kullara buds, an awesome group of people who deserve more love ^_^

Coran was the one who had received the invitation to the festival. If they agreed to attend, the Paladins of Voltron were to be the guests of honour at the Celebration of the Stars, an annual festival of food, festivities and frivolities. After recent events he felt the team could use a pick me up. Allura had agreed.

She could almost see the very fitting stars in the eyes of the young pilots as they took in the spectacle before them. The sights, the sounds, the smells, they seemed so delighted. Most of them any way. Keith was hanging back, which really didn’t surprise anyone. The others just shrugged his moodiness off, deciding they were going to enjoy themselves with or without him.

“This is just like the carnivals back home!” Lance enthused, watching as what looked like a rollercoaster spun by overhead without the benefit of a track. “Only more awesome!”

“And dangerous.” Hunk noted as his eyes followed the same spinning thrill-ride.

“Must work on an anti-grav propulsion system.” Pidge theorised.

“Or some kind of magnetic-hover device.” Hunk added.

“Can you turn off the geek-speak for one night?” Lance glared at them. “We’re here to kick-back and have some fun.”

“What about him?” Pidge jerked a thumb to where Keith was trailing behind, finding something fascinating in the foliage of a rather ordinary looking tree.

“Ah, he’s a lost cause.” Lance waved him off. “You coming, Princess?”

“I don’t think we should leave him all by himself.” She was watching the sullen paladin with concern. Shiro’s loss had hit them all hard, but it had effected Keith the most. He’d never been the happiest of people, but he used to smile at least, on occasion, join in on conversations. He’d been so quiet lately she was beginning to forget what his voice sounded like.

“I’d say have fun, but I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word.” Lance snorted as he turned towards the lights and laughter of the festival.

“If he doesn’t snap out of this funk soon…” Hunk sighed, shaking his head sadly as he and Pidge followed in Lance’s wake.

“You do realise that tree is not part of the celebration?” Allura folded her arms across her chest. He turned to her but didn’t respond or make a move. She let out an exasperated sigh.

“Come on.” She grabbed him by the wrist and started marching towards the festivities. “I’ll win you a prize.”

He was going to have some fun if it killed her!


Keith was staring at the black bead eyes of the vaguely cat-like toy Allura had, true to her word, won for him at some game which had required her to match an ever changing pattern of lights. It had far too many legs and wire in its multiple tails to make them hold a star shape to really be called a cat, though. Naturally, when asked, Allura had picked the red one. In return he’d won her a dark silken scarf festooned with sparkles that resembled the night sky above them by simply throwing sharp needles through multi-coloured balls of light.

They had stopped to eat, or at least Allura had. He still wasn’t eating very much, he had no appetite when he was depressed, but he had managed a few bites of something spirally that had tasted like fried potato, though it had been iridescent blue in colour. Allura returned to him with something green and pink that looked remarkably like a churro.

“You should try this.” She held it out to him, beaming. “It’s wonderful.”

He broke a small portion off the tip of it and popped it in his mouth. It even tasted like a churro. It would seem carnival food was as wonderfully greasy and unhealthy here as it was on Earth.

“Yeah…” He admitted. “It’s pretty good.”

Her grin widened. He’d actually said something positive.

“Come on.” She said. “There’s something over this way I’m dying to try.”

He followed her to a small ornate tent covered with stars and crescent moons. A creature with long, rope-like arms sat in its opening, moving the slender limbs and swaying back and forth in a sinuously hypnotic way. It was hard to determine the gender of the creature, in truth it may not even have a gender. It watched them with pale blue eyes as Allura led him to its tent.

“A fortune teller?” He looked skeptical.

“I do not tell fortunes, young one.” It said in a strange, musical tone, slowly blinking its eyes. It made a graceful gesture with one three-fingered hand. “I impart the plans of the universe.”

He looked at Allura, clearly still unconvinced.

“It’ll be fun.” She said, pushing him into the darkness within. The creature, the universal seer, or whatever it was, flowed in behind them. It continued in its almost liquid-like movements, he absently wondered if it had any bones, to come to rest on the opposite side of the round table that sat in the centre of the draped fabric space, gesturing for them to sit amongst the collection of velvet and silk cushions piled on the floor.

It scooped up a small pile of rectangles that looked strangely familiar to the young man from the other side of the cosmos.

“Tarot Cards?” Keith frowned.

“You know of them?” The seer inquired.

“We have them back home.” He admitted, though he’d never held much stock in them. “But I didn’t know they were so…” He trailed off, not sure of the right word.

“Universal?” The seer suggested with an obvious, and playful, smile.

It spread the cards across the table in a perfect arc. “Twenty two cards.” It said. “Five will tell you your past, your present and your future.” One hand unfurled in front of Allura. “Choose.” The Princess lay a finger on the cloth before one, fifth from the centre. The seer lay a suction-cup tipped finger on the card and turned it over. It showed an ornately robed woman sitting between two pillars.

“The High Priestess.” It intoned. “Wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. You have a deep, intuitive understanding of the universe.”

It turned to Keith, its lips quirked upwards. It was obvious it knew he had little faith in its abilities. “Clear you mind. Still your doubts. And choose.” It made the same graceful motion with its hands. He let out a deep breath and tapped the one on the end closest to him. It picked it up with its sticky fingertip and flipped it over. Keith was faced with a hooded figure holding a lamp.

“The Hermit.” It smiled. “You are introspective and focus your attentions inwards to find the answers you seek.”

It gestured to Allura to select her second card. It depicted a beautiful woman by a pool of water surrounded by stars.

“Ah…the Star. The universe has blessed you. Your hope and faith will be renewed as you enter a loving stage in your life. You will find a deeper understanding in yourself and those around you.” Its eyes slid briefly to Keith. “Trust the universe, a bright future awaits you.”

Pale eyes returned to Keith, one eyebrow quirked. He touched another, the third from the last he’d picked. The seer gracefully turned it over. It showed a skeleton in full armour riding a horse and brandishing a banner.

“Death!” It hissed dramatically. The pair exchanged a worried glance. That couldn’t be good. Then the seer laughed, a tinkling bell-like sound.

“Do not look so concerned.” It smiled. “It is not to be taken literally. It means an ending. A new beginning. You are moving on to something far more important that what has come before.” It leaned in closer to him. “Do not resist this change, it could do you irreparable harm. Let go of the past, embrace your future.”

It sat back, its hands drifting across the remaining cards.

“The fifth and final card is mine to choose.” It said, eyes closed, hands moving hypnotically back and forth. “Through me the universe will reveal what it has planned for you both.” Its hands stilled, one finger dipping down to select the card. It depicted two figures, one obviously make the other obviously female, an angel watching over them both.

The seer opened its eyes and smiled. “I suspected as much.”

“What is this one?” Allura frowned.

Keith let out a shuddering sigh. “It’s called The Lovers.” Two pairs of blue eyes fixed on him, one aghast, the other amused.

“And you know this how?” The seer asked.

“I saw it in a movie.” He shrugged.

“This one is like the Death card, right?” Allura queried. “Not to be taken literally.”

The seer’s smile was almost wicked. “No.” It imparted. “This one is VERY literal. Perfection, harmony and mutual attraction.” They exchanged another, weighted glance. The universe wanted THAT from them.

“Of course their are subtleties in the interpretation.” The seer admitted. “The bond you share does not necessarily have to be a romantic one.” It lidded its eyes heavily, suggestively. “Or a…sexual one…” it seemed to take great delight in their discomfort. “But that does not mean that it is…not.” It spread it’s hands gracefully, smiling widely, almost knowingly.

“But the trust each has in the other will grant you the strength and confidence you will require to overcome the trials you will no doubt soon face. Have faith in each other and you will prevail.”


“So how DID you know that card?” Allura asked.

They had returned to the food tents to wait for the others. Hunk’s stomach at least would eventually lead them to the same spot. Allura was sampling something fluffy and cloud-like while Keith poked at some of the blue potato stuff with a spork.

“Like I said, a movie.” He speared a piece of his food, lifted it up, turned it this way and that, some of the acid green topping dripped back into the basket. “This guy wanted to…enact…the card with this girl, so he stacked the deck in his favour.” He smiled a little.

“No way!”

They turned to the sound of Lance’s voice.

“You’ve seen a James Bond movie?” He boggled, bumping his hip against Keith’s to force him to move over so he could sit. He picked up one of the fries. “A damn ancient one, but it’s a start.”

He grinned. “And was that a smile I just saw?”

“I’m just glad you’re eating.” Pidge said, sliding in on his other side, subtly dragging the basket of food away from Lance. “You ARE eating these, right.”


Lance popped the one he’d stolen into his mouth and instantly turned red. His jaw gaped and e started fanning his mouth with his hand while gasping “hothothothothot!” Keith casually pushed a large container of liquid towards him which he grateful gulped down.

HOW are you eating them?” He demanded when he found his voice. “That stuff is pure evil!” He pointed at the topping. “It’s like someone dialled jalapeños up to a million!”

“Oh, please.” Hunk scoffed. “The jalapeño doesn’t even crack the top ten on the Scoville Scale.” He took his own sample, and almost choked on it. “Jeez!” He wiped tears from his eyes as he reached for the container of liquid. “How ARE you eating these?” He took a deep swallow.

“Guardian Spirit of Fire.” He reminded them, depositing the one he’d been studying in his mouth and chewing it slowly and deliberately with no obvious effect.

“Wusses.” Pidge grinned. Keith smirked, pushing the basket towards her in offering. She looked at it for a moment, took in the still red faces of her Garrison teammates, before pushing it back. “I think I’m good.”

“Now who’s the wuss?” Lance snorted.

“I’ll try one.” Allura said brightly, retrieving one with two delicate fingers. She sampled it, chewing thoughtfully. Her cheeks flushed ever so slightly. “Yes, it is a little spicy.” She admitted. “But very tasty.”

The unaffected pair shared a chuckle. Perfection, harmony and mutual attraction…for spicy food at least.

“Pft.” Lance rolled his eyes. “Aliens.”


By its tent the seer smiled at the playful interaction between the quintet, two of the five in particular. Their hands brushed briefly as they reached into the food basket at the same time, each drawing back quickly as if scalded.

“Fight it all you wish.” It spoke softly. “The universe will not be denied.”

“This movie [To The Bone] was really important to me to be a part of because, as a teenager, I suffered from eating disorders. This is the first time I’m talking about it. This is my moment of talking about it. It’s important. It’s really important. It’s something that a lot of young women go through and there’s no shame in it, and this movie is about that — it’s about embracing your past and about realizing it’s something that doesn’t define who you are, but it’s about your experiences, surrounding yourself with people that support you, and about surviving and getting through it.”

White People:

It is ok to love yourselves. It is ok to be proud of your heritage and your culture. It is ok to love your peoples’ languages and foods and music and mythologies, and to immerse yourselves in them. It is ok to point out that “white” is not a monolithic, faceless evil, but a rich tapestry of individuals, ethnicities, traditions and histories, not just of evil, but also of good. Not just of thievery, but of discovery. 

Anyone who tries to make you feel guilty for the way your genes express melanin and the supposed power you derive from that is conflating institutions with individuals. Anyone who tries to make you feel ugly for the ugliness that we all have in our racial histories is conflating equality with revenge. 

Recognize the past, embrace your present, and strive for a future when all people can love themselves and their heritage without being made to feel lesser for it.

-Someone who is a mix of races and ethnicities, white and otherwise

If you do not embrace your past and your darkness, then you will never be whole. I spent the longest time of my life trying to ignore, reject, and dismantle the parts of myself which I perceived to be undesirable. This includes my emotions, my thoughts and my mistakes which I perceived to all be stains of myself and distorting a worthy perception of my self. You can guess that this caused me even further distress as you cannot cure a sickness by attempting to cover it, or simply by wishing it away. Lately, you may have noticed that you are receiving thoughts dating back to childhood, or receiving memories in small Bulks that you cannot seem to fully decipher, or perhaps even dreams of childhood homes. You are being called to re-assess and reconnect with yourself. Your whole self. Your higher self. Recognise that masculine and feminine energies must exist as one. Recognise that wholeness is the secret of God. The only way to successfully rid yourself of ailments is travelling to the root of them, finding out what initially caused them, and seeking the cure from there. I feel as if we have been conditioned as a society to favour covering and suppressing aspects of ourselves that we do not want to deal with, as opposed to listening to them, and what it is they attempt to express. After all, any type of pain tries to warn the host of symptoms of danger, so that they may bring correction and solution. Man is whole. There exists no separate or incomplete parts of man, and therefore it is vital to incorporate all parts of man in the journey of attaining ultimate oneness. The problem with many when trying to rid themselves of anxiety and depression and similar ailments is that they try to silence them, through things such as overeating, destructive behaviour, alcoholism, excessive partying, drug abuse, and medication, as opposed to identifying what their feelings are trying to bring attention to. We will find a lot of the time there are unresolved matters that we bury deeply within, namely from childhood, and whilst we think that they are lost, they are stored in parts of our bodies. Our soul bodies, emotional bodies, and spiritual bodies, and there they may manifest in sinister ways. It is important to do regular self work, this is identifying with the soul. We are constantly going through new experiences and downloading new data, if we shut off with ourselves we never align with our highest self and highest order. The shadow self is the self that we try to repress and forget. It consists of painful past memories, and thoughts and actions that are born from them. But we are wrong and selfish in our desire to deny this self. For this is silencing our pain and telling it that it is not worthy of a voice. It is just as worthy of a voice as all other parts of ourself. We are worthy of a voice. We can only truly attain self love when we welcome this shadow self, and finally acknowledge it as a living and working part of ourself. That is the key toward ascension, toward aligning with the universe to be apart of the great cosmic shift that is currently taking place. The shadow self is also very much related to the childhood voice. As many things occur in childhood that have shaped our later being, the painful memories that may provoke our darker behaviours are all stored there. True healing means digging deep into these parts, and giving your inner child the love and worth that has previously been denied to it. It is time for your inner child to recognise that It has always been loved, that it came from love, and that he or she was always worthy of that love, the eternal and maternal love of the multiverse. Blessed be.

Don’t regret your past. Always remember that it happened because it’s meant to happen. Don’t forget all that you have ever learned. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes those are things that happened to you in the past will shape you in becoming a better person in the future. Every memory that you have is a part of you. Every bad happenings, painful memories, heartbreaks, and even those little things that you thought has nothing to do with you have made you exactly who you are presently. Don’t try to forget the person who you used to be just because you want to forget your past and just trying to sweep that person under the rug.  Embrace your past, learned from it even if it doesn’t make you happy when thinking about it. It’s not something that you have to forget, it’s something that serves as your inspiration and you know you will never do the same mistake again. Embrace the trials and tribulations that you experienced, and take with you the lessons that taught you a lot of things. Embrace those memories as you move forward with your present life.

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PEPSI: Live for NOW  Ft Beyonce.

“Embrace your past, but Live for NOW.”

This is part of a whole campaign for the soda called #LiveforNOW which reminds me a lot of #YOLO, I don’t know why!

Love the coreo, the dressing, the moto,  THE SONG! (so catchy! Literally I can’t stop listening to it).

The song was produced by Timbaland, the track’s named ‘Grown Woman’ and hits iTunes on monday! 

I’m actually seeing a lot of good mkt from Pepsi.

This is certainly an ad I’ll remember.

Enjoy & Share!


hynem  asked:

How do you feel when you see an african american wearing african clothing? I know a lot of people dont see it as cultural appropriation but I really don’t know. like I just dont know. what do you guys think? Ive heard some opinions and points about this but i would like to hear a few more. Thanks!

The whole ‘African Americans appropriating African Culture’ thing gets me upset soley because African culture(s) are treated monolithically. As if Africa as a whole goes by a certain one set of cultural traditions and customs that are a free for all for anyone who is black. No.

1. There’s no ‘African culture’. There’s culture(s). Thousands of diverse cultures varying on many different aspects.

2. The issue I’m seeing many Africans have is seeing African Americans with is, for example, someone wearing a skirt with kente cloth from Ghana while showing Yoruba tribal marks.

People are just throwing on whatever ‘African’ thing they see and say they’re embracing their roots without trying to really understand it. The ‘fashions’ from afropunk were a perfect example. You’ll see someone with Maasai jewelry with Wolof style attire yelling “culture” & when some people get called out on that, they accuse Africans of accusing them of appropriation. So we’re asking…fam, there’s no Maasai tribe in Senegal so which ‘African Culture’ is this?

3. Understand what it is you’re wearing and I personally won’t have an issue with it. Wearing it because it’s trendy & getting called out then accusing someone of accusing you of appropriation is pure BS.

Embrace your roots past clothing & fashion, if you’re going to wear something from an African culture, prepare to be asked about it and have an answer. Not because you’re African American and getting called out etc…but because you are now choosing to represent an entire culture of people. Whenever I wear anything from Kenya, I get questioned by people who are interested in learning about it. Same goes for anyone who chooses to embrace their roots in that form. I do the same whenever I see others, I’ll ask are you from ___ because I see you’re wearing ___“ & legit if I hear “no I just thought it was cool” I really get upset. So I can only imagine how someone from a particular culture would feel if they saw someone wearing something  from their culture in particular and not even knowing what it is they’re wearing. What you’re saying to that person is “your culture has no value to me past looking cool at the moment” & that is offensive, no debate.

A Wounded Deer-leaps the highest.-EMILY DICKINSON
Our wounds and scars give us strength and courage.Mine have made every moment in life more meaningful, and in the end i know myself better. I'm stronger and my passion for life is deeper.I can finally appreciate my wounds for the blessings that they brought me.
Goal:Embrace your past difficculties and painful experience-they helped shape you.You are stronger for having gone through all that you have,and no matter what,you stand here today able to talk about them