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Dan & Phil describing each other for the Summer in the City book

Dan Howell, whose name rhymes with hand towel, bland scowl, and sand owl, was created when a woodland creature had a baby with Liam Payne from one direction. When not procrastinating by eating the entire fridge or staying awake until 6am, he makes youtube videos on the channel danisnotonfire (which was his username back in the lolrandom bebo days.) Before becoming a Youtuber, teenager Dan worked in a DIY shop until one day he sold an axe to an eight year old. Dan’s Greatest Hits include “what not to do at the beach” (where he actually went outside), “sexy internet dating” (where he invited a naked 58 year old man called Manesh to our house), and “what is my life” (where he spent eight minutes pritt-sticking various meat products to his face). I know what you are thinking, “I want some Dan facts!” WELL HERE THEY ARE, JENNY! (I just totally freaked out anyone called Jenny) Dan is scared of trees. Dan eats cinnamon cereal every day (except the days I steal his cereal). I am sat next to Dan now and he said if he could have any dog it would be a Shiba Inu. If you haven’t checked out his videos yet then you are missing out - a LOT. Also you might want to check out his pretty cool friend Phil.

Get his autograph below! or find someone else called Dan and get him to forge it. Just convince yourself it was true.

Ok bye.

- Phil.

Phil Lester is the by-product of two related grandparents and a haircut that was cool in 2006, but that’s okay because he has a lovely personality. His quirky videos and idiosyncratic editing sets him apart from other YouTube vloggers - that and his unique life which seems to attract a worryingly large amount of strange people and situations (which he relives for your enjoyment). If you look at yourself in the mirror and think “wow i am so weird, how do i function?” - Phil’s the guy that teaches you to embrace your individuality.

If you see Phil this weekend, do not be alarmed if his hand is facing backwards towards his pocket in a claw shape, he can’t help it. And he was does not condone irresponsible use of a permanent marker on your face.

Remember, normalness leads to sadness.

- Dan

🌊 Healing Through Astrology: The 12th House 🌊

Sun In The 12th: Using your alone time to reflect and discover yourself instead of just using it to escape from the world will heal you. Self love and self awareness don’t come easy but it’s what will get you through anything that life throws at you and you will never feel more free then you will in the moment that you embrace this and not let the opinions of others affect you.

Moon In The 12th: Taking the time to dive into your subconscious and finding out what you are feeling and what you truly need is what will heal you. Your deep and porous emotions can be used for good once you are aware of your feelings. Being able to let go of past hurts will wash away all of the negative feelings that you carry along with you on your shoulders and will make you feel new. 

Mercury In The 12th: Speaking up and overcoming your fear of speaking your mind is what will heal you. Your shyness and quietness sometimes doesn’t let others notice you easily. You use writing and art to convey your feelings instead of speaking about them and learning to speak about your ideas and dreams will let you become more noticed and appreciated.

Venus In The 12th: Showing your true loving nature and knowing when to leave toxic relationships is what will heal you. You tend to look over the flaws of others and fall victim to many toxic partners and friends and being able to simply walk away and save your love for people who deserve it will make you more willing to open your heart and love unconditionally.

Mars In The 12th: Standing up for yourself and not letting people walk all over you will heal you. You let your anger boil inside of you for so long or it comes out without you even being aware of it. When you don’t let your anger go inward and you assert yourself you will become stronger and more empowered than you think.

Jupiter In The 12th: Branching yourself out to the world, developing new beliefs and having new experiences will heal you. You have a low faith in others and you fear change and isolate yourself from others from fear of change and craving of safety. When you are able to go out and experience everything the world has to offer, you will be less afraid of it and you can live your life to its fullest.

Saturn In The 12th: Letting go of the past and not feeling guilty or scared in every move you make will heal you. You feel guilt and fear very often and you don’t even know where it comes from and you isolate yourself from everyone to not make any mistakes or expose yourself to the reality of the world. When you are able to forgive yourself from the past and become productive instead of restricted in your alone time, you will finally have learned your lesson and be able to let go of your past self and move on.

Uranus In The 12th: Accepting your uniqueness and going off on your own path through life will heal you. You feel different and isolated from the world and you feel like you can’t connect to anyone fully. Embracing your individuality and not following norms in order to please others will make you less passive and increasingly independent and innovative.

Neptune In The 12th: Facing reality and using your deeply emotional abilities for helping yourself and others will heal you. You tend to escape any kind of possible hurt that comes your way and you have a hard time distinguishing your own feelings because you feel everyone else’s without trying. When you are able to face hardships head on and subject yourself to your own feelings as well as the feelings of others, you will not only be able to help and heal others, but become someone who is openly compassionate and empathic instead of an escapist. 

Pluto In The 12th: Channeling your inner power and intensity and transforming yourself will heal you. You feel powerless and helpless frequently and you bury your feelings inward and try to stay cold and detached instead. Being able to find your inner strength and gaining control over your life will help you transform into a more powerful and formidable individual.

anonymous asked:

YOU are one of a kind. You are lucky enough to have something that makes you different from everyone else. Embrace your individuality. Self-worth comes from one thing: thinking that you are worthy. So appreciate what it feels like underneath your own skin. You are amazing just the way you are!! ♡♡♡

Putting the memes to a side i want to talk seriously about how nice and right this comment is.
Not in the fact that is complimenting me but on the fact that self worth comes from within you and only yourself.
I want to use this ask to address everyone out there that feels like shit due to lack of self confidence since i have some unattended asks on the issue on my askbox.
I deal with these things myself but luckily i deal with it, my jokes are satire about it, in a way i parody my own issues and laugh at them because it is better laugh at a flaw than weep at it. Never take to heart my self hate since again, it is a joke.

But there are people out there that feel lack of self confidence to unbareable amounts and i want to give the advice that has helped me.

Every person is their own castle and that castle is nice looking due to how it is mantained. 
These castles are all different and even though some may be weirder than others they are all unique in their ways and they all matter. 

Your body, mind and soul is a castle and even though you may think it is dusty or some details are off every single person that enters it will be amazed by how unique it is!
But again let’s reality check, you clean this castle yourself so if you think it is ugly there are chances it will be a while gathering dust due to lack of attention and it won’t help your case.

I’m not gonna say just get up and have confidence in yourself cause hell i know that is bs advice, i’m gonna tell you to take the time to take care of yourself because even though confidence is there or not your body and mind matters. 
In my case, my self confidence got better after cleaning my own castle, in a way of speaking. Because you see it nice and you start liking it in the long run. 

The secret is in making the first move to look after yourself, mentally and physically. Looking after yourself even if it seems boring or hard can do huge changes into your life, positive ones.

Anon, thank you for this ask, i really do appreciate seeing this in my inbox and hopefully it turned into a discussion that can help someone in the future.
I just really wanted to addres this issue since it is a recurring gag on the blog but at the same time a very important subject.


- before the show even started
- ALL the starco hugs
- Adam continuously teasing us
- Marco’s a BOOOOOOYYY
- Mewberty basically
- the introduction of Janna
- that ONE episode that shook everyone
- the cactus headband
- that svtfoe hate blog
- the season finale
- Marco being a badass
- Marco in the shower lol
- “My thoughts on Marco”
- babysitting parents
- moon butterfly being AWESOME - “TRUTH! Star Butterfly has a crush on….” - that fucking tomco poster

Ok, most you you know ST. Olga it’s one of my favorite episodes from Star vs The Forces of Evil. Because it shows development, Growth and there a hundred of lessons on it (I already mentioned about Marco’s uprising and his friendship with Ponyhead).

I’m watching all again (So I get over the Feels Gravity Falls given me to get the feels of SVTFOE hiatus), and I just noticed this really quick scene:

For those who don’t know the show (or don’t remember), St. Olga School to Wayward Princesses it’s a modeling school to future princess that are out the “profile” to a perfect queen.

The thing is that the school it’s horrible, they teach through torture and endless oppression. Star best friend (Ponyhead) is in there, she and Marco went to rescue her on the princess birthday. Things goes downhill when Marco is captured and Ponyhead still brainwashed. Star has a breakdown when she sees this poster:

She’s furious; They washed away her friend and are about to do the same with Marco. She knows that this is wrongs and there’s nothing she can do. Because of her breakdown while hitting his poster, Ponyhead recovers herself and tear the poster apart, then they go rescue Marco. 

And right after they are leaving, we have this really quick scene.

I never paid attention until I realize that now it says “Embrace your individuality”.

Can you understand how powerful this is? The major public to the show are girls. Girls that are growing up and always being told to be “ladylike” or whatever; and the minor of boys watching are told “this is a girl show” or had to “act like a men.” when they’re just kids, let them be!

This episode on it all says it’s wrong to “reform” who you are to be what people expect from you, to be yourself even if others says it’s wrong. It also shows how people who tries to always fit the “role” suffer from it. Mrs. Heinous brainwash herself on order to keep being what she thinks it’s a role model.

Imagine being 10 years old, not fitting those roles and watching this show that says “It’s ok to be who you are.” This poster says everything a growing up kid (not only girls) needs to hear to be who they are:

“Embrace your individuality”

anonymous asked:

Hey Sim, I absolutely adore your photos and how confident you are about your body (which you should be because you are GORGEOUS in every way). But I was wondering if you had any tips on how to be more confident about the way you look? I could never do something like be seen without a top or get my bikini area lasered/waxed because I'd be way to embarrassed and insecure. Even just normal wearing clothes Im so shy, especially around guys or people I admire. I wish I could be different though...

Thank you for the kind words m’love. I think the most important thing is finding a sense of self-love & that isn’t always an easy journey. Here’s just a mix of thoughts & advice that comes to mind when I think of finding confidence:

  • wearing clothes & dressing yourself in a way that makes you feel hot, forget about what other people think, it’s what you think of yourself
  • embrace your individuality & your own style
  • eat foods that make you feel good on the inside because I strongly believe it encourages you to feel better on the outside
  • surround yourself by people that make you feel supported & you don’t feel judged by
    • this is huge. if you’re surrounded by people who make you feel judged you will constantly be judging yourself & forever uncertain in your decisions, thus find people who will support you & love you for who you are. Make sure you can be open with these people & talk to them about anything & then take them with you to get waxed!!
  • try to avoid negative talk about yourself or others, always try to think of the positives; things you like about yourself as opposed to not like & change the subject if people are being negative
  • push yourself outside your comfort zone. I know this is pretty obvious but I can guarantee you the more you do it the easier it gets. So talk to a friend’s close guy friend & then you’ll start finding it easier to talk to guys or just go get waxed once in the middle of nowhere (if you get stressed about knowing people or whatever) & then you’ll be able to do it again
  • believe in yourself. Sort of similar to the idea of fake it until you make it, your mindset is just as important as your actions so if you believe your confidence & force yourself to feel confidence you will be confident & it will start coming more naturally. 

Honestly, when it comes to confidence I think the key is just pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to do those things that make you feel vulnerable. Once you’ve gotten over the first hump of doing it once, it will get easier & easier & your confidence will improve. Hope this helps m’love & all the best! Sending love your way xxxxx

The New Money Girls Round-Up

Learn How To: Embrace Your Individuality, Become A Boss Bitch, Deal with False Friends and Those That Reject and Leave You, Build a Body You Love, Manage Your Allowance, Tips, Or Donations Responsibly, Make Him Want to Say Yes, Master the Art of Conversation, Find Your Purpose, Handle Pre-Mature Sexual Advance (aka the Request for “Naughty” Pictures), Predict Your Success as a Sugar Baby, and Let Beyonce Teach You How to Handle Haters and Your Hustle.

Roughly two weeks ago, I decided to do something crazy. I decided to do the thing that motivated me to join the sugar bowl in the first place; I decided I was going to share my art and what I believe are the most important things that I’ve learned since I joined the sugar bowl. Before I shared my art, I thought that I should share the message, the inspiration, behind each girl first. We’ve spent two weeks together walking through every single major lesson I’ve learned since I decided that being a sex worker was something I could do successfully. As always, I wasn’t sure if anyone would care. As always, you all have shown me that I was wrong. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the art itself and Thursday we’ll actually be able to look at it and if you find yourself loving it the way I do, you’ll be able to become a collector. I’m currently laughing a very neurotic and nervous laugh right now, in case you were wondering. If you haven’t read all of the girls’ messages, use the links below to catch up. I’ll see you tomorrow. 

Where it all began: let’s talk about money. 

My name is Eliana, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to know that you are an individual-not a stereotype-and you have full control over your future.

My name is Vivienne, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to become a boss bitch. 

My name is Zion, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to be grateful for the haters, doubters, and people that reject you.

My name is Delia, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to become a siren.

My name is Whitley, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to build a body you love.

My name is Zoe, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to manage your tips, allowance, or donations responsibly.

My name is Janine, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to make him WANT to say yes.

My name is Nadia, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to master the art of conversation.

My name is Cassidy, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to find your purpose.

My name is Theresa, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to know how to handle premature sexual advances and requests.

My name is Leona, I am a New Money Girl, and I want you to know 6 things that can help you predict your success as a sugar baby.

My name is Shea, I am a New Money Girl, and I want Beyonce to teach you how to handle your haters as you work on your hustle. 

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Hey! Love your blog! With the whole "adorable personality" comment Dan made to Phil, I've noticed Dan compliments Phil's personality often. Have you noticed that or just me? Also I can't find it but there was a video where he said he thought "Phil's personality was better than anyones" or something? It's so obvious how much he admires him. I think it's really sweet.

I definitely agree. As much as people give Dan a hard time for jokingly messing with or “picking on” Phil, I think he has always 100% been his biggest fan. I’m not even attempting to reference the origin of how they met and the fact that Dan was literally a fan, but rather the way you can so clearly tell he thinks the absolute world of him.

The video you are looking for was “A Chat with Dan Howell” posted on Bertie G’s channel. It is now removed but there is still the copy of it on vimeo that you can watch here  . Note: race is randomly brought up so please watch for context or else this could sound terribly wrong. Bertie is intentionally asking ridiculous questions to make the interview seem uncomfortable. B: “You’re both white…why is that? Why don’t you live with a black person?” D: “Uhh It’s not skin deep…Phil’s personality could be inside any skin case.” B: “Are you saying Phil’s personality is better than any black person’s in the world. Is that what you just said?” D: “Maybe…for me…personally…yes.” While the video was intended to be sort of awkward and a bit of a joke, I did not interpret anything funny or fake about Dan’s answer. “Phil’s personality could be inside any skin case” is really a lovely thing to say. He believes Phil’s personality to suit him best of anyone. Outer appearance makes no difference.

Dan has always seemed to find a way to sneak in little compliments for Phil. Between his subtle sweet comments during the radio show, his tendency to give unprovoked praise of Phil and his work across social media (especially those random twitter replies to fans) and the many statements on younow, it is clear that “your personality is too adorable” does not symbolize even half of it.

Dan seems to place high value on individuality and it is clear that this is something he strongly admires in Phil. I get the sense that he he is very drawn to uniqueness and the qualities that make people “different” and set them apart. He certainly does not view conformity as something to aspire to. One example that first came to mind was in regards to appearance. How many times has he shot down Phil’s comments about thinking of cutting his hair or getting a quiff with “no, you’ll look like everyone else.” While this is just a superficial example, I think it gives insight into his fear of blending in and the appreciation he has for eccentricity. Phil embodies a lot of that ideal. His quirkiness paired with an unabashed “I just am who I am” mentality is truly refreshing. He doesn’t apologize for who he is and instead embraces and owns that part of his personality. I think this is incredibly attractive to Dan. Whether as a friend or something more, I would guess that he finds those traits to be of great appeal. (cont)

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I remember the first time I dared to step into the role of canon character. It is nerve wracking endeavor, or at least it was in my experience. The more popular and prominent the muse, the harder it was. Not only was there the pressure of maintaining an accurate portrayal of what could potentially be tens of thousands of people’s favorite character, there are other people playing that same role. What is meant to be a fun, creative experience can often become a volatile competition between people who actually just want to achieve the same thing – have fun writing a character they enjoy.

This happens in virtually every fandom. I know the sting of putting a great deal of effort into a role, and then seeing another writer of my muse get mentioned as ‘the best’ on my dash in a roleplay confessions post. I also know how it feels when it’s something as simple as not ending up on someone’s follow forever. You sometimes wonder if it’s something you’re missing, something you’re doing wrong that just doesn’t click with your partners and readers.

There’s a way to beat that, though. A way to not feel like you’re constantly under scrutiny, or in the midst of some cutthroat competition.

Embrace your individuality. Embrace the fact that no one is capable of writing these characters 'perfectly’ but the original writers themselves. Explore and expand on the parts of your muse that you love, the ones you feel strongest for, and let that appreciation shine through. No one can portray a muse perfectly, but we can be perfect in our own portrayal. There is only one you. If you understand your strengths as a writer and storyteller, and mesh those with your muse, you cannot go wrong. If people feel like you’re 'wrong’ or 'inadequate’ forget about them. In the end, we’re just fans who love these characters and want to bring them to life. We want to see them in situations we haven’t before, and together as a community that’s what we do. 

If there’s a roleplayer on your dash who feels uncertain, who is having second thoughts about their muse, support that person! We hear about all the hate that gets spread around, but we can combat that by spreading love and appreciation as well. 

Chin up, my roleplaying comrades, you’re in the same boat as the rest of us. It’s about time we started rowing in the same direction.

Phil Lester is the by-product of two related grandparents and a haircut that was cool in 2006, but that’s okay because he has a lovely personality. His quirky videos and idiosyncratic editing sets him apart from other YouTube vloggers - that and his unique life which seems to attract a worryingly large amount of strange people and situations (which he relives for your enjoyment). If you look at yourself in the mirror and think “wow i am so weird, how do i function?” - Phil’s the guy that teaches you to embrace your individuality.”
“If you see Phil this weekend, do not be alarmed if his hand is facing backwards towards his pocket in a claw shape, he can’t help it. And he was does not condone irresponsible use of a permanent marker on your face.”
“Remember, normalness leads to sadness.”   
                                                                                               - Dan

OMG! people! I just saw the St. O’s episode, Oh.My.God! What.The.F#ck!

Seriously people, this was bigger than Blood Moon Ball! That was the episode of the big starco moment and this one right here, was the big theory headcannons! Let me just say that all your theories are awesome and make sense, BUT WE’RE NOT CONFIRMED ON WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON!!! I would also like to say that I love how this episode was a half hour long (like how I prefer my shows to be) and that the show is getting deeper and serious. SO HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS!

*St. Olga’s School for Wayward Princesses-So in this episode, we finally get a good look at that “prison-like” school of St. O’s and how Star and Pony Head see it as a torture/dungeon like place like how they always brought it up to be (my thoughts on that later) Anyways, it’s Pony Heads birthday and Star was talking to her through her magic mirror and about to send her some firework shooting cupcakes. However, Pony Head was acting all weird and saying she shouldn’t have them and that there are no deliveries in St. O’s. Star freaks out at the mention of that and hides under rug chest and suddenly, Pony Head is dragged away by the guards for expressing her individuality as her third strike and Star freaks out some more.

Marco sees her upset and tries to cheer her up, but then backs out at the mention that it’s about Pony Head (okay so people are saying that Marco was being an a** for not giving a sh#t about the mention of Pony Head and yeah so that was an a**hole thing for him to do, but let’s keep in mind, Pony Head and Marco aren’t actually close and Pony Head is possessive towards Star. For crying out loud she tired to kill him and although they seemed to have gotten along the last time we saw, they still need to develop more) Star freaks out over mentioning St. O’s again and hides under the rug somewhere else (okay seriously wtf is that under the rug!? It’s her boots, but they’re moving? Who’s under there!? What is under there!? Are her boots alive!? IDK!?) and says they should bust her out and Marco is all in for that badass action so they leave armed with a bobby pin (Marco) and the wand (Star, duh).

They arrive and see a carriage bringing in more wayward, out-of-control, wild and crazy princesses. Marco says they should blend in and disguise themselves so Star transforms via Sailor Moon style (Eeee, childhood nostalgia) into a rebel pirate princess and Marco into a girly princess! Lol! You guys sure loved that didn’t cha? Funny, he only complained once about it and never again? They follow the others in with the scary guards and the igor looking guy and are introduced to a commercial depicting the school on how they turn misbehaving princesses into prim and proper stereotyped princesses (okay, so they’re a little reckless, but they also mention eliminating the individuality too………..what?) we then meet the Headmistress of the St. O’s, Miss Heinous. The cold, ruthless and stern women hell bent on turning princesses into “normal princesses” when she sees Stars heart cheeks, she makes a crack mark on it knowing shes from Mewni (the cheek thing is one of the theories here and I’ll get to that later) after she informs everyone on how there’s no escape with dimensional scissors inside the school and how they’re security is a light tower, Marco and Star sneak off to find Pony Head.

Marco doesn’t see anything wrong with the school and thinks its fancy and elegant (okay, so it maybe it is nicely Victorian with the medieval fantasy design and its morbid look, but it’s still depicted as Hellish and it’s constantly night there!) we then see a singing teacher (a.k.a. Jodi Benson who was both Ariel and Thumbelina) teaching the elephant princess from Sleep Spells (Princess Smooshy) how to sing to animals (okay, so it’s cute that princesses can sing and be friends with animals, but it’s not mandatory!) Star is the only one who sees the horrors of the school and our eyes are opening up to that as well (more on that later).

They finally find Pony Head and see that she’s completely different form what we’ve last seen of her. Her hair is braided, she’s too smiley, she has huge eyes like she’s on drugs or something and more importantly, she’s prim and proper! Star tries to to snap her out of it only for Pony Head to stay etiquette. Despite her wishes and calling out for the guard that was chasing them, Star and Marco run off and come to a room filled with the arrived wayward princesses learning how to sip tea: Keep your pinkies at 90 degrees, more tea please. Marco now sees that Star was right and that St. O’s is a school of horrors (okay, people my eyes are now open to the truth. St. O’s School for Wayward Princesses is a brainwashing facility used to turn out-of-control princesses into mindless stereotyped princesses without they’re consent! I always thought Star, Pony Head and maybe other out-of-control princesses were just overreacting to the school and that it’s not really that bad, I mean when you think of it, it was supposed to sound like a Juvenile Reform School to better yourself with proper class meetings and therapy, but in this case IT’S A LIE! ALL A LIE! THEY’RE BRAINWASHING PRINCESSES WITHOUT THEY’RE CONSENT!) THE SCHOOL IS EVIL!

While they’re hiding, Marco creates a distraction to get the guard away and starts a princess rebellion: IT’S NOT CRIMINAL TO BE INDIVIDUAL! and the princesses follow suit and Star, Marco and Pony Head get away (that was awesome there). Miss Heinous hears about the uprising and demands to find the “princess” responsible for causing it, so she puts the school on lockdown. The gang run into a large round moon where the ceiling is glass wall depicted with demons and a mysterious face and a light shining through with the one eye and the floor being a sun/moon/star symbol too and Star and Marco have no idea what it means (I think we all have ideas on what it all means the sun (Marco, he was originally named Sol according to Daron which means sun), the moon (Blood Moon) and the star (what else, Star) as this is one of the theories and I think I have one of my known too!) as they try to escape through the laundry shoot, Marco gets caught!

Star and Pony Head land in the laundry room and Star finds out from Pony Head that they’re putting Marco through a brainwashing process (Clockwork Orange style) on how to be a proper princess (the bobby pin was no help there, but it was smart to keep it in your stomach as an escape tactic) as Miss Heinous watches. Back with Star, she was doomed. Her best friend is brainwashed, her other friend is going through the same thing and she doesn’t know what to do. What’s worse? She sees a poster that reads, Embrace a Princess mentally, Wash away your Individuality. Star does not like that one bit and goes through a mental breakdown and cries. She thinks who she is wrong and that needs to be corrected making her look pathetic! Poor thing (I remember looking at a post saying how Star feels about that and really hit it hard for her as this is the first time we see her cry for something serious and not something petty or trivial. Here’s something I noticed, her mother wanted to send her here, her mother wanted to send her here, HERE MOTHER WANTED TO SEND HER HERE! HER. MOTHER. WANTED. TO. SEND. HER. HERE!!! QUEEN BUTTERFLY WANTED TO SEND TO SEND HER OWN DAUGHTER TO A SCHOOL WHERE THEY BRAINWASH HER! DOES SHE KNOW WHAT THEY DO THERE!? AND IF SHE DOES, WTF QUEEN BUTTERFLY!? WTF!?) Seeing Star cry heart-brokenly like that finally made Pony Head snap out of it, destroy the poster that now reads: Embrace your Individuality and return to her normal (and playfully out-of-control) self! Star is overjoyed and they go save Marco (Pony Head considers him a friend (an Earth friend to Star) but still a friend none the less even though she still calls him Earth Turd. Remember people, Marco and Pony Head need more development from each other).

Star and Pony Head burst into the brainwashing room and Star turns the machine into a huge butterfly that attacks Miss Heinous and her grows clubs on her cheeks? (wait? wtf? she has clubs on her cheeks!? This is yet another theory everyone’s talking about as now we got a clue on who Miss Heinous really is. Star (hearts), Queen Butterfly (diamonds) and Miss Heinous (clubs) like the deck of cards! But then, who has the spades? Is Miss Heinous Star’s aunt? What does it mean? IDK?) Miss Heinous freaks out over her cheek marks appearing and starts to brainwash herself! (that’s some freaky sh*t right there people). As the gang escape, they see the other princesses still chanting Marcos words and he leads them to bust out and go for a princess attack! Badass! They all attack the guards and Star destroys the tower that was supposed to be the security! Boom, Baby! When Star, Marco and Pony Head try to leave, Pony Head says she’ll stay to watch over the princesses and thanks Star and Marco for helping her be herself again and Star and Marco escape.

In the end, Miss Heinous was done brainwashing herself (*coo-coo*) and her club marks disappear (who are you woman?) she then finds Marcos bobby pin and does some experiments on it discovering that it’s from the Earth Dimension and becomes determined to find “her” and finish ‘em off! Done Done Done! 

OMG! What an episode! We got sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many theories and secrets that are yet to be solved and we going into Gravity Falls territory! I think I have a theory of my own and I’ll post it soon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go and reblog all your theories so I can remind myself and everyone in the svtfoe fandom what the good f*ck is going on!