embrace your darkness

Final list of reasons why Bethany Young HAS to be important to the endgame in some way

Here are all my reasons why Bethany’s name just has to pop up in this final season. Not saying she’s AD (but she very well could be!) - but at absolute minimum, she is important to the story in some capacity.

1) Dr Cochran said that he delivered two of Mary’s babies - one went to Jessica (Charlotte), the other went to family county services (???) and Veronica confirmed that Spencer went to her. So, there is a third unknown child who grew up in Radley. Who do we know of that grew up in Radley? Bethany. 

“Embrace your darkness. I had to. That’s how you win the game. - A.D” This just sounds like someone was forced to live in Radley and ‘put up with it’. They can cry about their life everyday, or they can soak up their circumstances and use it to, oh I dunno, play the A game. Bethany?

2) Dr Cochran referred to the second unknown baby as “underweight but tenacious” which is exactly the words that the writers chose for Toby to call Spencer. They were foreshadowing the similarities between the second baby (Bethany) and Spencer because Bethany is Spencer’s twin.

3) The Aunt Jessie incident. Mary wanted to be close to her daughter (Bethany). She pretended to be Jessica because Jessica was on the board of Radley and was allowed to sign out patients. Bethany started calling Mary “mum” which will blow Mary’s cover - she’s not supposed to be out of Radley - she’s pretending to be Jessica, after all. So, Mary demanded she call her “Aunt Jessie”.

4) Jessica told Mary that the Charles grave is real. This was a huge lie. Could this be why Bethany drew Jessica like this? Bethany thought her sister was dead. (No wonder Mary pretended to be Jessica by sleeping with Peter. She wanted to punish her sister.)

5) The only boy this could possibly be is Charles. So the fact that Bethany was drawing Charles being taken away from her (adopted by Jessica), means that the loss of Charles was important. It’ll make sense for Bethany to be A.D and wanting to avenge Charlotte’s death. The signs of Bethany being angry at the loss of Charlotte is in this picture.

6) What the hell?

Has this got anything to do with the fact that Bethany (a talented artist) never draws her face? Well, it’s tricky to answer because we’ve already seen her face: Troian’s face! She’s Spencer’s twin. Mary had ‘two Spencers’. 

7) Charlotte called Wren to tell him that Melissa buried Bethany - what if that wasn’t Charlotte trying to break up Wren and Melissa, but instead, she was just trying to get justice for Bethany by ruining the life of the one who killed her (Melissa killed Bethany as she died from suffocation). This is again foreshadowing the strong connection between Charlotte and Bethany. (Assuming she is dead.)

8) If Bethany really is Spencer’s twin, that means the flashback on the roof with Marion wasn’t depicted properly. Since Charlotte is older than Spencer and therefore older than Spencer’s twin, Charlotte would’ve been older than Bethany. They weren’t the same age. Essentially, the error was NOT that Toby and Alison looked like teenagers when Marion was alive. The error was that Charlotte looked so young. She wasn’t that young.

9) Why would Sara Harvey care about sending letters to Bethany’s parents? This could be Bethany telling her parents that she is alive and well.

OR, maybe that was Sara Harvey, who, under orders from Charlotte, had to send Bethany’s parents flowers. That still highlights the important relationship Charlotte and Bethany had.

10) Was this Bethany in 420?

11) Did Spencer’s twin kill Yvonne? Did the twin provide poisonous those butterscotch biscuits that Yvonne was eating in 713? That could’ve been AD’s dangerous way of doing her sister a favour. “Oh c’mon sis, I know you love Toby. I was doing you a favour!”

12) Letters from A.D. Bethany and Alison DiLaurentis were sending each other letters - is this Bethany’s lair, and she kept Alison’s letters? Is this Bethany’s motive; that Alison lured her to Rosewood to kill her? It’s awfully suspicious that Uber A has a box titled “Letters from A.D.” in their own lair, since they ARE A.D! Well, maybe the letters are from Alison (to Bethany), rather than from Uber A.

The point of this post isn’t really to jump to conclusions; she may be dead, alive, A.D,, a helper, or just another one of Mary’s children. Point being that she is important in some way and I can’t wait to see how. I will be 100% disappointed in the endgame if her name is not even mentioned in some way. I’ll be sure to update this if I think of more reasons as to why she is important to the story!

• chill
• be friends with yourself
• have conversations that don’t involve talking about other people
• think ‘whatever will be will be’
• take things slowly
• notice nature
• be careless but leave room for yourself to care
• embrace your darkness
• ween yourself off company and learn to accept loneliness without self pity
• don’t ask questions you don’t need to know the answer to
• keep options and mind open
• give yourself space
• never assume anything
• don’t over-analyse
• be brave and admit when you don’t know something
• do not assume inferior role in social settings
• don’t trust easily
• be honest
• put yourself first

After 7x14

I am convinced now that the liars are NOT the only ones playing this game. Is it possible that there are two different teams or even more playing this game? That’s y Sydney, after Aria spots her earpiece got a little shakey? Almost as if she were terrified! She also said she was sick of being on the losing team. The way they’ve always throughout the seasons called it the “game”. Cece stole the game. The A team. The endgame ect ect ect! The word game is used so much is it possible that whoever this puppet master may be now has always been playing this game with all the different A teams that have been around? When u get to a certain level of embracing your darkness you then wear the black hoodie? Mona was A, Cece was A… is that because they proved themselves to a certain level of this game to become the puppet master? But throughout it all there has always been an ultimate puppet master playing them all on their inner darknesses? I’m working on a full theory but see where I’m going with this???

Conversation I wanna see in season 5
  • *Robbie and Fitz are in an elevator while on a mission*
  • Robbie: How are you and the British girl?
  • Fitz: Jemma...and we're alright, I guess. Kinda keeping our distance after what I did in the Framework.
  • Robbie: Daisy told me what happened.
  • Fitz: Yeah...I'm a bad man. Honestly, I don't know why anyone wants to be around me, especially after everything I did.
  • Robbie: Being bad ain't so bad.
  • *Fitz looks at Robbie curiously*
  • Robbie: You got the devil inside you. That doesn't have to be a bad thing. Trust me when I say it's better to embrace all of your sides, whether it's your good side or bad, instead of hiding it away and denying it. It's bad for your health. So what if you're not the boy scout that the others thought you were? Screw them and their opinions. Don't be the person they think you are if that's not who you really are.
  • Fitz: If Jemma heard what you just told me, she'd have a field day with you.
  • *Robbie and Fitz laugh*
  • Robbie: Stick with me for a while, I'll teach you a thing or two about embracing your dark side. I mean, I LITERALLY have the devil inside me. If that doesn't qualify me as an expert, I don't know what will.

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Maya, is that you?

“Embrace your darkness, Em. I’ve had to. That’s how you win the game. A.D.”

I know it could mean anything and it could be anybody, but when I read this message who popped in mind was Maya.

I have never been so much interested in the “Maya is still alive” theory, but she could have written this kind of message, in my opinion, and my mind just went there, which was strange.

If Maya had to hide and pretend to be dead for some reason, then she clearly had to embrace darkness…disappear in the dark not to be found, to maybe win the game. This message sent to Emily also sounds like a more friendly message than others, something she could have written for Em.

Only once you have understood and embraced your dark side can you fully stand in the light of your being. And what is the dark side but a metaphor for the abyss, the void, the great unknown, the force that plays upon our fears of mortality, and furthermore, how does one even begin to reconcile that which one instinctively does not wish to face? Well, usually the world must thrust it upon us, prying our eyes open to our particular individual brand of previously held blindness through the reality of experience. These moments tend to be rather destructive to our once cherished, perfectly maintained, most safeguarded beliefs about life - this can be an incredibly painful experience. However, if one does not lose oneself in self-pity, these moments can be utilized constructively when seen as points or inner loci within the psyche which - via sadness, depression, or anger - purposefully hurt to make themselves noticed of their unhealed existence; only by mustering up the courage to face our pain and sit with it can we channel, uncover, and integrate the lessons inherently impregnated within the experience as a soul defining force in deepening our awareness of life. One can either absorb theses experiences by reflecting, understanding, and growing from them or one can deny them as the opportunities they are to learn. When one is not whole, the dynamic between ones’ being and the world will naturally conspire to bring upon these rough awakenings through the vessels of drama and calamity. When these experiences happen, they tend to momentarily break down our ego giving us a refractory window in which to either widen our gaze or construct defense mechanisms in an attempt to look away from something that will forever remain unavoidably close. With experience, you will further acquaint yourself with the alchemical process of locating the little white dot of yang within the yin, constructively using pain as a kind of motivational fuel, and transmuting suffering into wisdom. Do not take a passive stance, take creative ownership in your self-destruction, of all that resides within as illusory, delusional, or wishful fantasy. The secret is in exposing our insecurities to the world and going through the painful process of honing these marginalized aspects of our being by steadily owning and integrating them back from the fringes. In time, one will come to an intimate appreciation and acceptance of oneself rendering one immune to the views others castigate or applaud one for; an interpersonal invincibility of sorts forged from having cultivated immaculate - or near immaculate - integrity with oneself. In this way, the combined ideals of vulnerability, transparency, and compassion mixed with a touch of martyrdom give rise to a greater understanding and appreciation of the totality of who we are enabling us to act, when triggered, not from a defensive standpoint of emotional-reactivity, but with the sovereignty we have earned from having demonstrated the necessary courage to have undertaken the experientially-instilled, viscerally-inscribed repertoire of scars and lessons now carved within the annals of our memory. This kind of self-directed growth is akin to exposure therapy; it’s raw, painful, and slightly masochistic - it also works.
—  Syncretic Tendencies

karinacupcake  asked:

Do you think AD was at Radley at some point in His/Her life??

110% yes. “Embrace your darkness, I had to. That’s how you win the game”. I’m really convinced that AD is Mary’s other baby that Dr Cochran was talking about (that was placed in family county services - that wasn’t Spencer nor Charlotte, so who was it?) and they grew up in Radley. They had no choice but to live there hence they had to “embrace their darkness” in order to “win the game” with “the game” simply being life. AD didn’t want to sit in Radley crying everyday so they embraced and accepted their position so they can live on with life. And who do we know that’s been in Radley, long enough to have a connection to Charlotte, whose death supposedly started this game? Bethany. And who could be that third child of Mary’s that Dr Cochran described? Bethany. “Aunt Jessie” incident. So much just makes sense if it’s Bethany.

sun and moon signs + random advice
  • Aries: You're always the centre of attention without even trying, people always want to be around you. I know it's hard sometimes but take some time for yourself just once
  • Taurus: You're the devil in disguise, you can come of so pure but deep down your soul is dark just like your thoughts. Just embrace your dark side, anyone has one it's not a bad thing
  • Gemini: You're really good at making people think that you're smart whilst your mind is actually a random mess. Remember, you don't need to be the smartest all the time, it's okay to fail for once
  • Cancer: You're so pure and people might want to take advantage of you, watch out because you'll end up crying over things that could've been prevented.
  • Leo: People always see you as someone confident and strong, I know it's just one big show and you doubt yourself all the time. Just be honest about it because otherwise people will think that you're cocky, and besides, everyone has their insecurities
  • Virgo: I know that you try please everyone all the time, but please remember that you're your own number one priority. You need to be happy yourself before you wanna go and make others happy.
  • Libra: You don't need lots of friends and relationships to define yourself. You are your own person and if you don't watch out people will try and take advantage of your niceness.
  • Scorpio: For some reason you seem to attract people who are mentally or emotionally unstable, and they always want your help. Remember you have your own problems too. Don't spend all your time helping people who don't really care about you in the end
  • Sagittarius: You always want to go somewhere, and even tho it's good to make your dreams reality remember that other people get attached to you and you always leave them in the cold, everyone might think that you're just taking advantage of them.
  • Capricorn: Feelings are a part of being a human being. Don't hide them because people should love you for you even when you feel like crying. If they truly love you they're there for you 24/7.
  • Aquarius: I know you love being original, but remember that not everything can be all for you. People like your vibe because it's fresh and different and that's why they try to copy it. Remember that it's a good thing to have ppl looking up to you.
  • Pisces: your head always seems to be in the clouds and although dreaming is fun it shouldn't ruin your real life. Remember that you have responsibilities here on earth and you can't fly forever

Yes He did!

Embracing your dark side as well as the light creates balance and so makes you in harmony with the universe! Then you find your true self and become a balanced more powerful practitioner of the craft !

#191: He Falls Asleep On You


I always have something to tell or write in this description but this time I have nothing to say… Tell me what your favourite preferences are in my inbox because it helps me finding out what kind of genres you like! 

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”Is that drool on your leggings?” The sudden question made you plug out your earbud, looking over at Michael with a curious expression until you looked down at your lap. A small smile embraced your face by the dark stains visible even if the fabric was black and you ran a hand through Luke’s hair carefully. You hadn’t realized yourself, you had expected him to just rest his eyes for a short minute but he was out like a light. No wonder though he had been up since 4 this morning to catch the flight. Not to mention that the plane didn’t have much space, leaving Luke to be smashed up against you on the small seats. His long legs were cramped with the lack of space and he was in a serious need of sleep but finding the right position wasn’t optional. Until he moved down so he was resting on with his head and upper body on your lap. “He’s sleepy. It’s only a good sign.” You giggled and ran your fingers through his hair once again, expecting that was the main reason why he had ease with it. Michael made a short disgusted look that only made you laugh even more when he shook his head and focused back on the book in front of him.


“What’s your star sign?” You questioned after scanning the magazine page of horoscopes, spending majority of the time reading on your own until you finally settled on finding Calum’s. Looking down with a curious expression your lips parted and your eyes widened slightly. His cheek was pressed against your shoulder, the bass resting on top of his stomach with his hands placed on top of it. You hadn’t even realized he had stopped playing until now but the way he was looking was pure. You could tell how comfortable he was, the way his eyelashes were moving as if he was having a great dream. His lips were pursed but they still wore the corners upwards. It was a lazy Sunday which meant that not much was on the schedule and Calum used that for the benefit. He wasn’t the one to take a nap but when he did he would do it at random moments like these. But they always seemed to have the same thing in common and that was being next to you whether it was just his cheek touching your shoulder or hands linked. Focusing back on the magazine you smiled happily and leaned your head against his, feeling a sudden rush of relaxation go through your veins. Moments like these were your favourite.


“Is he sleeping?” Calum questioned while looking up from his phone, catching your attention and made you look down at Michael. “I can’t see his face.” You giggled and moved forward with your neck to at least get a glimpse of his face, seeing his lips pouting while his eyes were closed. His head was situated in the middle of your chest on the couch in the dressing room, the faint sound of music being played on the stage for soundcheck. “He is out like a light.” Calum observed while scratching his chin, and you noticed it too. “No wonder though.” You giggled and ran a hand through his hair, “He went to the dentist earlier. He had to get eight fillings.” Calum’s eyes widened in realization of Michael’s source of tiredness. Looking down at the poor boy with a sad smile he nodded his head understanding and clapped him on the knee. “I hope he feels better when he wakes up then.” You nodded your head agreeing while pressing your lips against his forehead, giving him repeated kisses and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Me too. I don’t like seeing him as exhausted as this, he sat at the dentist chair for three hours.” Smiling up at Calum your eyes went back to Michael lovingly, pressing one final kiss.


“Do you think you can eat something or should I just make a bowl of yogur-,” Pausing in track by your question when your eyes adverted down to his tired state, his eyelashes resting against his cheek sleepily. “Wait, when did you start sleeping?” You questioned yourself out in wonder, not really knowing why you did that because it was obvious he didn’t really have a reply to that. You did hear his faint snores while watching TV in front of you but you hadn’t thought much of it. A package of medicine was resting neatly on the coffee table in front of you along with a glass of water. Ashton’s tonsils had grown lately, to the point of him barely speaking without sounding like someone who was getting choked. It took him some while to drag himself to the doctor but when he did, he found out he was in fact infected with tonsillitis. “I can’t even find something for myself.” You giggled while watching him rest his cheek against your stomach, your hand resting on top of his back while caressing through the fabric. It was such a pure and sad moment even if you were at the point of starving you couldn’t get yourself to wake him up just to get it, rather wanting to smile down at him and nuzzling his cheek hoping he would get better.

loveapuzzle  asked:

"Embrace your dark side" must have different translations in different places. My understanding of one's dark side refers to their evil side not to a dark or difficult / painful time in their life. Difficult / painful times would be described as dark days, at least in my corner of the world. That said, I don't see it as a clue to time spent in Radley. I see it as a choice to be evil.

Interesting interpretation. I still see it as a clue of AD having to embrace their dark world they were forced to live in, but your interpretation is possible too. 

The Signs as Eye Colours

Based on @aistrology’s awesome findings!

*I know that everybody’s genetics are different, but I’m taking that into account while trying to capture each sign with the description!

Aries: Dark and bold, the brown of charred bark mixed with the green of singed treetops, the cardinal energy charging your eyes with life force. Deep colours are your signature, the rusty remnants of mars stitching themselves into your irises.

Taurus: Tranquil hues of blue and hazel light up your face, calming those who look at you. Those who gaze into your eyes long enough feel as though they’re meditating, your stare takes them back to nature, to home. Your eyes are the colour of trees, of the sky, of the water. Everyone who looks at you recognizes you from the days we used to run free with no worries.

Gemini: Your eyes are pale and light, greens and blues brighten your gaze and remind everyone who looks at you of a happier, simpler time. Your eyes are the colour of laughter, of fun. There’s gold woven into your irises, and they almost change colour with the light. For all the storms raging in your mind, your eyes bring peace.

Cancer: Your eyes search for the wounded with the neutral colours of fall, new beginnings of old traditions bring traces of red and gold into your dark eyes. You are the moon, you reflect what you see, you are the mirror of the hurting. You heal by bringing others back to earth with your deep stare.

Leo: Your eyes are brown sugar, the colour of bracken and brambles, or the colour of the night sky. Your eyes say “stay calm, I’m here and I know what to do”. They are guidance for the unsure, solace for the unappreciated, comraderie for the untamed. They are the colour of the wild.

Virgo: Your eyes burn with warm hues, reds and oranges are your hallmark. You seer purpose into others, your mutable tendancies scorching a thousand different colours into your irises. In your gaze others find purpose and comfort. Your eyes seem lighter than they are, and no one can say for sure exactly which colour. Your eyes are the colour of intrigue.

Libra: Your eyes, unlike most, encourage contact. Once someone catches your eye, they will continue trying to do so until it’s too late, and they’re pulled into the dark embrace. Your eyes are brown or blue, woven with red and silver. Your eyes are the most calming colours, magnetic. You capture and entrance with your sure and graceful stare.

Scorpio: Your eyes are dark and unafraid, a solid colour. There is no confusion when you hold the gaze of another, you won’t be the first to look away. Whether the colour of earth or ice, there is no question that your stare won’t be forgotten. You may be hard to pin down, but your irises give away all your secrets.

Sagittarius: Your eyes are filled with blue and green, staring into them is a vacation. Your irises sparkle with humour and wisdom, creating nostalgia for a place not visited yet.

Capricorn: Your eyes are brown or green, forcing anyone who meets them to focus. Your eyes inspire and scold within minutes, reminding all who looks into them of earth and fire. They say “steady now, I’ve got you”.

Aquarius: The two poles are at work in your eyes, either black and endless or icy and immediate. Your solid irises are cause for double takes and inquisitive glances everywhere, until it seems everyone is scanning you, trying to figure out where that colour came from. There is no questioning the ideas that shine within them.

Pisces: Your eyes glimmer with every colour, pearly hues seeping into the soul. Your gaze tells a story of gods and infinity, and your golden heart is visible beneath the swirling colours of the cosmic ocean.

*check sun, moon, and rising!!