embrace your curves


Fashion cares.* About the patriarchy.

Really, truly, fashion doesn’t give a fuck about you.

We modify. We modify our clothes, our bodies, our personal style, our ethics. We get good at accessorizing, at spending a lot of time trying on shoes. We get good at bargain hunting and our lives depend on phrases like, “free returns”, “sort: low to high” and “enter discount code”. We compromise our morals and shop places with questionable labor practices. We learn to sew and discover the cost of material. We go into debt. We cover ourselves in flowing tents and squeeze into garments that promise to align our bodies with a smaller ideal. We hide our disabilities and our belly lines. We paint ourselves in antiperspirants and then layer on the polyester. Our trends are dictated by the male gaze and we self-police, like some fashion panopticon.

Fashion doesn’t care about you, only how well you toe the line.

Fashion cares shirt: mom from a fashion cares event in the 90’s
Circle Skirt: homemade
Flats: primark, uk8 2007
Leggings: torrid.com, 3x
Cardigan: oldnavy.com, xxl
Glasses: zennioptical.com (only $35!)
Necklace: Czech glass, homemade

*In the 80s and 90s my mom was a fashion textile designer. She lost friends and colleagues to HIV/AIDS as it swept through the gay community and her social and professional circles. Fashion Cares is an annual charity event that has raised money for HIV/AIDS research since the late 1980s. This shirt is from one of those first events, and I say all of this not as a comment on this event (because God knows we need as much support of HIV/AIDS research as possible), but on the false concern the fashion and beauty industry has about its consumers and the materialism and style hierarchy that exists, even in the context of charity events.


No one should ever be afraid to wear a swimsuit. Stretch marks, curves, slim, curvy, plus size, athletic, ANYTHING…You can be anything, and still wear your favorite piece of swimwear. I challenge you to be confident this spring and summer! See more plus size and straight size swimwear: What Will You Do With #NOFOMO?

I used to want to get rid of every single curve on my body. I thought curvy meant fat. And I thought fat was the worst thing someone could call me. Now, I know better.

Embrace your curves. Embrace your size. Embrace your body. It’s sexy, unique, beautiful, and 100% yours. It houses your soul and spirit. It allows you to do amazing things, like run and jump and laugh and breathe. Love it. Know that your body is beautiful no matter what shape it takes. ⭐️