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Seriously though, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy conveys “the universe fundamentally does not care about you” better than just about any cosmic-horror story I’ve ever seen.

Its whole theme is, “the default state of life is a parade of ridiculous out-of-left-field nonsense and disaster and beauty which does not care about your personal virtue” and it can embrace and celebrate the weirdness without getting bogged down in overwrought elder pantheons.

And it’s packed with non-sequiturs and shaggy-dog stories and rambling detours but they’re all in service of that message, and the story’s just gleefully having fun with concepts like an immortal alien who’s determined to insult everyone in the galaxy to their face in alphabetical order.

Basically, the Hitchhiker’s Guide is the guy on the right:

Reasons I will never get over the diner scene in the last episode of DGHDA

1. Todd and Dirk sitting extremely close together because they are so comfortable with each other now

2. Farah having faith in Dirk and investing in his agency

3. Dirk being completely bowled over by this even though he’s been loudly insisting everyone would join his detective agency for the whole season

4. Dirk then trying to recover from his surprise at having two new friends/colleagues who like him and believe in him, trying to play it cool even though he’s tragically bad at it

5. Todd and Dirk finishing each other’s freaking sentences oh my god

6. “So sane we’re boring”

7. Todd and Farah, the neurotic, affection-starved worrywarts of the show LAUGHING and having a good time with Dirk

8. Dirk wearing the Mexican Funeral t-shirt under his fucking yellow jacket because Todd PICKED OUT THAT FUCKING OUTFIT FOR HIM

9. Farah taking a chance on life and her weird new friends, embracing the weird, you go Farah

10. Dirk being a ball of sunshine and finally having Todd join in his laughter instead of just staring at him with the wide, angry eyes of emotional constipation

11. Did I mention they literally finish each other’s sentences

I mean man, what a great final ending wrap-up scene after which literally nothing happened

Hoseok is literally the sun

1. His personality brightens up anybody’s day

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2. He has the warmest smile in the world

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3. He’s hot af 

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At the end of the day nobody’s perfect and everybody’s weird whether they embrace it or not.
—  Camila Cabello
tainted [05]

» featuring; jinyoung x reader x jaebum - got7, other idol groups and some original characters
» genre; angst x romance - business men x gang x mafia!au 
» warning; suggestive content

Doing your best to balance the stack of books in your left hand and your chin, your right hand carefully turned the doorknob of Jinyoung’s bedroom door before you peeked inside to see him nowhere in sight. You bit your bottom lip and let yourself in as you cradled his books that you had borrowed in your embrace. You always felt weird walking into Jinyoung’s bedroom without asking or letting him know, but he had reminded you time and time again that it was alright. And with the pile of books you’ve had kept borrowing from Jinyoung’s private collection, you couldn’t keep hoarding them in your own room when he keeps recommending you a new read every few days.

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These two beautiful nerds mean the world to me. They showed my how to smile through anything and be my geeky, freaky self no matter what ❤
They taught a world how to love their flaws, embrace their weird and find friends and phamily who will love you for you.
Their smiles created mine and I can never thank them enough 😘 ❤

Embrace your weirdness. Make it your own unique factor. Being weird or strange is like being limited edition. Each of us is one of a kind and each of us is weird. So next time someone calls you weird, thank them. They basically just called you a unicorn.
—  Patrick Rothfuss

WEED rocks! It should have a bigger following BUT now I think about it, cuz its illegal, I guess fans gotta keep there love on the downlow, LMAO.