embrace the madness

I don’t know which is worse: believing that I did it, or believing that you did this to me.

People have already talked about how profoundly this statement emphasizes Will’s attachment to Hannibal, and God it makes my heart hurt to hear him utter it, both for the tragedy of it for Will, and because it is the first time we’ve heard him openly voice his attachment to Hannibal…

But I want to talk for a minute about just how brilliantly manipulative this statement is. 

All through season 1, what Hannibal wanted above all else, what he was so curious about, was to see if Will could embrace the violent side of himself, the side that derives pleasure from envisioning murder and empathizing with the darkest parts of human nature. And Hannibal wanted this because he was lonely. He wanted a connection. He wanted a friend. 

As Hugh Dancy said at SDCC, Hannibal and Will are “two people who have been wandering their whole lives through a world in which they have not experienced really any viable form of connection with another human being…. And then they meet.”

And what does Hannibal do at this, one of the most pivotal moments of his own life? He allows his curiosity and his perversity to destroy the relationship, the only viable relationship he’s ever had. He wants Will to be a murderer so badly that he’s willing to risk everything for it, so that he can be truly seen by Will, who has both the capacity to understand him and the worthiness to receive Hannibal’s trust. Hannibal wants for his connection to be authentic and abiding and real.

Will now–finally–voices that he reciprocates Hannibal’s feelings of friendship and connection. Hannibal must face that he gave away the one truly good thing in his life. And Will simultaneously reminds him that the relationship is tainted by his lack of trust, so Hannibal is going to have to work, understandably so, very hard to try to get it back. 

At the same time, Will also says that Hannibal’s friendship is so desirable to Will, the connection between them so precious, that Will would almost rather have that connection than be innocent. Will might prefer to be a killer because Hannibal means that much to him. It’s murder and friendship all wrapped up in one.

It’s everything Hannibal’s ever wanted. 

Subtly, Will is presenting Hannibal with the closest and dearest desires of Hannibal’s heart, hinting but not promising, tempting him, luring him, drawing him in.

The words may be true, but they’re no less manipulative for that. 

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