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Summary: The tour crew is teasing you about how you’re picking up on everything Shawn’s doing. 

a/n: I feel like I should be writing some angst bc like I feel like I have too much fluff and cuteness but here I am writing another fluff. I also don’t know where I’m going with this one tbh. Here’s one I wrote like after The Not Shawn Mendes tour. To the anon that requested, I will post it very soon. Just need to make my mind up on some stuff.

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“Woah,” Zubin just stared at you after asking him something. 

“What?” You raised your eyebrows, you have been with Shawn the whole world tour. Going home whenever you wanted to, and getting to go wherever you want to. It’s been very fun on tour, you got closer with everyone else. You felt like they were really your family, they took such good care of you.

“You literally just sounded like Shawn. Not even kidding.” Zubin laughed, and you rolled your eyes. Everyone on the tour family with Shawn has been saying that you and Shawn has been been together way too much, that you’re starting to act like him. 

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Sidlink headcannon #3.5

Whenever Link is experimenting with cooking and ends up making dubious food, while Sidon laughs it off as a simple mistake, Link tends to beat himself up over small failures. Only when Sidon gave him one of his signature pep talks did he snap out of it.

Link wonders why Sidon is so cheery about his own failures and Sidon replies with:

“Because, If you can learn to laugh about your small blunders and mistakes, it means you can accept the fact that you are imperfect. But if you keep beating yourself up over it, you will keep climbing an infinite mountain to perfection, exhausting the joy and fun you can have at the bottom. You should enjoy the imperfections of life and welcome them, i’m not a perfect prince, nor a perfect partner, but my people and you love me for my flaws… those who are perfect sit atop the mountain are alone, and those climbing have no time to care for other things, and us, at the bottom live in content with ourselves and have all the time in the world to make friends, try new things, go different places. Rather than waste it all on a silly mountain.

Plus, if we start climbing that mountain… who’s gonna sit by the fire with me?”

From that day on, link smiled over his mistakes.

Don’t ask me why the fuck I’m not over you. I fucking should be but I’m not and it fucking kills me every day. I’ll be walking home and I’ll fucking think of the cuddles I could be getting or that instead of walking you would of picked me up from class with a coffee waiting for me in the car with your embrace and it kills me.
—  Kaitlyne Smith

<p>~The fire rages, not only in his hands but in his soul. It’s ripping him apart piece by piece, and it all started with him. Just one taste could set their whole world ablaze.~</p> <p>~The demon in his soul wants him. It’s drawn to him. A moth to a flame. And it’s begging to be burned. To be scorched by the sting of his tongue. To be choked by the smoke of his kiss.~

> <p>~The fire burns within them both, and it wants to see their hearts crumble to ash.~</p>

what they say: i’m fine

what they mean: abraham portman my smol polish baby was a jew that found refuge in miss peregrines loop after escaping the nazis only to leave to help fight them + the hollows which only he had the power to see and control but because him being the selfless smol angel bean™ that he is he tried to give that peculiarity to other people bc myron bentham conned him but he ended up losing the ability to control hollows and my bean being too ashamed to go back to the loop left his true love and his only ever true home where he was loved and embraced and subsequently was killed by a hollow that he could’ve prevented from killing him and leaving his grandson

The Catch: Part Three

     Part One II Part Two                        


You and Bucky were destined for each other, and everyone seemed to know it but you. The day you met Bucky Barnes, you grew closer with your platonic relationship - that is until one night in the heart of New York, things change. While weeks pass of denying anything could ever happen between the two of you, you realize that unconventional love is the best of all.

Notes: tension, angst, fluff. let me know what you think :)

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Tracey Wigginton - The Lesbian Vampire Killer

Australia is renowned for some truly inexplicable murder cases, such as the ‘Collie Killings’ and the hitchhiker murders perpetrated by Ivan Milat. However, no case is quite as strange as that of Tracey Wigginton, who claimed to be a vampire that needed human blood to sustain herself.

Tracey Avril Wigginton was adopted at a young age by a wealthy Rockhampton couple who, unfortunately, abused her terribly; in high school she came out as a lesbian and became obsessed with the occult. By 1989, at the age of twenty-four, Tracey had firmly established herself as the leader of a vampire coven, and had ensnared three other women in her blood-drinking fantasies - Lisa Pstaschinski, Kim Jervis, and Tracey Waugh. All three women were lesbians and involved in the occult, and they eagerly embraced Tracey’s plan to kill someone and drink their blood.

On October 20, 1989, the four women enjoyed a champagne dinner then piled into Tracey’s car to cruise for a victim. They soon came across forty-seven-year old Edward Baldock leaning against a lamppost after a night out drinking. Tracey offered him a lift home, then suggested they go to a nearby riverbank to have sex. Jervis and Waugh stayed in the car while Tracey and Lisa followed Baldock to the banks of the Brisbane River. After undressing, Baldock sat down on the wet grass; Tracey removed a butterfly knife from her pocket and began frantically stabbing him in the neck. After the man was dead, Lisa watched as Tracey knelt down beside his body and drank the blood oozing out of his wounds. Both women then washed themselves in the river and left Baldock’s body where it lay.

The gruesome scene was discovered the next morning by a couple taking a walk. The police noted that Edward Baldock had been stabbed 27 times, the wounds so severe he had nearly been decapitated. Nearby, they found his neatly folded clothes and shoes; as an officer took pictures, he noticed something bright yellow had been pushed inside one of the shoes. It was a bankcard, made out to one Tracey Avril Wigginton. Tracey had dropped it while the two walked down to the river, and Edward had picked it up thinking it was his.

Within hours police arrested Wigginton and her three accomplices. She made no effort to deny her involvement in the crime, but claimed a different personality overtook her on the night of Baldock’s murder. Her friends were quick to push all the blame onto her, and they told the ploice lurid stories of Tracey’s vampirism and ability to brainwash others. In the end, only Tracey was charged with murder; she was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum non-parole period of 13 years. Pstaschinski and Jervis were charged as accomplices, and Waugh was acquitted.

Killer Promises

(A/N): I’m still working on request but I wanted to write some Bucky… so yeah!

Pairings: BuckyXReader

Summary: (Y/N) takes a mission hard and hides in their room but Bucky wants them to feel better.

Warnings: Angst with Fluff

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama @kindnesswins

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Bucky and (Y/N) had grown close over the time (Y/N) had joined the Avengers and they couldn’t deny the connection the two had, it was strong, unbreakable and almost like they were meant to be together. However, even with the strong connection, the two of them never conversed about anything further, both not keen on sharing feelings but as the days passed Bucky could hardly contain his thoughts about them. He knew he always cared for (Y/N) but this feeling was entirely new and he wasn’t sure if he like it or not. He undoubtedly found (Y/N) quite attractive, both personality and physical but he didn’t know if they felt the same. He knew one day he would have to tell them but he didn’t know when that was.

If one thing was for sure, Bucky knew (Y/N) like the back of his hand. He knew their small quirks, their favorite songs, their favorite food, about anything you asked him, he would know but one thing he paid attention to most was how (Y/N) was when they were upset. This was one area, Bucky had no idea how to handle. They tended to isolate themself from the others and not come out of their room for periods of time. The problems varied from not doing good in training, accidentally getting made fun of or a mission gone wrong but whatever it was, it always caused the same effect. (Y/N) was a naturally sensitive person so it didn’t quite help them in their line of work as an Avenger. They always came out when they were ready but it didn’t help Bucky feel any better that they wouldn’t open up to anyone about what they were upset about, even himself.

The mission had not gone well. What was supposed to be a small fight ended up in the middle of a city causing casualties among civilians. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, the team simply misjudged but (Y/N) took it hard. They had been trying to protect some people when (Y/N) got ambushed and the people they were trying to protect were killed. (Y/N), in shock of the deaths, almost got themself killed but Sam flew over and saved them, getting them to get back in the game until the mission was over.

(Y/N) did what ordered to do but right when they entered the quinjet, their façade broke causing them to mentally separate from everyone else. They were quiet the entire ride and right when the jet landed, they quickly walked to their room. Bucky knew he should probably leave them be but something was telling him to follow so, he made his way to their room. The door is closed so he quietly knocks on the door and waits for an answer that never comes. He knocks again but still receives no answer and he goes for the handle, realizing the door is unlocked. “(Y/N), it’s me. I’m coming in.”

He slowly opens the door, noticing all the lights are still off and his eyes instantly hone in on (Y/N)’s form, who is hugging their knees and leaning against the bed as they stare at the blank wall in front of them. Bucky walks over, taking a seat next to them and wraps an arm around their shoulder, pulling them into his side. They stay stiff, still staring into nothing but Bucky doesn’t care as long as they know he’s there for them. They stay like this, the tension slowly leaving (Y/N)’s body as they begin to melt into his embrace. “I killed those people.” (Y/N) whispers out, voice broken and Bucky instantly tightens his hold around them.

“You did not. You were trying to save them, (Y/N). There is nothing you could have done.” Bucky tries to assure but it makes them more emotional as they pull out of his embrace to face him, eyes filled with unshed tears.

“I couldn’t protect them… It’s all my fault!” (Y/N) stumbles out as they begin to wave their arms around slightly, single tears beginning to fall. Bucky shakes his head as he grabs both their shoulders, looking them dead in the eyes.

“This is not your fault. You did your best to save them and it’s okay to be upset.” Bucky assures but (Y/N) sniffles before averting their eyes away from his, looking down at their lap.

“T-There was a kid… I-I killed a kid.” (Y/N) chokes out as they quietly begin to sob and everything in Bucky’s body drops. He wastes no time in wrapping his muscular arms around their shaky form, pulling them into his lap as they cry into his chest. He gently rocks them back and forth, shushing them hoping they will calm down and after a while, their cries turn into little hiccups here and there. He continues to hold them as they stay pressed against his chest before speaking up.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t know.” Bucky whispers into their hair and they respond by snuggling impossibly closer into his chest. They both stay silent as they sit in each other’s embrace and (Y/N) begins to fiddle with the hem of his shirt.

“You better not leave me, Buck… I couldn’t afford to lose you.” (Y/N) whispers almost inaudibly but Bucky catches it and it makes his stomach twist in weird ways.

“I’m not going anywhere as long as you’re here. I love you too much.” Bucky mutters out without thinking and tries to catch himself but it was too late. (Y/N) looks up with big doe eyes, looking into his bright blue ones with slight surprise mixed with innocence.

“You… you love me?” (Y/N) questions quietly and Bucky takes a deep breath, knowing that it’s his time.

“I do.” Bucky states staring into their beautiful eyes, observing their soft features. 

“Promise?” (Y/N) questions and Bucky gives a small smile as he ever so gently leans down, pressing a small kiss to their forehead causing a subtle smile to grow on theirs face. He pulls them against his chest again before kissing the top of their head, smile widening.

“I promise.”

anonymous asked:

Let's say I have a friend who's about to do something stupid dangerous and I have to knock them out as quickly as possible without risking death/permanent damage. What would be the best (least damaging) way to render them unconscious?

Knock a friend out to keep them from doing something stupid and dangerous, like knocking a friend out?

I will say again, in fiction the knock out is mostly just a cheap problem solver that often has no consequences. One of the things you need to start embracing is that violence is not only a limited method of problem solving but it is also about hurting people. It doesn’t respect intent, only results.

You’re always at risk causing death or permanent damage. No matter what it is you’re doing with violence or how safe you try to make it, the danger is always there. It is real, it is present. No matter how skilled you are, there is a great deal about what may or may not happen that is outside of your control.

A person who cracks their friend over the head with a mallet or a glass bottle on the way out the door to do something really stupid is one who is on some level willing to risk them never waking up again.

Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t. But the chance? The possibility they won’t is always there. This is also true in situations where they try to drug them. This is why truly peaceful solutions which put no one at risk do not involve violence at all.

It is also incredibly difficult to put someone under in a high stress environment, even when you know what you’re doing. The question is not: do you want to kill them? It’s: are you willing to risk it?

They call it a dirt nap for a reason.

Oftentimes in fiction the “cool” response like knocking out a friend doesn’t match or merit the severity of the situation. Especially since it’s used as a means to sap out the sense of danger.

Lastly though, honestly?

It’s cheap.

You take your drama and you bitch slap it into next week. It’s even worse when it’s treated like an actual solution. Unless the stupid thing is time sensitive, you’re not stopping anything. You’re delaying it. In the end, the only one who can choose to stop themselves is the friend.

You have this scene in your story, two friends. One character decides to attack the other in order to stop them, they manage to knock them out and it works like it does in the movies where they’re out for hours instead of a few seconds. Then what? Is that the end? It’s that easy? Instead of popping the balloon, it sort of lets out a flatulent wheeze and flops over.

It’s a painful inverse of another common scene, which is one person tries to talk the other down and think they’ve succeeded. They relax. Then when they turn their back, the other person cracks them across the back of the head with a beer bottle and walks out the door.

One of these is escalating, the other is ending. In one, the character doing the stupid thing shows how committed they are to the cause of stupid thing. It can be either an anti-hero or villain moment depending on who the audience is asked to sympathize with and what the “stupid thing” is. Either way, it’s the character showing that they’re willing to hurt anyone, possibly kill anyone, even people they care about to see it achieved. It builds worry over what will happen next and what just happened to the character they care about.

You’ve already sapped whatever drama you had by wanting a “safe” knock out solution. The character drama in this scenario doesn’t come from the action itself but the decisions, the drama comes from being willing to risk harming another person, possibly permanently, in order to stop them from doing the “bad thing”. The drama isn’t in the knock out and neither is the solution, it’s in the character deciding that the risks inherent in violence are acceptable given the circumstances. It’s even more poignant between two characters who care about each other, possibly deeply. One character deciding that whatever the other character is going to do and the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to stop them is worth possibly destroying them over or, at the very least, their friendship.

That’s the drama in the scene, that’s the gray area, and that’s where all the moral questions are.

What is about to happen that is worth the risk of killing or destroying someone you care about? What happened to make you even think about going there?

You don’t get to take violence back. Once you go there, that’s it. The other options are closed off. You embrace the fallout and all the consequences which come with it. You can only hope the other person is willing to forgive you, if you even want forgiveness at all.

Either way, in the end, violence is just a stop gap. It’s not an actual solution.

This is where the arguments about violence being a solution actually come from. Where the arguments for genocide and life sentences in prison are born from. Unless we kill them all, it will never end. If we let them back out of the cage and onto the street then they’ll just go back to their old ways. Where the central moral theme between the Punisher and Daredevil in Daredevil’s Season Two has it’s heart. Do you believe in the inherent goodness of people and try to rehabilitate the monsters? Or do you just murder everyone in the name of keeping innocents safe? And, honestly, is that really a solution? How many people do you have to kill until there are no more people?

Violence is not a permanent solution. It is a stop gap. It is a deterrent.

It solves nothing.

Unless the people involved change their minds about their own course of action, the danger will repeat itself. Over and over and over again, ad naseum on both a personal and global scale.

Commit to your course of action as a writer and be honest, but don’t look for a trick-ety trick solution that let’s you get what you want while bypassing reality or the legal, physical, moral, and emotional consequences which make the setup interesting to begin with.

You can embrace the fantasy and kill the drama or honestly look at what you’re trying to do in your narrative instead of going for the cheap way out, especially since similar sequences amount to very little for the narrative unless you work at making them interesting.

There are a few things you can do:

1) Talk to them.

It starts here because if the stupid/dangerous thing isn’t time sensitive then nothing will convince them to go right back to it after they regain consciousness or the minute you turn your back. Physical domination itself is a temporary solution, it solves nothing in the long run. The same danger will still be present, it’s just been delayed or they simply won’t mention it to you the next time.

The only way to get them to actually give up is to convince them to and that requires words, not fists. Make your choice between the stop gap of a few seconds of unconsciousness versus the actual end of the issue.

2) Physically restrain them with your body.

Sometimes, in order to get someone to listen, you need to corral them. Engaging in a physical confrontation that ultimately ends with you trying to physically stop them from leaving is valid. It’s also less dangerous and, ironically, less likely to result in permanent injury.

This is basic grappling, grabbing hold of the other person and not letting go. Pinning them to a wall, the ground, whatever. It can go wrong, but it’s one person trying to physically keep the other person from leaving. This can be anywhere between standing between them and the door, getting back in the way, trapping them in another room until the opportune moment has passed, or even grabbing hold or physically engaging.

You can actually get some really great drama off two friends beating each other up to the point where they exhaust themselves and actually have to discuss their issues. It works.

3) Be a friend to the friend

Get friend the help they need. Don’t resort to giving friend brain damage.

Brain damage bad. Friending good.

Help friend.

Support friend.

Call cops.

Real Life Notice:

If you have a friend who is going to endanger themselves or others in a serious way, please, please, please reach out to those with more training and ability than yourself to handle the situation. Whether that is the police or counseling services, please help them get the help they need and protect others without endangering yourself or at the risk of worsening the situation.

How much you involve yourself will always be a judgement call that you have to make on the spot and I do respect that, but it’s important to do what is best for them and yourself and to stay safe.


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I’ve seen a couple people hypothesizing that the clown is meant to be read as Sangwoo.  I think they could be right, but I have a different read on it.  I think the clown is Bum, but I’ll get to that.  This ended up longer than I intended, but I decided to go through the whole special more or less.

This whole “dream sequence” or whatever you want to call it reads as Bum coming to grips with his actions in the previous chapters.  Starting at the beginning, the voice on the phone is Sangwoo.  I don’t think we see Sangwoo again outside of his voice on the phone.  Bum can’t see Sangwoo until he’s meeting him where he is, somewhere he can only reach once he’s accepted that he has what it takes to be a murderer.

We don’t know what song the piano is playing, unfortunately, but if I had a guess, I’d put my money on “Killing Me Softly.”  We can’t be sure, but well.  That’s what I would hope as far as music choice goes.  ^^  The turntable is of course our first example of Sangwoo misleading Bum in the guise of guiding him.  Bum is expecting a piano, but finds a turntable in its place–a recording, not someone to keep him from being “alone” as he wanted.

The art gallery is interesting, because as far as we know, the only art “made” by Bum is the portrait of Jieun.  In that case, I think it’s likely that the rest of the art was Sangwoo’s.  His other victims, etc.  And I do agree with others that the man with the ticket was likely reminiscent of the man they killed together.  He was Bum’s “gateway” into killing, as it were.  Without him, Bum would not have been able to “see” Jieun.  Looking at the “art” of Jieun, it makes it clear that Bum is subconsciously trying to come to grips with his role in her murder.  He is the “artist” of her death, but he still feels guilty, like she’s judging him for killing her, seen in the open eyes once she’s covered in blood.

The movie theater is much the same, he’s confronted with his past, the reasons that it’s “easier” for him to kill than it is for others.  His trauma and his history make him more susceptible to Sangwoo’s manipulations, and give him enough anger to follow through on Sangwoo’s instructions.

And the only way for him to “stop” the film from playing is the cut to his wrist, his attempts to end his life after the events initially occurred.

Possibly one of my favorite representations in the “dream” is Seungbae.  He is a child wearing a grown up’s clothes, playacting as an adult.  He tries to reach out to Bum, breaking away from his caretaker (the police in general, perhaps?), but he’s drawn away before he can do anything more than drop his hat and the gun within it.  So, what can we take from this?  Seungbae is, as far as Bum is concerned, incapable of helping him.  He cannot reach him, and even the gun he leaves behind is useless.  The gun does not fire; maybe it’s even a toy, suited to the child Seungbae appears as.

And then we reach the clown.  The clown walks sedately down the hall, “chasing” Bum back into the theater where the piano is playing once more.  The path changes, however.  He ends up running down as many hallways as he can in order to escape this clown.  When he hears Sangwoo’s voice, he immediately follows it, chasing it down until he finds the second misdirect: the tape deck playing “Bum, I’m here” over and over.  Breaking down and desperate to escape, Bum fires the gun, but it clicks uselessly.  The clown approaches, knife in hand, and as Bum cowers, the clown is replaced by Sangwoo.

I can see why people think the clown is meant to be seen as Sangwoo, and I’m not saying they’re wrong.  There are a lot of ways to read these, and none of them are any more right or wrong than another.  For me, I see the clown as the side of Bum capable of murder.

First, when I think of weapons for either character, I associate Sangwoo with his bat more strongly than with a knife.  In fact, I don’t really remember him defaulting to a knife at any point, really.  He has his scary hooks and his ropes, but he only really uses the knife if it’s the only convenient option.  It doesn’t seem to be his first choice.

Bum, on the other hand.  1. When he fantasizes about killing Sangwoo, he imagines himself using the knife.  2. When they kill the man from the gay bar together, Sangwoo pushes Bum into the handle of the knife in order to kill him.  3. When Bum kills Jieun, it’s with the knife (so many stabs).  So, when I saw the knife, I thought this clown was a representation of Bum not Sangwoo.

Second, Bum has been accused of faking smiles, several times.  Sangwoo remarks on it several times, the fact that he’s faking, the fact the he needs to mean it, etc.  Similar to putting on a smile, say, with make up?  Like a clown?  Not to mention the lies he tells to the people around him, the way he tries to feign normality.  He’s constantly performing, lying about who he really is.  When he tries to kill the clown, even though it doesn’t work, he embraces his own willingness to kill.  When the clown is replaced by Sangwoo, I think it’s because the clown has vanished, not because the clown is Sangwoo.

In order to find Sangwoo, Bum needs to be able to face his dark side.  By proving willing to kill the clown to save himself, the clown was able to vanish, its purpose served.  Now that he’s faced that part of himself, he’s finally allowed to be face to face with Sangwoo.  Although, for how long is anyone’s guess.  After all, this is only part one.  There could be much more to this “dream” than we’ve yet seen, and I for one am looking forward to it.


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Summary: Castiel and you are having an argument in enochian. When things heat up, you leave in anger. Cas goes after you…

Request: @anotsocoolguy : Hi I was wondering if you can do a thing where the reader is an angel is having a argument with Cas in enochian. Making the reader leave in anger and fluff next. Sorry if it’s allot P.S ❤ love your fics

Pairing/Characters: Castiel x Angel!Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Puriel (angel) 

Word Count: 1127

Warnings: angst, fluff, arguing in a different language, language

Key: So I don’t know Enochian and it’s never really been spoken aloud on the show so I’m gonna try and make it seem like they are speaking it lmao, but I did try and use an online translator for basic phrases… PROBABLY NOT ACCURATE cause it’s sort of a dead language lol. Another thing is that this one shot doesn’t pertain to any plot line in Supernatural. Made it up as I went, you could say. I love writing Castiel based fics so I hope I get more once I reopen requests which you can expect the middle to the end of August, somewhere in that timeframe :)

A/N: This is my first time using the “you” pronoun. LOL sorry if it’s bad. OH AND THIS GIF IS SO BEAUTIFUL !! Hope you enjoy! 

Enochian was a complicated language, but not for you and Castiel, being angels of course. Dean and Sam were clueless however which made the argument even more confusing. They looked back and forth between you two as you fought in Enochian which was pretty smart, considering how sensitive the information was. According to Angel Radio, Heaven was seeking angels that were on Earth at the time to fight in the next holy war. Castiel was chosen, but not you. You couldn’t care less, but that meant you’d have to stay and guard over Earth without him. Cas wanted to go, being very loyal to Heaven. Dean and Sam knew nothing of the matter. The library was filled with shouts and frustrated groans while the boys just tried to make it seem like they weren’t listening by ‘reading’ lore.

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Special Moments -- Chae Hyungwon (Drabble)

Requested by anonymous: for the drabbles could you do #2 for Hyungwon from Monsta X? 

2) It made me think of you.

Tbh this is my first drabble for a drabble game so i hope you like it!! It’s super fluffy so enjoy~

-Admin Des

Originally posted by garisanee

The work day had finally come to an end, and it was nothing but stress. All day you had to deal with crap customers and a boss who would never get off of your back. You were free now, free to go home and do whatever your heart pleased.

You got into your car and placed your hands on the steering wheel before you sighed. Honestly in the back of your head you didn’t want to spend the night back home alone, but you weren’t too sure who you could bother. As if your prayers were answered your phone started going off, blasting your ringtone.

You looked at the collar id and shook your head as you brought the phone up to your ear. “Yes Minhyuk?”

You heard laughter on the other side of the phone. “Wrong person.”

You froze. “Then who am I talking to?”

“Hyungwon.” You smiled when you heard his name.

“Okay, let me correct myself then.” You chuckled. “Yes Hyungwon?”

There was a moment of silence, then some shouting in the background. “Sorry, Minhyuk was yelling at me to hurry. Um I was wondering if you wanted to come out to dinner, with the boys and myself that is.” He sped the last part up a little bit.

You bit your lip as you thought about it, although it was a no brainer. “Sure, where should I meet you guys at?”

“You can just come here.”

“Then I am on my way, you just caught me at a good time too, I just got off of work.”

You heard shuffling, probably the phone being tossed around. “Hi (Y/N)! We look forward to seeing you, excuse me as I kill Hyungwon for taking so long to ask you to come over using my phone, okay bye!” And silence. You stared at your phone for a minute before shaking your head and putting it to the side. You then started up your car and made your way to the boy’s dorm.

After about twenty minutes you finally arrived. You ran your hand through your hair before stepping out of your car and heading in. The minute you knocked on the door it flew opened with a smiling Minhyuk on the other side. “Hi (Y/N)!” He pulled you into an embrace. “I promise I didn’t kill Hyungwon.”

You chuckled. “I didn’t think that you would.” You stepped inside of the dorm and looked around. “Where is everyone?”

“In the main room just waiting for when you got here and such.” He grabbed your hand and drags you through the house. All of the boys were gathered on the couch, some of them were on their phone while others in conversation. “She’s here!” Minhyuk announces as loud as he possibly could grabbing everyone’s attention and drawing their eyes on you.

“Hey (Y/N), then are we ready to go?” Kihyun stood up nodding at the others. One by one they got up and greeted you. Hugs were given as each of them walked past you.

Hyungwon was the last one to come to you. “Hi (Y/N).” He brought you into a hug. You felt your heart flutter. “So how was work?”

You sighed. “Don’t get me started, long day of crap.”

“I’m sorry about that.” He frowned at you.

“It’s work, it’s life, let’s just let it go.” You smiled. “Anyways it’s super good to finally get to see you again, it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten to hang out in person. Also why did you call me from Min’s phone? You have my number.” You tilted your head at him.

You watched as his face got red and his eyes frantically searched everywhere around you. “No reason. Let’s go shall we?” He walked past you and out the door with the others. You shook your head as you followed. The eight of you then got into a van and were off, the car ride was full of jokes coming from Minhyuk and Wonho while Hyungwon sat quietly trying to avoid making eye contact with you. You were slightly confused by how he acted however you shoved it off and stared out the window until you arrived.

Once there everyone piled out and into the restaurant. Kihyun lead the way to the table as everyone else followed, after everyone got in and around there was a lot of awkward shuffling as you and Hyungwon ended up sitting next to each other. You didn’t mind it, you actually were going to attempt to sit close to him. “Hyungwon!” Jooheon waved his hand in front of his face trying to get his attention.

Hyungwon immediately shot up and looked at Jooheon. “And the point of that was..?”

Jooheon shrugged. “You seemed distant by something.”

Hyungwon looked around at everyone, who was now staring at him. “I know why!” Minhyuk shouted from the other end of the table. “It’s cause of (Y/N) isn’t it?” He started to tease.

“Min…” You shook your head at him. You turned to the now red faced Hyungwon. You turned back around at Minhyuk. “I swear you’re going to be the death of this poor boy.” You put your hand down on Hyungwon’s hand.

He looked down at it wide eyed. “I’m f-fine.” He stuttered over his words.

“You so aren’t!” Changkyun joined in. Within a few minutes all the boys were teasing Hyungwon about you. You sighed as you put your brought your hand to your forehead annoyed by the six dorks. It was shortly after that he stood up and walked off.

You snapped your head back at the others. “Seriously guys? You had to tease him this bad? Cut him some slack.” You then got up and followed Hyungwon, however when you turned the corner you couldn’t find him. You continued walking forward hoping to find him when your arm gets grabbed and you pulled to the side.

“Don’t flail.” Hyungwon says and he brings you into his grasp.

You sighed at the relief of his voice. “I’m so sorry that they teased you so bad.” You apologize for the others.

He shrugged. “I knew they would the minute I told them that I was going to use this as an opportunity to give you this.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box handing it to you. You opened it to a beautiful necklace that had two diamonds in a criss crossed circle, connecting the two. “It means to be brought together with someone you’re close to. When I saw it, it made me think of you.”

You looked up at him. You could see that he felt defeated. He had basically just confessed his feelings to you, which now he was probably thinking you were going to reject him. You hug him. “I love it Hyungwon.” You then gave him a peck on the lips.

He was suddenly taken back, before a smile came across his face. He then leaned back down and kissed you. You wrapped your arms around him as he deepened it.

“FOUND THEM KISSING!” Changkyun shortly interrupted. The two of you jumped back in surprise before you sighed, annoyed by this boy. You then looked at Changkyun with sharp eyes, giving him the signal that you were going to murder him later.

The others then came over. “We’re ordering our food now.” Shownu piped in.

“Guys, I love you, but really?” You shook your head.

Hyungwon brought you close to him. “It’s okay we can get them back later.” Your eyes shot up at him and this new found confidence as a smirk was on his face.

You sighed. “Let’s just get this dinner over with. I’m now ready to leave.” Kihyun announced as he walked back to the table. Everyone started to follow, but Hyungwon stopped you from following.

He grabbed the box and opened it, then pulled out the necklace and signaled you to turn around so he could put it on you. Once he did he turned you around and kissed you again. “Now everyone should will officially know.”

“Yes, cause them catching us making out not that long ago wasn’t enough.”

“Let’s just go eat.” He took your hand in his before taking the two of you back to the table. All of the boys watched as you two sat down.

“So, what news do you guys wanna share.” Wonho said sarcastically, even though everyone knew exactly what had happened not that long ago.

You reached over and smacked him. “Another word out of your mouth about this and you’ll regret it.”

EXO reaction - you teasing/mimicking him as a joke, but he really gets angry

thanks to @catou1305 for finding all the gifs


He would give a little look that said “enough”. He isn’t one to get angry easily, but when he gives an upset reaction, that how you know he’s not having fun anymore.


He is patient, but stern. He would give you little warnings that he doesn’t find it funny when you try to anger him on purpose.


He would just pull you into a warm embrace and sort of kill you with kindness. He doesn’t like being angry or seeing girls angry, so he’d just show his dominance through gentle actions rather than lashing out. (just don’t touch his neck while hugging him XD)



He hates being angry on purpose. He is typically a happy positive person, but he hates being teased for whatever reason.


When you two joke around he would play along, but when you go a bit too far, he’d be upset. He wouldn’t stay silent about it though. He would whine a bit and ask you to stop when it got to him.


He would put on a little pouty puppy face and question if you’re joking or not.

“What would you say that?”


He’d just pinch you. He’d be really sneaky about it, though. You would not be expecting him to do it when he Strikes!


He is more of a lover than a fighter. He would just say “Stooop~~” and pull you in for a warm cuddle. (you are Taemin. Lord knows I wanna be him)


He would pout for hours on end until he gets an apology. He likes being involved in a jock rather than being on the receiving end of it.

Colorful Reverie

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where they are dating and she is pregnant. She works every day to prove his innocence and visits him regularly. His mind is deteriorating, but he desperately wants to be there for his child. It’s that love that brings his mind back. @coveofmemories


Every time he told you not to. 

And every time you ignored his wishes.

You could see it in his eyes. 

The only things keeping him tethered to reality were you and this baby - and as much as he claimed he wanted you to leave, you could tell that without your visits, he would be lost to this new world.

“Y/N,” he breathed, his eyes already beginning to water. He looked worse since the last time you saw him. His eyes were sunken, practically disappearing into that beautiful face of his - the one that was slowly but surely losing its belief in the world. “Why?”

Spencer was petrified, not of being here, not of who he feared he was becoming, but of watching you walk in and out of his sight. Every time you walked into the prison, you put your life and the life of your baby in danger, but you were the only things that held any hope of bringing him back, so you walked into the fire at least once a week, desperate to get him to remember. “You know why,” you said attempting to step close to him. The second you did, you were reprimanded by the guard. It was bad enough not having Spencer’s touch for yourself, but the fact that your baby, yours and Spencer’s baby, had yet to feel its father’s embrace killed you. 

“How are you?” he asked, desperate to place his hand on yours. It had been so long. 

For the first time since you’d walked in, your face softened into a smile. “We’re okay. Let’s get started. We need you home…close your eyes.”

It was the same thing. Every time. His mind would allow him to get to the point where he saw Nadie Ramos, but he couldn’t move past it. “I’m sorry,” he said, opening his eyes and standing up from the table. “I can’t remember.” He turned around and opened the door, refusing to look back at you. If he did, they’d have to tear him limb from limb to remove him from your view.


When you first told him you were pregnant, you showed him the sonogram. That entire visit, he stared at the photo, etching the image of your baby in his mind. 

As he lay in his cell, he used the pencil that Shaw had managed to get for him to mark off another day. Another 24 hours spent inside these four walls. Then he closed his eyes. Each day he spent in here, the beautiful colors in the world changed their shade. Each day he felt closer to gray. But when he opened his eyes and lifted the pencil once more, the lines curved and etched a familiar form, one he’d engrained in his mind. Your baby, with your name written around it. Outside your name, the colors still faded in and out, but inside, your baby shone bright, leading him to the light as he fell asleep.


When you got up that morning, you swallowed a handful of pills for you and baby Reid. You were doing everything you could to keep this baby healthy and help Spencer out of prison. Sleep had eluded you, at least in lengthy intervals, for the entirety of Spencer’s incarceration. Staying up late to examine every piece of evidence the Bureau had with a fine tooth comb probably wasn’t helping, but you were so close. With any hope, rest would come soon. 

For the second time that week, you pulled on your coat and made your way to the prison, feeling closer than ever before to pulling Spencer’s memory back to you. “Hi honey,” you said softly, pulling out a new sonogram picture. Moments passed before he looked up at you again, he was trying to memorize this new picture. “Close your eyes,” you whispered.

Again, you got back to the same point. “I want you to tune into the background. After the spray, what do you hear?”

“It’s soft,” he said.

“What is?”

“The voice.”

This was the first time he’d heard anything after the spray of the drugs. “What is Scratch saying?”

“It’s not Scratch,” he said, his eyes shooting open. “The person who framed me wasn’t Scratch…it was a woman.”

With that, you turned to the guard, told him to go fuck himself and stole a kiss from your husband before leaving. “We’re going to get you out and you’re going to come home to us.”

As you left, for the first time since he entered, you saw hope in his eyes.


With the new information, you got closer and closer, until she actually had the gaul to enter the prison with his mother in tow. She’d been living down the hall and assisting with your mother-in-law’s care for months, and she’d been the one that fucked up your lives. Along with Cat Adams. If you had your way, they’d both be dead soon.

“Emily?” you asked as you walked into her office that morning. “Any luck?” She said she was going to plead Spencer’s case in the morning, and she was putting her job on the line to do it…but it paid off.

“Go get him,” she smiled.


Shaw had threatened his life. He had done everything he could to get himself isolated, give the team and you enough time to get him out, but this was it. He was going to die. If that was the case, he was going to ensure the last thing that entered his mind was a picture of you and the baby. 

Behind his eyelids, the colors sprang to life. And then the opening of the door knocked him out of his reverie. There you were.

“Welcome home,” you cried, stretching your arms out and enveloping your boyfriend in your embrace. “You’re coming home.” 

His head hit your shoulder and you clutched onto him for dear life. “It’s almost over.” Grabbing your face in his hands, he took your mouth in a desperate kiss that re-anchored him to the world, before crouching down to kiss your stomach. 

“Let’s go get grandma,” he said, grabbing your hand and walking out of the prison. 

With any luck, this really was almost over. You, the baby, Spencer, and Diana would be together again soon. A family. No longer an etching.

for all the in-depth meta fandom does for “poor conflicted kylo” they always force the narrative to go backwards. kylo is shown to be somewhat conflicted by the beginning of the film by the call of the light. not enough to stop him from hurting people. either way by the end him KILLING han, his own FATHER, was very clearly intended to show that kylo is no longer conflicted by the light. he is quite literally at that point showered in red/darkness. what little blue/light was falling on him disappear. 

this is kylo fully embracing the darkness before coldly killing his father.  he does seem to be disappointed this did not magically make him stronger like in a video game where you gain hp or something. but he is not conflicted by what he is done, in fact even after being badly injured he them begins to hunt rey and finn down to KILL them. clearly not someone mourning. there is also the fact that at this point kylo knew the fo planned to destroy the base where his mother was. 

kylo ends the film defeated, true. but he also ends the film having fully destroyed what little hope for redemption he had or being able to go back, in my opinion. 

could they have a vader and have him be redeemed in the eyes of leia by sacrificing himself for her or something, maybe. but honestly i think like vader he will not be redeemed in the eyes of the rest of the universe. and frankly i don’t think he can be redeemed in the eyes of many fans, especially older ones. and i think the choice to kill han was done for this purpose. lucasfilm knew what they were doing. they knew having him kill one of the most beloved characters in the franchise’s history was something kylo could not come back from. 

kylo did what vader was unable to do. he did in fact surpass his grandfather.