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This sweet little baby bean has touched my life. Born August 29th, 1958 and passed away June 25th, 2009.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of Michael’s passing and like most true fans, we mourn but we can still celebrate how wonderful and inspirational he is and was.

Michael Jackson is and will always be the King of Pop. He literally is a king too, King Sani in a tribal village in Africa! Jackson was always proud of his black heritage.

One of the things I love about him is his personality. He was misunderstood by many people (one thing in particular was his love for childlike things, but he always said that if you want to understand this, listen to his song “Childhood”). His personality people didn’t really understand. Jackson was a kind, gentle soul. His thoughts about music, life, and everything he spoke about or wrote about were expressed in a philosophical way. He was intelligent, humble, soft spoken, and very shy and grateful. He had a rich inner world (like a true introvert) and fans like myself always say: watch interviews to get a sense of who he really was!

Another thing I love about him is that he would show cultural appreciation in the things he did. He was all about embracing culture, individualism, love for each other, and the end of hate and ignorance. The epitome of what he was all about was to change the world for the better.

Michael really was a unique man. His attention to detail and his aesthetic-they contribute to why he’s such a legend. He was a genius and knew what would make people crave for more.
He reached global fame, one reason for his iconic dances. The moonwalk wasn’t invented by him but it definitely became his signature move. The Thriller dance, the “lean”, Billie Jean? He revolutionized dance. Another reason for his globalization is his philanthropy work. He donated $300 million dollars overall to 39 charities and holds the Guinness World Record for donated the most money as an entertainer. Everything he did was about raising global awareness through his music, his concerts, and videos. He created a scholarship, a foundation, and he’s created worldly renowned songs about encouraging people to help and take action to make the world better.

He really was a genuine entertainer. People had never seen anything like him-his outfits, his moves, his dances, and songs: they were all creative and inventive. Jackson’s carried on legacy reached global impact. The statues and memorabilia across the nation, the albums released after his death, and the reoccurring performances by impersonators carry on his spirit.

His albums: iconic. Thriller is known as the greatest album of all time. It went platinum in a week! Each song on it was literally a hit. It was #1 for 39 weeks; in the top 10 for 80 weeks! It was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for this. With his music, he received numerous awards and is known for winning 8 Grammys in 1984, which is also put in the Guinness Book of World Records. He’s actually in there 39 times! He’s won 26 American Music Awards, 13 Grammys, one of the few artists to be in the Rock in Roll Hall of Fame TWICE, 16 World Music Awards, has been honored by TWO Presidents of the United States, and many many more that I can’t name but because of all of the awards he’s won, he’s now dubbed the most awarded recording artist in the history of popular music.

All of his albums resonated with people. Jackson revolutionized the music industry, fashion, and dance with his innovative work and even paved the way for black artists. Say what you want about Michael Jackson but he is one of a kind. There will never be another Michael Jackson and nobody can deny his tremendous impact on the world.

Thank you Michael for blessing us with your creativity. You’ve touched this earth. You’re one of the most beautiful people to walk this planet (also literally because just look at him??).
I love you so much, I wish I could have met you or attended a concert but I’d say that seeing one of my favorite impersonators gave me closure.

Continue to Rest In Peace, angel.
And P.S. you may have been lonely sometimes but you were never truly lonely because you had us. You still do, always and forever.

The 12th House

The 12th House is often dubbed as the house of the lost, the hidden and the secret. It represents prisons and as such is the house that shows us the things we feel trapped by. It is seen as a shadow house because it hides parts of ourselves from ourselves and others. The 12th House is our subconscious and can also represent the nature of any repressed memories we may have. In this post I’m going to describe the planets in the 12th House and the “lacking” we feel as a result.

Sun in the 12th: These people tend to be easily walked on as they suffer a lack of ego. This is not to say they don’t have an ego, they simply can’t access it as easily as others. They might feel invisible or like they don’t matter or have an impact on others. This being said they have amazing empathy for others.

Moon in the 12th: These people usually feel that their emotions don’t matter or that they’re invalid. They feel things really deeply but are often confused by what they feel. They bury their emotions a lot and aren’t great at confronting them. They’re great at understanding others and their emotions, sometimes better than their own.

Mercury in the 12th: These people tend to daydream a lot and get lost in their own mind. Their thought processes are foggy and they find it hard to make sense of the things their own brain comes up with. They often have very abstract ideas and tend to be quite creative, usually having an emotional understanding of poetry and literature.

Venus in the 12th: People with Venus in the 12th House tend to find it hard to feel or show love. Love is an abstract concept for them and they might find it hard to know where they start and their loved on begins. They are at risk of getting lost in their partner and over extending themselves in efforts to gain more love and affection. They’re very selfless people who do anything for their loved ones. 

Mars in the 12th: Those with Mars in the 12th House may suffer a lot of repressed anger and frustration. They find it hard to express this anger in a safe way and usually have to find themselves a good outlet. Their anger shows itself as passive aggression and hostility. This placement is also one of the many placements that correlate with abuse and bullying. 

Jupiter in the 12th: People with this placement tend to be very compassionate although they are not the best secret keepers. While the 12th House is one that people tend to fear, Jupiter being placed here can provide some light and protection from potential hidden enemies. They are very altruistic but must be careful not to overextend themselves to the point of martyrdom.

Saturn in the 12th: This is possibly one of the most difficult placements to have as a person can isolate themselves to the point of depression out of fear. They tend to have a lot of worries and fears and as a result they may have an aversion to accessing their own subconscious feelings. These people must learn to keep an open mind towards overcoming their fears.

Uranus in the 12th: People with this placement tend to feel alienated in early life due to unique and unusual personalities. They may feel suppressed as they get older and become afraid to embrace their individuality. Unstable sleeping patterns and vivid dreams are quite common for these people and they have the ability to conceive bizarre thoughts better than most.

Neptune in the 12th: As Neptune is at home in the 12th House, this placement is possibly the least afflicted. These people are blessed with intuition and many psychic like abilities. They are very empathic people but if Neptune is harshly aspected, they may find themselves falling into deception and illusion easily.

Pluto in the 12th: Pluto being placed here indicates a very intense life. Pluto correlates with trauma in the house it’s placed, placed here can indicate a difficult birth. They also tend to hold a lot of secrets, sometimes to do with their sexuality or their desires. They may have psychological wounds from childhood and if Pluto is adversely aspected, they may have experienced sexual assault. 

Chiron in the 12th: Those with this placement may be subject to a lot of phobias and fears. They have issues surrounding their unconscious and repressed memories. They tend to soak up other’s emotions and must be careful with letting others drain the life out of them. 


a LOT of the time, I see a literally everyone exhausting themselves to write. they lose sleep, they turn in assignments late, or just genuinely aren’t taking care of themselves. you’re doing GREAT, but here are a few reminders that EVERY roleplayer should know ;; 

  • please please take a break. every few minutes after you do a few replies ( ESPECIALLY long ones dear lordy ) don’t be afraid to stop and take a break for a bit. letting your mind REST helps it not wear out so easily, so not only can you get more done, you can also not exhaust yourself !! 
  • water is great and you probably need some. go get yourself a glass!!
  • whatever is going on ooc where no one can see behind that screen, don’t ever feel bad. real life is supposed to come first no matter what. the roleplayers that genuinely understand are the ones you wanna keep close!! don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad
  • do not feel guilty about late replies 
  • seriously. don’t. 
  • that person that plays the same muse as you ??? they might be super duper wonderful, but so are YOU!! different portrayals are what make roleplaying unique. don’t compare yourself to others. instead, embrace the individuality!! 
  • and finally, remember that this is for FUN. if anything is ever stressing you out chances are you shouldn’t be doing it, so be sure not to put too much pressure on yourself. this is a HOBBY, not an OBLIGATION. 

Instructing an introvert to speak is as arrogant as demanding an extrovert to stop speaking. Embrace an individual for who they are; do not inflict change on a soul, do not force Chaos upon their being, allowing conflict to blossom where only peace should bloom. Love people as they are, where they are, for who they are.

🌊 Healing Through Astrology: The 12th House 🌊

Sun In The 12th: Using your alone time to reflect and discover yourself instead of just using it to escape from the world will heal you. Self love and self awareness don’t come easy but it’s what will get you through anything that life throws at you and you will never feel more free then you will in the moment that you embrace this and not let the opinions of others affect you.

Moon In The 12th: Taking the time to dive into your subconscious and finding out what you are feeling and what you truly need is what will heal you. Your deep and porous emotions can be used for good once you are aware of your feelings. Being able to let go of past hurts will wash away all of the negative feelings that you carry along with you on your shoulders and will make you feel new. 

Mercury In The 12th: Speaking up and overcoming your fear of speaking your mind is what will heal you. Your shyness and quietness sometimes doesn’t let others notice you easily. You use writing and art to convey your feelings instead of speaking about them and learning to speak about your ideas and dreams will let you become more noticed and appreciated.

Venus In The 12th: Showing your true loving nature and knowing when to leave toxic relationships is what will heal you. You tend to look over the flaws of others and fall victim to many toxic partners and friends and being able to simply walk away and save your love for people who deserve it will make you more willing to open your heart and love unconditionally.

Mars In The 12th: Standing up for yourself and not letting people walk all over you will heal you. You let your anger boil inside of you for so long or it comes out without you even being aware of it. When you don’t let your anger go inward and you assert yourself you will become stronger and more empowered than you think.

Jupiter In The 12th: Branching yourself out to the world, developing new beliefs and having new experiences will heal you. You have a low faith in others and you fear change and isolate yourself from others from fear of change and craving of safety. When you are able to go out and experience everything the world has to offer, you will be less afraid of it and you can live your life to its fullest.

Saturn In The 12th: Letting go of the past and not feeling guilty or scared in every move you make will heal you. You feel guilt and fear very often and you don’t even know where it comes from and you isolate yourself from everyone to not make any mistakes or expose yourself to the reality of the world. When you are able to forgive yourself from the past and become productive instead of restricted in your alone time, you will finally have learned your lesson and be able to let go of your past self and move on.

Uranus In The 12th: Accepting your uniqueness and going off on your own path through life will heal you. You feel different and isolated from the world and you feel like you can’t connect to anyone fully. Embracing your individuality and not following norms in order to please others will make you less passive and increasingly independent and innovative.

Neptune In The 12th: Facing reality and using your deeply emotional abilities for helping yourself and others will heal you. You tend to escape any kind of possible hurt that comes your way and you have a hard time distinguishing your own feelings because you feel everyone else’s without trying. When you are able to face hardships head on and subject yourself to your own feelings as well as the feelings of others, you will not only be able to help and heal others, but become someone who is openly compassionate and empathic instead of an escapist. 

Pluto In The 12th: Channeling your inner power and intensity and transforming yourself will heal you. You feel powerless and helpless frequently and you bury your feelings inward and try to stay cold and detached instead. Being able to find your inner strength and gaining control over your life will help you transform into a more powerful and formidable individual.

Dan & Phil describing each other for the Summer in the City book

Dan Howell, whose name rhymes with hand towel, bland scowl, and sand owl, was created when a woodland creature had a baby with Liam Payne from one direction. When not procrastinating by eating the entire fridge or staying awake until 6am, he makes youtube videos on the channel danisnotonfire (which was his username back in the lolrandom bebo days.) Before becoming a Youtuber, teenager Dan worked in a DIY shop until one day he sold an axe to an eight year old. Dan’s Greatest Hits include “what not to do at the beach” (where he actually went outside), “sexy internet dating” (where he invited a naked 58 year old man called Manesh to our house), and “what is my life” (where he spent eight minutes pritt-sticking various meat products to his face). I know what you are thinking, “I want some Dan facts!” WELL HERE THEY ARE, JENNY! (I just totally freaked out anyone called Jenny) Dan is scared of trees. Dan eats cinnamon cereal every day (except the days I steal his cereal). I am sat next to Dan now and he said if he could have any dog it would be a Shiba Inu. If you haven’t checked out his videos yet then you are missing out - a LOT. Also you might want to check out his pretty cool friend Phil.

Get his autograph below! or find someone else called Dan and get him to forge it. Just convince yourself it was true.

Ok bye.

- Phil.

Phil Lester is the by-product of two related grandparents and a haircut that was cool in 2006, but that’s okay because he has a lovely personality. His quirky videos and idiosyncratic editing sets him apart from other YouTube vloggers - that and his unique life which seems to attract a worryingly large amount of strange people and situations (which he relives for your enjoyment). If you look at yourself in the mirror and think “wow i am so weird, how do i function?” - Phil’s the guy that teaches you to embrace your individuality.

If you see Phil this weekend, do not be alarmed if his hand is facing backwards towards his pocket in a claw shape, he can’t help it. And he was does not condone irresponsible use of a permanent marker on your face.

Remember, normalness leads to sadness.

- Dan

Intercepted Planets

Planets are intercepted when they are positioned in intercepted signs (I have a post on that here)

Intercepted planets don’t exhibit their energies very well, the planet wasn’t developed very well in childhood and usually creates a lacking in the personality.

Intercepted Sun: The ego wasn’t developed very well and as a child the person may have not been given much validation or praise in childhood. The person may have also had a hard time connecting with their father

Intercepted Moon: Emotional support or nurturing wasn’t a prominent theme in this person’s upbringing. As a result, these people aren’t very good at handling their emotions, or that of others. They may have also had a hard time connecting with their mothers.

Intercepted Mercury: These people don’t have much faith in their intellectual capabilities. They may have been told they were stupid growing up. They may have trouble believing their own judgement. 

Intercepted Venus: These people may not have felt a lot of love growing up and so they find it hard to love and have confidence in themselves.

Intercepted Mars: They may have found it hard to assert themselves in childhood, they could’ve had an overpowering parent, or on the flip side, a parent who never let them fight their own fights.

Intercepted Jupiter: These people may not have had any solid direction in their life and tend to feel like the unluckiest people in the world. It is important they surround themselves with optimistic people. 

Intercepted Saturn: Authoritarian figures in this person’s life may have not been very present or they may have exploited the influence they had on the native for their own gain. These people find it hard to fight their problems because they’re never really sure of the cause.

Intercepted Uranus: These people may find it hard to embrace their own individuality and they decide to stay in the safe side because they’re not sure how to express their unique side. 

Intercepted Neptune: These people may have had their imaginations suppressed by their family or parents, they may not have been able to develop their own dreamy, imaginative side.  

Intercepted Pluto: These people were taught that the darkness in life should be avoided and not explored. These people often feel the need to explore this darkness but the innate fear they have prohibits them to do so.

For all those...

…who may be struggling with where they belong or who they are inside, remember that you have no obligation to set yourself within societal boundaries.

The joy and wonder of life is that we are free to explore and grow and change and be unique. You aren’t placed in ‘black’ or 'white’, but exist on a vibrant spectrum of joy and individuality. Embrace that individuality and flourish!



To put it simply, I was an asshole. I felt isolated from everyone, and didn’t fit in. Rather than see this for what it was and embrace individuality, I chose to be mean to people. I had a very puerile ‘they’re not worth befriending anyway’ attitude, which insulated me from the feeling of rejection. Suffice it to say that I adopted an identity which wasn’t really who I was. Deep down I knew this but I ignored it. I tried to project a fearsome image, but would never act accordingly. When I was challenged, I backed down. After this happened several times I felt I needed to prove myself, that I was what I claimed to be. The result was me murdering people.
—  Barry Loukaitis on the decision that landed him in prison for life.

Evidence Analyzation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Case No. 13-8265014-99

Date: 07/16/99

The following transcript records evidentiary content of videotape evidence no. 27 from initial report. Evidence seized from residence of Special Agent Dana Scully. Transcript recorded by Special Agent Samuel McCarter under direct supervision of Special Agent in Charge Olivia Johannesen.

Begin Transcript


Tape begins with timestamp recorded to be 10:35:27 pm on the evening of July 15, 1999. Camera is directed toward a queen size bed located in the bedroom of apartment.  No individuals on screen.  Off camera, commercial for 1800-DENTIST can be heard faintly, indicating the television is on in another room. Male and female voices are also present from off camera, muffled/inaudible.  


Television audio ceased.


There is a loud thud from just off camera.


Two individuals walk into view of camera, appear to be kissing and embracing. Male individual removes shirt and deposits shirt in front of doorway. Female individual follows suit. Kissing resumes. Upon separation individuals are visually confirmed to be Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Agent Mulder removes the remainder of his clothing and kicks articles toward the pile in front of the door. Agent Mulder proceeds to [redacted] and leans down to Agent Scully’s ear. Agent Scully looks over her shoulder to pile of clothing on the floor and appears to shrug. She grabs Agent Mulder by the hand and they both walk to off camera right. Addendum: After consulting layout of Agent Scully’s apartment, it is determined that agents walk towards location of en suite bathroom.


Agents Mulder and Scully re enter from direction of bathroom clothed in bath towels. Agent Mulder removes towel and gets into right hand side of bed. Agent Scully sits on the other side and brushes her hair.

(audio) Agent Mulder: Set the alarm a little earlier than normal. I need a fresh suit for that meeting with Skinner tomorrow.

Agent Scully leans over to the alarm clock and presses buttons.

(audio) Agent Scully: [inaudible]

Agent Mulder laughs.

Agent Scully removes towel and gets into bed. Lights are turned off at 11:44:13.

[11:44:13 - 3:32:52 no action]


Unknown figure enters bedroom. Assailant is clothed in all black and appears to have a homemade mask over face and a bag slung over one shoulder. Suspect walks to foot of the bed and remains still. Appears to stare for approximately 5 minutes. Agents remain asleep.


Assailant slowly walks to dresser and picks up framed photograph. Assailant places photograph in bag and crosses in direction of bathroom and off camera.


Suspect is off camera for approximately 3 minutes before re entering and moving back to dresser. Suspect removes clothing from drawers and places in shoulder bag. Suspect reaches into outside pocket of bag and removes white cloth.


Making their way to the right side of the bed, assailant places cloth over nose and mouth of Agent Mulder. Agent’s eyes open briefly before shutting. Agent Scully stirs and calls out for Agent Mulder.

The following audio was captured:

(audio) Agent Scully: Mulder? Freeze!

Agent Scully reaches for nightstand. Addendum: it is assumed that Agent Scully was reaching for firearm. Please note location of holstered firearm on dresser.

Assailant lunges over Agent Mulder’s body and places cloth over Agent Scully’s mouth. Agent Scully lands elbow strike on suspect’s chest allowing herself to move off the bed. Suspect runs to left side of the bed and lands punch to Agent Scully’s face. Agent falls back, knocking lamp off nightstand. Suspect crawls over Agent and places cloth over Agent Scully’s mouth and nose. Agent Scully ceases struggling. Addendum: It is theorized suspect used some sort of chemical to subdue agents, possibly ether.


Suspect walks off camera towards bathroom. Returns with pile of blankets. Suspect takes a large blanket and wraps it around Agent Mulder before tying Agent up with a rope retrieved from bag. Suspect repeats actions with a separate blanket and Agent Scully. Suspect lifts Agent’s Mulder body over their shoulder. Suspect appears to struggle under weight of body before dropping him. Suspect  drags Agent Mulder from room.


Suspect returns and carries Agent Scully’s body in cradle carry position out of the room.


Suspect returns to bedroom and collects bag before leaving premises.


Tape runs out.

End Transcript

anonymous asked:

I don't mind Peridot losing her limb enhancers in theory, but the points you bring up really make it seem like she's wasted as a character. She's lived on Homeworld, she knows what their modern technology is like. If not being the tech expert for the Crystal Gems, she could be their intel gem. And yet her only acts as a Crystal Gem are building a drill and playing Wile E. Coyote.

yeah! i personally loved the amputee peridot theory waaay back since warp tour but even if that’s ruled out now and peridot loses her limb enhancers, it just never made any sense to me that they were discarded and never brought up again. not to mention the inconsistent writing about her feelings regarding the limb enhancers. 

like, in catch and release she’s desperately clinging onto it:

in when it rains she says this in a pitiful tone:

and even in log date (although it is arguably toned down here), there’s the scene with the paint cans, a callback to her limb enhancers:

and then theyre just never mentioned or even alluded to again. peridot not caring about her limb enhancers and learning to shape herself outside of the assets homeworld has given her would have been an okay narrative if her feelings about said limb enhancers were written consistently. i feel like the best options would have been either: 

a) make her care about the limb enhancers and have her create new ones tailored especially for her/with a touch of her personality to show her growing sense of individuality. that’s the reason why i love lines like yellow diamond’s “which peridot?” from message received. 

peridot clearly, visibly falters right after yellow diamond asks her “which peridot” she is, because momentarily, the ability to express individuality on earth made peridot forget that she’s simply one out of thousands of other peridots. and damn, that was pretty subtle yet clever way to show how much peridot’s changed and how she’s embracing the concept of individuality. if that had went alongside peridot’s attachment to her limb enhancers prior, then it could have resulted in a neat way to show peridot applying the skills she was built for on homeworld for a purpose other than serving the diamonds! 

b) or, alternatively, keep the writing for peridot regarding the limb enhancers consistent in the other way, by not making her care much for her limb enhancers because they were nothing but a weapon given to her by homeworld to serve them, not herself.

but instead we got just what you said: a peridot that’s only intelligent for as long as the plot requires it; and then she just has her comedic aspects overshadow her other character traits. i never understood the point of making peridot have such distinguished robotic/technological motifs in her debut if they weren’t going to be put to use afterwards especially after making such a big deal about how homeworld has evolved significantly after the war.

signs as the most beautiful things i've experienced
  • aries: strangers became my best friends for a night
  • taurus: i ran through a field with people i'd known for a week, but felt like i'd known them forever
  • gemini: i spent the fourth of july camping in the mountains and saw hundreds of fireworks
  • cancer: all of my friends were together and genuinely happy
  • leo: i watched unconfident and scared girls grow into powerful women
  • virgo: the first time i fell in love with my favorite movie
  • libra: young kids accepting one another and being unaware of racism and sexism
  • scorpio: noticing how people act around the things that they truly admire and love
  • sagittarius: going on a school trip and bonding over my entire classes' hatred for the trip
  • capricorn: seeing people work hard for the things that they truly desire
  • aquarius: watching a friend who once followed the crowd finally embrace her individuality
  • pisces: watching someone's facial expressions while they talk about their favorite things

We need Afrofuturism; not as a box to put people in, but as a lens with which to change the way we imagine and actualize an inclusive future. A future where black people are in control of their own destinies.

Afrofuturism is not a sub-genre. For some, like Sun Ra, Afrofuturism (though the term was not coined until after Sun Ra passed away) is a form of escapism; a reprieve from violent systems of segregation and white supremacy. For others, Afrofuturism is a celebration of black innovation; filmmaker and author Ytasha Womack describes Afrofuturism as, “The intersection between black culture, technology, liberation, and the imagination, with some mysticism thrown in, too.” For some it is highly spiritual. Above all else, it is an ambitious vision of the future and mankind’s place in it that is continually informed by black culture and history.

What kind of message is sent when mass audiences are presented with visions of the future that do not include people of color? Since Hollywood has historically excluded black characters from leading roles in science fiction films, black people have had to envision and ultimately create space for themselves above and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. In DUST’s original series, we celebrate a handful of those people, and encourage you to dive deeper into the Afrofuture.

What kind of message is sent when future worlds are depicted without black people?

Star Trek’s Nyota Uhura, a commander aboard the Starship Enterprise, was the first black character in a major role to be depicted in outer space. Uhura was played by Nichelle Nichols in the original series, and first appeared in 1966. In reality, it would take nearly 30 years for a black woman to make it to space – NASA astronaut Mae Jemison, in 1992.

In episode two of DUST’s Afrofuturism series, Uhura beams up Sun Ra, Martin Luther King, and the aforementioned Jemison, as narrator Little Simz tells us the true story of how King convinced Nichelle Nichols to stay on the show after the first season. Nichols would go on to appear in 66 episodes.  

In episode three of DUST’s Afrofuturism series, George Clinton and the almighty Mothership emerge from a cloud of green gas to funk up the universe and expand the mythology of the philosophical and artistic lens that would later come to be known as Afrofuturism. From getting funky in front of a massive crowd on the moon to breaking bread with Jimi Hendrix and Sun Ra, George Clinton’s ultra funky contributions to the galaxy only serve to reinforce the idea that all motherships are connected.

In the canon of popular black musicians who have written songs about space, there are none who shook up the mainstream nearly as much as Jimi Hendrix. Like Sun Ra before him, Hendrix wrote songs about interstellar travel, even including alien characters in songs like “Up From The Skies” and “Third Stone From The Sun”, which was inspired by George R Stewart’s post-apocalyptic science fiction novel, Earth Abides. But Hendrix wouldn’t be able to bring his message to the masses until he traveled to England and battled God himself, Eric Clapton (then playing in a supergroup called Cream). In this episode of Afrofuturism, DUST presents the animated story of that fateful night. Originally intended to be a friendly jam session between God (Clapton) and one of his biggest fans, the then unknown Hendrix, Clapton walked off-stage in the middle of Hendrix’s solo, stunned by the no-name’s guitar wizardry. Hendrix’s performance that night forged a brotherhood with Clapton and is just one of many such stories of his mind-blowing performances that would carve out his place in rock n’ roll history as the unmatched greatest guitarist of all-time (according to Rolling Stone). Hendrix’s infatuation with science fiction, and his commitment to technological (and psychedelic) experimentation, pushed him to make his guitar sound like anything but, and has inspired artists of many genres to embrace their individuality ever since.

Missy was the first popular black artist to make explicit, recurring use of science-fiction in her visual offerings. For this reason, and because of the lack of representation of Black people in science-fiction films, Missy’s work can be viewed through the lens of Afrofuturism.

“This is the real ascetic task: to overcome our individual isolation, our egoism, our self-centeredness and self-love, and all our agendas and concepts of ourself and even of God. Ultimately, it is to embrace the whole world, the whole creation, and each person, in love.”

~St. Elisabeth Convent

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4x22, Chuck’s predestination vs Free Will

Yeah, but you guys aren’t supposed to be there. You’re not in this story.

Yeah, well… We’re making it up as we go.

I love this scene in so much, it’s such an amazingly defining moment for these two, and for the show itself. There you have Castiel vocalizing that he and Dean are breaking away from the determinism of Chucks writing, which of course means they are breaking away from God’s authoritative power over themselves, and stepping on the path of free will aka choosing their own destiny. By telling this to Chuck, not only do they join the centuries old philosophical debate re: God’s will/predestination/fate vs free choice, they also start this discussion with GOD HIMSELF.

What is incredible, is that Cas actually makes his statement of freedom boldly in God’s face (even though he doesn’t know it himself at the time), which can be paralleled to standing up to a tyrant and telling him to shove it. People get killed for much less than that, and sure enough the heavenly host blows Cas to smithereens for his insubordination just moments after he says it.

Originally posted by allabouttelevision

By not accepting their pre-determined plot in Carver Edlund’s books, Cas and Dean (and Sam by extension) are setting a precedent that will follow them from now on, as the proverbial characters who broke free from the writer’s plans and started living their own lives - and that happened on three different levels, I believe: 

  • On the textual level - by stopping the Apocalypse, and making Chuck’s prophecies irrelevant, which is the level relevant to the plot: Castiel’s decision to follow Dean instead of heaven changed the story and the outcome completely - talk about screwing with God’s plan,
  • On the philosophical level, by rejecting predeterminism, starting the show’s overreaching arc of embracing individuality/free will, and breaking away from the autoritative power, represented here by a father figure (even if that father figure in absent and largely just a metaphor - the only actual danger it poses is the trauma, that part that is broken inside our characters because of that parental influence, something they will have to fight and conquer within themselves - in this way all three members of TFW share a similar story of course),
  • On the real-life level, where Dean and Cas started getting closer on screen even though people in the writers’ room didn’t mean for it to happen - and Chuck didn’t mean for it to happen in the Supernatural books either. I am not so sure about this one (the writers’ room) since Castiel is a little too perfect an addition to the story, and his entrance is a little too explosive, but I will leave that discussion for another time. Lets just say that I believe Chuck didn’t mean for the romance to happen in his story, so yeah, in this way Dean and Cas also just broke away from the writer’s influence and went their own way. And it’s not like Chuck minds it.

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What is even more incredible, Chuck seems to be actually impressed, not infuriated, with Castiel’s rebellious moment (a proud parent moment), and he curiously asks Cas why he does it (in a scene that didn’t make it to the final episode):

Chuck: Tell me, what’s your motivation here? What made you grow a pair?

Castiel: A pair of what?

Chuck: No, I mean, why are you helping Dean?

Castiel: It occurred to me, something he always says.

Chuck: Yeah, what’s that?

Castiel: What the Hell?

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So it seems that Castiel is actually not that much into free will yet, as into Dean and whatever he preaches, and Dean preaches following your own thinking and free will - even if he doesn’t always follows his own advices. Cas needs somebody to look up to, somebody to listen to and believe in. At this point, he has a long way to go still.

It’s very interesting to compare the ending of season 4, and Cas’ shift of faith from God to Dean, to end of season 12, and the shift from Dean to Jack. 

Everything past 12x19 - which is the symbolic move towards the future of the show (since the ep is aptly named “The Future”, and contrasted with the previous one, “The Memory Remains”, which was very much vintage SPN) - sets the stage for the new chapter, just like 4x22 set it for TFW. From season 5 on starts the part of the show with Cas as the third Winchester - and Cas has been taking over that spot slowly but surely since 5x01. 

It is not a coincidence that we have textual and subtextual theme of free will in 12x19 and onwards - starting with Dean mentioning Team Free Will for the first time since season 5, I believe? In every episode since, we have been presented a character who is deprived of his or hers free choice - the twig puppets in 12x20, Lucifer in 12x21, Mary in 12x22. They broke out of it by the use of death (Tasha), magic (Lucifer) and love (Mary). 

We are led to believe Cas is also one of these people under the influence (through Dean’s eyes), but I think that Cas doesn’t need any kind of magical influence to give himself over completely to the thing he believes in - as we have seen in his blind following of one doomed cause after another, only to descend lower and lower into despair. As a matter of fact, I think his faith in Jack is the best thing that has happened to him in a long time, and it actually has nothing to do with Jack, and everything to do with the fact that he DIED for Jack. This is his ultimate low, that can only be followed by his ascent - once again we are stepping into a kind of a religious default, where you have to be tormented, die and be reborn to take your rightful place, the place where you belong. 

Also, the shift of faith away from Dean will allow their relationship to be more healthy (which I am all for - a want, not a need. I want you - “my choice is to be with you”, and not “I need to be with you”, as you give me something I lack myself. That is a dependance I can’t stand behind.)  

My point is, I love this scene from 4x22, and I remember it often when I need a reminder that these guys need to end the show as healthy individuals, who will do things for themselves, who will have faith in themselves, and who will have rebelled against fate and destiny because it’s just a pile of bullcrap anyway.

I will love this ending so much.